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Astronomy table- For aspiring witches and wizards, the wonders of the cosmos hold a special intrigue. In the magical world of Harry Potter, celestial bodies not only hold beauty but also influence spells, potions, and even magical creatures.

The Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table, while not yet a fully unveiled aspect of the upcoming game, has sparked curiosity among fans. Let’s delve into what we know so far and explore the possibilities this mysterious table might hold.

A Glimpse into Celestial Studies at Hogwarts

Astronomy is one of the elective subjects offered at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Introduced in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” Professor Trelawney’s (admittedly somewhat unconventional) lessons explored the movements of planets and stars, their supposed influence on human lives, and how to interpret them through divination.

However, there’s reason to believe that astronomy goes beyond mere fortune-telling within the wizarding world. Celestial bodies likely hold a more concrete magical significance. In “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” we see Horace Slughorn, Potions Master, instruct students on the Wolfsbane potion, a complex concoction requiring specific lunar phases for effectiveness. This suggests a deeper connection between celestial events and the efficacy of magical brews.

The Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table might be a key element in players’ engagement with this celestial side of magic.

Unveiling the Mysteries: What the Table Might Reveal

While details remain scarce, here are some possibilities surrounding the Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table:

  • Learning About Celestial Bodies: The table could be a reference point for students to study the night sky, similar to real-world astronomical tools. Players might be able to interact with the table to identify constellations, learn about their magical properties, and understand their movements across the Hogwarts sky.
  • Brewing Potions by the Stars: As mentioned earlier, certain potions might require specific alignments of celestial bodies. The table could act as a guide, indicating optimal times to brew based on the position of planets or stars. Imagine the thrill of concocting a powerful potion under the light of a specific full moon!
  • Taming Beasts with the Cosmos: Just as the moon can influence werewolves, other magical creatures might be affected by celestial phenomena. The table could provide insights into how to interact with these creatures based on the night sky. Perhaps taming a powerful beast might require a specific lunar phase or a certain constellation to be at its zenith.
  • Unlocking Spells Based on the Heavens: Similar to potions, spells might also have celestial ties. The table could act as a key, revealing new spells or enhancing existing ones based on the current astronomical layout. Imagine casting a particularly potent charm under a specific star formation!
  • Divination and the Future: While Professor Trelawney’s methods might have been questionable, true divination likely exists in the wizarding world. The astronomy table could be a tool for more adept witches and wizards to interpret the movements of stars and planets, gaining glimpses into the future or divining omens.

These are just a few educated guesses, and the true functionalities of the Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table remain to be seen. However, the possibilities are exciting, hinting at a deeper integration of celestial magic into the gameplay.

Beyond the Table: Exploring Astronomy in the Wizarding World

The Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table is just one potential avenue for players to delve into the celestial aspects of the wizarding world. Here are some other areas that might be explored in the game:

  • Quests Involving Celestial Phenomena: Imagine a quest where players need to use their knowledge of the stars to navigate a hidden location or decipher an ancient magical map based on constellations.
  • Encounters with Celestial Beings: The night sky might hold more than just stars and planets. The game could introduce celestial beings, perhaps benevolent guardians or mischievous tricksters, who interact with witches and wizards based on their understanding of the cosmos.
  • Observatory as a Location: Hogwarts likely has an observatory, a place specifically dedicated to studying the heavens. This could be an explorable location in the game, filled with magical telescopes, celestial charts, and perhaps even hidden secrets.

By incorporating these elements, Hogwarts Legacy could create a truly immersive experience where players not only learn about the magical world but also forge a connection with the wonders of the night sky.


Q. What are Astronomy Tables in Hogwarts Legacy?

Astronomy Tables are puzzles scattered throughout the Hogwarts grounds and surrounding area. They are circular stone tables with a celestial chart etched on their surface. By interacting with these tables, you can manipulate the stars depicted on the chart to align them with a specific constellation.

Q. How do I solve an Astronomy Table puzzle?

  1. Interact with the Astronomy Table.
  2. Use your wand to rotate the rings of the celestial chart.
  3. Zoom out entirely to see the full picture.
  4. Rotate the rings until the stars on the chart match the specific constellation for that table.
  5. You’ll hear a chime and see a magical effect signifying a successful solution.

Q. What do I get for solving Astronomy Tables?

Each Astronomy Table you solve unlocks a new cosmetic appearance for your gear. These can be accessed through the transmog system in the menu.

Q. How many Astronomy Tables are there in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are a total of 10 Astronomy Tables to find in the game. One is located inside Hogwarts Castle, and the remaining nine are scattered throughout the open world.

Q. Where can I find the Astronomy Tables? 

There are no in-game markers for Astronomy Tables, but they are denoted by a moon icon on your mini-map when you get close. Here are some resources to help you find all ten:

  • IGN Astronomy Table Locations Guide
  • Video Games on Sports Illustrated – All Astronomy Table Locations

Q. What are the constellations linked to each Astronomy Table?

While the in-game tables don’t explicitly name the constellations, here are some of the constellations you’ll encounter:

  • Phoenix
  • Corvus (Raven)
  • Canis Major (Greater Dog)
  • Capricornus (Sea-Goat)

Q. Do I need to solve the Astronomy Tables to progress in the story?

No, solving the Astronomy Tables is entirely optional. They are a completionist challenge and a way to unlock cosmetic rewards.

Q. Can I solve the Astronomy Tables at night only?

No, you can solve the Astronomy Table puzzles anytime, day or night.

Conclusion: A Universe of Possibilities Awaits

The Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table is a small detail, yet it hints at a fascinating world waiting to be explored. With its potential to unlock new spells, potions, and quests tied to the cosmos, the table promises a unique layer of depth and intrigue to the game.

As we eagerly await the release of Hogwarts Legacy, one thing is certain: aspiring witches and wizards will soon have the chance to not only walk the halls of Hogwarts but also gaze upon the magical night sky, unravelling its secrets and harness. 

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