Exploring the Trippy World of Peyote in GTA Online


Ah, peyote. The legendary cactus that unlocks the wild side within your GTA Online character. Consuming this prickly psychedelic transforms you into a random animal, letting you loose on the streets (or skies, or seas) of Los Santos with a whole new perspective. But where exactly do you find these spiky sources of furry fun?

This comprehensive guide dives deep (literally, for some peyote) to answer all your burning questions about peyote plant locations in GTA Online. We’ll explore:

  • What are Peyote Plants and What Do They Do?
  • How Many Peyote Plants Are There?
  • Land vs. Sea: The Great Peyote Divide
  • Tripping Through the Countryside: All the Land Peyote Locations
  • Taking the Plunge: Underwater Peyote for the Adventurous Soul
  • Top Tips for Your Peyote-Fueled Adventures

What are Peyote Plants and What Do They Do?

Peyote plants in GTA Online are a playful nod to the real-life peyote cactus, a psychoactive succulent with a long history of spiritual use in certain Native American cultures. In the game, however, the effects are purely for entertainment (and maybe a little chaos).

Consuming a peyote plant triggers a temporary transformation. Your character will morph into a random animal, from the majestic (bald eagle) to the mundane (rat). Each animal comes with its own unique set of abilities, allowing you to explore the world in exciting new ways. Soar through the air as a hawk, stalk pedestrians as a coyote, or become the ultimate beach bum as a seagull – the possibilities are endless (or at least 76 locations endless).

How Many Peyote Plants Are There?

Get ready for a wild ride – there are a whopping 76 peyote plants scattered across San Andreas and the surrounding ocean! That’s a lot of potential animalistic mayhem waiting to be unleashed.

Land vs. Sea: The Great Peyote Divide

The peyote population can be broadly divided into two categories: landlubbers and aquaphiles (or land peyote and underwater peyote, if you prefer). The vast majority (around 51) are conveniently located on land, making them easy to find and consume.

The remaining 25 peyote plants take a more aquatic approach, chilling out on the ocean floor. Finding these underwater treasures requires some extra effort (namely, a scuba suit), but the satisfaction of a psychedelic dolphin transformation is well worth it.

Tripping Through the Countryside: All the Land Peyote Locations

While an exhaustive list of all 51 land peyote locations would be a bit much for this article, fear not, intrepid explorer! The internet is brimming with fantastic resources to help you on your peyote pilgrimage. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Interactive Maps: Websites like https://www.ign.com/videos/gta-5-all-peyote-plant-locations and https://www.gta-xtreme.com/en/peyote-plant-gta-5-location offer interactive maps that pinpoint every peyote plant location in the game. Zoom in, zoom out and plan your peyote-powered adventure with ease.
  • Video Guides: Feeling more visual? Head over to [YouTube] and search for “GTA Online Peyote Plant Locations.” You’ll find a plethora of video guides that take you on a visual tour of every land-based peyote plant.

Taking the Plunge: Underwater Peyote for the Adventurous Soul

For those seeking a more aquatic peyote experience, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Scuba Gear is Essential: Unless you have gills (which, let’s face it, you probably don’t as a GTA Online character), you’ll need scuba gear to explore the ocean depths and snag those underwater peyote plants. You can find scuba gear scattered around the map or purchase it from a clothing store.
  • Submarines Can Help: While not entirely necessary, a submarine can make your underwater peyote hunt significantly easier. They offer superior manoeuvrability and a built-in diving helmet, eliminating the need for separate scuba gear.
  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Underwater visibility can be a bit murky, so keep a sharp eye out for the telltale green glow of a peyote plant. They typically rest on the seabed near coral reefs, shipwrecks, or other underwater features.


Q. Is this about the real-world peyote cactus or the one in GTA 5?

This FAQ focuses on the in-game peyote plant locations found in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Q. What does the peyote plant do in GTA Online?

Consuming a peyote plant transforms your character into a random animal for a limited time. You’ll gain unique abilities based on the animal you become.

Q. How many peyote plants are there in GTA Online?

There are a total of 76 peyote plants scattered across San Andreas and the surrounding ocean.

Q. Where can I find peyote plants in GTA Online?

Peyote plants can be found on land and underwater. Locating them all can be tricky. Here are some resources to help you:

  • Interactive Map: Search for “GTA Online Peyote Plant Locations” to find interactive maps highlighting all plant locations.
  • Video Guides: YouTube channels like “GamesRadar” and “GRAVESIGHTGTA” have video guides showcasing all peyote plant locations, including underwater ones. YouTube

Q. Are there any tips for finding peyote plants?

  • Look for areas with unusual glowing lights or hear strange animal noises as you approach. These often indicate a nearby peyote.
  • Pay attention to the environment. Peyote plants often blend in with their surroundings, so keep an eye out for suspicious cacti, especially near beaches or deserts.
  • Use a submarine or scuba gear to explore underwater locations. Many peyote plants can be found on the seabed.

Q. Can I choose which animal I transform into?

No, the transformation triggered by the peyote plant is random. You could become anything from a majestic eagle to a sneaky coyote.

Q. What happens if I die while transformed as an animal?

You’ll respawn back at the nearest hospital as your character.

Q. Is there a reward for finding all the peyote plants?

There’s no specific in-game reward for collecting all peyote plants. However, consuming each plant grants you 5000 RP (Roleplay Points), which can help you level up faster.

Remember: Peyote use is strictly for in-game fun. In the real world, peyote is a sacred plant for some cultures and can have psychoactive effects. It’s illegal to obtain or consume peyote without proper authorization.

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