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For aspiring witches and wizards venturing into the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, the cryptic Demiguise Moons have become a captivating mystery. These glowing orbs, nestled within the fantastical realm of the game, hold the key to unlocking a crucial skill – Alohomora, the spell for opening locked doors. But where do you find these elusive moons, and what secrets do they hold?

This comprehensive guide delves into the world of Demiguise Moons, answering the burning questions that have plagued players on their YouTube searches and beyond.

What are Demiguise Moons?

Demiguise Moons are not celestial bodies orbiting a distant planet; they are magical orbs hidden throughout Hogwarts and its surrounding areas in Hogwarts Legacy. These glowing spheres are intricately linked to the Demiguise, a rare and shy magical creature known for its invisibility abilities.

The connection becomes evident through the Demiguise Statues scattered across the game world. These statues depict the Demiguise holding the moon aloft, hinting at the creature’s role in imbuing the orbs with their magical properties.

The Importance of Demiguise Moons: Upgrading Alohomora

The primary purpose of Demiguise Moons lies in their ability to enhance the Alohomora spell. As players progress through the game, they encounter locked doors requiring progressively higher levels of Alohomora to unlock. Here’s where the moons come in:

  • Initial Learning: During the main story quest with Gladwin Moon, the caretaker, players are introduced to Alohomora and tasked with retrieving their first Demiguise Moon. This initial moon unlocks the basic level of the spell, allowing you to open simple locked doors.
  • Upgrading Alohomora: To unlock more challenging doors requiring level 2 and level 3 Alohomora, players must find additional Demiguise Moons. These moons are then returned to Gladwin Moon, who, in exchange, teaches you the upgraded versions of the spell.

Unveiling the Locations: A Guide to Finding Demiguise Moons

With 30 Demiguise Moons scattered across the vast expanse of Hogwarts Legacy, locating them all can be a daunting task. Fear not, aspiring explorers! Here’s a breakdown of where to find these elusive orbs:

  • Hogwarts Castle: The castle itself holds a significant number of Demiguise Moons. Explore every nook and cranny, from the grand halls to secret passageways, to uncover them. Keep an eye out for the statues, as they often serve as a good starting point for your search.
  • Hogwarts Grounds: The magical grounds surrounding the castle are no stranger to Demiguise Moons. Explore iconic locations like Hogsmeade Village, the Forbidden Forest, and even hidden caves to add these moons to your collection.
  • Exploration and Observation: While specific guides can be helpful, a keen eye for detail is crucial. Demiguise Moons often emit a faint glow, making them easier to spot in darker areas. Additionally, listen for the distinct chime-like sound they produce when you get close.

Demiguise Moon Challenges: Mastering the Collection Process

Collecting Demiguise Moons isn’t always a straightforward task. Be prepared to face some challenges:

  • Time of Day: Certain Demiguise Moons are only accessible during nighttime. Utilize the handy feature in the game’s map to advance time if needed.
  • Locked Doors: Some moons reside behind locked doors, requiring higher levels of Alohomora to access them. This creates a loop where you need to find some moons to upgrade Alohomora to get others.
  • Hidden Passages: Not all moons are readily visible. Keep an eye out for hidden passages, crawl spaces, and secret rooms to uncover these elusive treasures.

Beyond Alohomora: The Mysteries of the Demiguise

While their primary function lies in upgrading Alohomora, the Demiguise Moons might hold a deeper significance within the lore of Hogwarts Legacy. Here are some intriguing theories:

  • Connection to the Demiguise Creature: The link between the moons and the Demiguise creature is undeniable. Perhaps collecting the moons weakens the Demiguise’s invisibility, making them easier to find in the future (who knows, maybe even as a future DLC?).
  • Enhancing Magical Abilities: The magical properties of the moons remain largely unexplained. Could they hold the key to enhancing other magical abilities as the game progresses?
  • Unlocking Secrets: Some players speculate that collecting all the Demiguise Moons might unlock a hidden chamber or secret within the game. This adds another layer of intrigue to the collection process.

The Power of Alohomora: Upgrading Your Lockpicking Skills

The true significance of Demiguise Moons lies in their connection to the Alohomora spell. This iconic charm, used to unlock doors and chests, holds immense value for any aspiring treasure hunter or explorer. However, in Hogwarts Legacy, Alohomora has different tiers, each granting access to more complex locks.

Here’s where Demiguise Moons come in. By collecting these glowing orbs and returning them to Gladwin Moon, the caretaker at Hogwarts, players can upgrade their Alohomora spell. Each upgrade unlocks a new level of lock, allowing you to access previously restricted areas and uncover hidden treasures within the castle walls.


Q. What are Demiguise Moons?

Demiguise Moons are collectable in the video game Hogwarts Legacy. They are glowing orbs associated with Demiguise statues, which depict a strange creature holding the orb. These moons are essential for upgrading the Alohomora spell, allowing you to unlock higher-level doors and chests throughout the game.

Q. Why are they called Demiguise Moons?

The name likely comes from the Demiguise, a shy, feline magical creature known for its ability to become invisible at will. The connection isn’t explicitly explained in the game, but it might be related to the magical properties of the moons or the Demiguise’s elusive nature.

Q. How many Demiguise Moons are there?

There are a total of 30 Demiguise Moons scattered throughout Hogwarts Castle and the surrounding areas. Finding all of them will grant you the “Collector’s Moon” achievement and significantly improve your ability to explore the game world.

Q. Where can I find Demiguise Moons?

The moons are hidden in various locations across Hogwarts. Some are easily accessible, while others require solving puzzles or using specific spells like Alohomora to reach locked areas. There are no in-game hints for their locations, but you can find online guides that detail all 30 Demiguise Moon locations.

Q. Do I need them at night?

Yes, Demiguise Moons can only be collected at nighttime. If you approach a statue during the day, the orb will be faint and uncollectable. You can advance time by using the map menu to switch to nighttime and then return to the statue to collect the moon.

Q. What happens when I collect a Demiguise Moon?

Once you collect a moon, it will disappear from the statue and be added to your inventory. You can then return to Gladwin Moon, the caretaker who teaches you Alohomora, and give him the moon to upgrade your lockpicking abilities. Each upgrade unlocks higher-level doors, allowing you to access new areas and secrets.

Q. Are there any tips for finding Demiguise Moons?

  • Explore every nook and cranny of Hogwarts. Look for hidden rooms, passageways, and areas behind locked doors.
  • Keep an eye out for the distinctive glow of the moons. They can sometimes be seen from a distance, even through walls.
  • Use Revelio (the detection spell) to highlight nearby interactable objects, which can help identify hidden Demiguise statues.
  • Consult online guides and walkthroughs for specific locations if you get stuck.

Happy hunting! With these FAQs and a bit of exploration, you’ll be a Demiguise Moon master in no time and unlock all the secrets Hogwarts has to offer.

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