A Guide to Demiguise Moon Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Demiguise moon locations

Demiguise moon locations, The magical world of Hogwarts Legacy is brimming with secrets waiting to be unearthed. Among these are the elusive Demiguise Moons, scattered throughout the castle and its surrounding areas. These moons hold immense power, granting players the ability to upgrade their enchanting abilities by expanding the number of spell slots available on their gear. But where exactly are these celestial collectibles hidden? Fear not, for this comprehensive guide will illuminate the path to uncovering every Demiguise Moon location in Hogwarts Legacy.

What are Demiguise Moons and Why are They Important?

Demiguise Moons are intricate, crescent-shaped moon sculptures imbued with a unique magic. They are linked to the shy, nocturnal Demiguise, a magical creature known for its ability to become invisible. By collecting these moons, players can enhance their enchanting prowess in Hogwarts Legacy.

Enchantment allows players to imbue their clothing and equipment with magical properties, boosting their offensive and defensive capabilities. Upgrading this skill through Demiguise Moons grants access to more enchantment slots, enabling players to equip a greater number of powerful enchantments simultaneously. This translates to a significant advantage in combat encounters and exploration throughout the game.

Demiguise Moon Locations: A Breakdown

There are a total of 30 Demiguise Moons strategically concealed across Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the surrounding Highlands. Here’s a breakdown of their locations to aid you in your celestial quest:

Hogwarts Castle:

Professor Fig’s Classroom: Ascend the stairs in the back of the classroom and locate the Demiguise Moon on a table near the fireplace.

Professor Howin’s Office: Utilize the Floo Flame network to reach the Beast class and access Professor Howin’s office through a level two lock. The moon awaits on a table within.

Restricted Section (Library): This moon might have eluded you during your visit with Sebastian Sallow. Head to the Restricted Section and keep an eye out for the moon nestled amongst the forbidden books.

Great Hall: Venture to the back right corner of the Great Hall and unlock the level one lock guarding a hidden chamber. Your reward lies on a coffee table inside.

Clocktower Courtyard: Ascend the grand staircase near the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and locate the moon perched on a ledge overlooking the courtyard.

Herbology Greenhouse: Traverse the greenhouse and seek the moon resting on a potting bench amidst the flourishing flora.

Astronomy Tower: Take a thrilling flight on a Hippogriff to reach the Astronomy Tower’s summit. The moon resides near the telescope, ready to be claimed.

Gryffindor Tower: For Gryffindor students, the moon can be found within the common room, tucked away on a shelf near the fireplace.

Slytherin Common Room (For All Houses): While Slytherin students have exclusive access to their common room, players of all houses can access it later in the game. The moon sits on a table within.

Room of Requirement: Uncover the hidden Room of Requirement and explore its ever-changing interior to find the moon.


Honeydukes Sweetshop: Indulge your sweet tooth at Honeydukes and discover the moon hidden behind a stack of candy boxes near the back of the shop.

Dervish and Banges: Venture into this magical equipment shop and locate the moon on a shelf behind the counter.

Gladrags Wizardwear: This apparel store doesn’t require any lockpicking feats. Simply enter and find the moon displayed on a table.

Tomes and Scrolls: Bookworms rejoice! The moon can be found nestled amongst the towering shelves of magical tomes within this bookstore.

The Shrieking Shack: Brave the chills of the abandoned Shrieking Shack and locate the moon resting on a broken crate within.

The Highlands:

Lower Hogsfield: Travel to Lower Hogsfield and find the moon perched on a small table outside a house with a blue door.

Keenbridge: Head to Keenbridge and locate the moon hidden beneath a wooden bridge near the waterfall.

Brocburrow: Explore the Weasley family home, the Burrow, and seek the moon on a table within the cozy kitchen.

Upper Hogsfield: Venture to Upper Hogsfield and find the moon resting on a barrel near a flickering torch.

Pitt-Upon-Ford: This moon is cleverly disguised. Look for a seemingly ordinary bush near the riverbank in Pitt-Upon-Ford. Use Revelio to reveal the moon cleverly concealed beneath the foliage.

Irondale: Travel to Irondale and find the moon resting on a pile of crates near a broken-down


What are Demiguise Moons?

Demiguise Moons are small, glowing orbs hidden throughout Hogwarts Legacy. They resemble the eyes of the Demiguise, a shy, feline magical creature.

Why should I collect Demiguise Moons?

Each Demiguise Moon you collect increases your inventory capacity by one slot. This is incredibly useful for storing all the potions, ingredients, and gear you’ll find on your adventures.

How many Demiguise Moons are there?

There are a total of 30 Demiguise Moons scattered across the vast open world of Hogwarts Legacy, including Hogwarts itself, Hogsmeade, and the surrounding Highlands.

Where can I find Demiguise Moons in Hogwarts?

Demiguise Moons can be found in various locations within Hogwarts, including classrooms (Professor Fig’s, Professor Howin’s), the Library (Restricted Section), the Great Hall (behind a Level 1 lock), and even secret passageways.

Where can I find Demiguise Moons in Hogsmeade?

Several Demiguise Moons are cleverly hidden within Hogsmeade. Search behind the shopkeeper’s counter in Tomes and Scrolls, a house near the Three Broomsticks, and even inside the Hog’s Head pub.

Where can I find Demiguise Moons in the Highlands?

The Hogwarts Highlands hold many Demiguise Moons waiting to be discovered. Explore settlements like Lower Hogsfield, Keenbridge, and Aranshire, keeping an eye out for houses, shops, and other points of interest.

Is there a way to easily track Demiguise Moon locations?

Unfortunately, there’s no in-game map marker for Demiguise Moons. However, many online resources offer detailed guides and even video walkthroughs showcasing each Moon’s location.

Do I need any special abilities to collect Demiguise Moons?

No special abilities are required to collect Demiguise Moons. You’ll simply need to explore thoroughly, using spells like Lumos to illuminate dark areas where Moons might be hiding.

Can I miss any Demiguise Moons during the story?

No, you won’t miss any Demiguise Moons by progressing through the main story. You can freely explore and collect them at your own pace, even after completing the game.

Are there any rewards for collecting all Demiguise Moons?

Besides the increased inventory space, collecting all 30 Demiguise Moons unlocks a special trophy or achievement, depending on your platform.

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