A Treasure Hunt for Lost Love: Unveiling the “Ghost of Our Love” in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy offers a treasure trove of secrets and hidden quests beyond the walls of the iconic castle. One such intriguing side quest is the “Ghost of Our Love,” a cryptic treasure hunt that has left many players scratching their heads. This guide delves into everything you need to know to follow the trail of a past romance and unearth the hidden reward.

The Intriguing Map: Deciphering the Clues

The quest begins with acquiring a map, a seemingly simple drawing depicting a bridge, a forest, floating candles, and a glowing wand icon. Here’s a breakdown of the cryptic clues:

Bridge: This signifies the starting location for your treasure hunt. While Hogwarts has several bridges, the key lies in the surrounding environment. Look for a bridge near a forest, hinting at the Forbidden Forest as the most likely area.

Forest: This confirms the location – the vast and slightly dangerous Forbidden Forest holds the key to the lost love’s secret.

Floating Candles: These ethereal lights will guide your path within the forest, leading you closer to the final destination.

Lumos Spell: The glowing wand icon signifies the importance of the Lumos spell. You’ll need to cast Lumos at specific points to reveal hidden aspects of the environment.

Unveiling the Forbidden Tryst: A Walk with the Past

Locating the Bridge:

Head to the southern end of the Hogwarts map and fast travel to the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame location. Once there, turn left instead of venturing into the dense woods. You’ll find a quaint stone bridge nestled amidst the trees. This is the bridge depicted on the map – your starting point for the treasure hunt.

A Love Letter from Beyond:

Inspect the left pillar of the bridge. You’ll find a faded love letter tucked away, hinting at a clandestine rendezvous planned for a picnic. The letter reads, “Would you care to join me for a picnic? Think Cornish pasties and a good mystery.” This cryptic message foreshadows the nature of the hidden treasure and the significance of nighttime.

Following the Candlelit Path:

Now comes the exciting part – following the trail of floating candles. Cast Lumos and keep an eye out for the ethereal lights hovering near the bridge. They will act as your guide, leading you deeper into the Forbidden Forest. Be cautious of the nocturnal creatures that may lurk in the shadows.

Nighttime is Key:

The love letter mentions a planned picnic, and picnicking typically occurs at night. Here’s where the importance of nighttime comes into play. If you follow the candles during the day, they might lead you nowhere. To activate the next part of the quest, you need to ensure it’s nighttime in the game world. Use the wait function on the world map to advance time until nightfall.

The Midnight Rendezvous:

Once night falls, cast Lumos again, and the floating candles will take on a more vibrant glow. Follow them as they weave through the trees, eventually leading you to a hidden clearing bathed in moonlight. Here, you’ll find a beautifully set picnic scene with a table, chairs, and glowing lanterns. This is the location of the lost love’s secret.

Unearthing the Treasure:

Approach the picnic table and cast Lumos to reveal a shimmering chest buried beneath it. Open the chest to claim your reward – the Treasure Seeker’s Scarf, a unique piece of clothing that enhances your ability to find hidden items throughout the game.

Beyond the Treasure: A Glimpse into a Forgotten Romance

The “Ghost of Our Love” quest offers more than just a valuable treasure. It paints a melancholic picture of a past romance, a secret rendezvous that never came to be. The love letter and the meticulously set picnic table hint at a planned meeting that was tragically interrupted. The identity of the lovelorn couple remains a mystery, adding a layer of intrigue to the quest.

This side quest serves as a reminder of the rich history and hidden stories that lie within the grounds of Hogwarts. Each bridge, each clearing, holds the potential for forgotten memories and untold tales. So, the next time you explore the Forbidden Forest, keep an eye out for floating candles – they might just lead you to another ghost of a love story waiting to be unearthed.


What is the “Ghost of Our Love” quest?

It’s a side quest where you follow a cryptic map to uncover a hidden treasure linked to a past Hogwarts couple.

How do I start the quest?

The exact location to find the quest is unknown, but keep an eye out for the map in random chests or by completing other activities.

What does the map show?

The map depicts a bridge, ruins, a forest, floating candles, and a Lumos spell icon.

Where do I go with the map?

Head to the Forbidden Forest. Look for a stone bridge near the entrance that matches the map’s illustration.

What do I do at the bridge?

On a pillar near the bridge, you’ll find a love letter. Read it and remember the invitation to a picnic with Cornish pasties.

Is there a specific time to continue the quest?

Yes! The next step requires night time. Use the map to advance time or wait for nightfall.

What happens after nightfall?

Cast Lumos near the bridge. This should activate the floating candles on the map, guiding you deeper into the Forbidden Forest.

Where do the candles lead?

Follow the candles through an archway in the forest. They’ll lead you to a romantic picnic setup with a chest.

What’s in the chest?

The chest contains a Treasure Seeker’s Scarf, a nice accessory for your witch or wizard.

Any tips for completing the quest?

If you get stuck, remember the clues: bridge, forest, floating candles, Lumos, and the love letter mentioning a picnic. These hints should help you solve the puzzle.

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