Division 3: Pandemic Aftermath or College Athletics?


The term “Division 3” can spark discussions in two very different directions. For gamers, it might conjure images of a post-apocalyptic New York City, while for sports fans, it brings to mind a specific category of collegiate athletics. This article will delve into both interpretations of “Division 3” to clarify any confusion.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 3: A Gamer’s Guide to the Wasteland

Ubisoft’s popular looter shooter series, Tom Clancy’s The Division, has captivated gamers with its tactical squad-based gameplay set in a world ravaged by a viral pandemic. The first game, launched in 2016, took players to a crumbling New York City, tasked with rebuilding society as a member of the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD). Division 2 followed in 2019, shifting the focus to Washington D.C.

Is The Division 3 Confirmed?

Officially, there is no confirmation from Ubisoft regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division3. However, rumours and speculation have been swirling online since the release of The Division 2. There have even been claims of a leaked announcement, but these have been debunked by gaming news websites.

While Ubisoft has remained tight-lipped, the franchise’s success suggests a sequel is likely in the works. Fans point to the cliffhanger ending of The Division 2: Warlords of New York expansion as a potential jumping-off point for a new story. Additionally, Ubisoft has continued to support the existing titles with updates and content, indicating their commitment to the franchise.

What to Expect in The Division 3 (Speculation Based on Fan Theories):

Here are some possibilities for The Division 3, based on what fans have been discussing online:

  • New Location: A frequently mentioned location is California, potentially focusing on the fallout on the West Coast. Los Angeles or San Francisco could be interesting settings, with distinct challenges compared to the devastation seen in New York and D.C.
  • Evolved Factions: The existing factions like the True Sons and the Black Tusk could see a shift in their ideologies or leadership, creating new alliances or rivalries.
  • Improved RPG Mechanics: Deeper character customization and a more expansive skill tree system are high on player wishlists.
  • Next-Gen Features: If Division 3 is a next-generation title, players can expect significant graphical improvements and potentially new gameplay mechanics that leverage the power of the new consoles.

It’s important to remember that these are just speculations. Ubisoft will ultimately decide the direction for The Division 3.

NCAA Division III: College Athletics with a Different Focus

The other interpretation of “Division 3” refers to a category within the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States. Unlike Divisions I and II, Division III institutions do not offer athletic scholarships. This creates a unique environment where student-athletes participate primarily for the love of the sport and the educational experience.

What Makes Division III Special?

Here are some key characteristics of Division III athletics:

  • Focus on Academics: Student-athletes must prioritize their academic standing to remain eligible for competition.
  • Strong Community: Division III programs often foster a close-knit community atmosphere among athletes, coaches, and students.
  • Broad Range of Sports: Divison III offers a wide variety of sports, catering to a diverse range of athletic interests.
  • Financial Aid Packages: Merit-based financial aid plays a significant role in attracting student-athletes to Division III schools.

Choosing a Division III College:

If you’re a high school athlete considering Division III athletics, here are some factors to consider:

  • Academic Fit: Choose a college that offers a strong academic program aligned with your educational goals.
  • Athletic Program Strength: Research the success and reputation of the specific sport you’re interested in at the college.
  • Campus Culture: Find a college with a campus environment that suits your personality and preferences.


Q. Is Division 3 confirmed?

There is no official confirmation from Ubisoft about The Division 3. However, in an interview with IGN [IGN interview], Julian Gerighty, a creative director at Ubisoft, hinted at the possibility of a sequel, stating, “The Division universe is very expansive, and there’s a lot more to explore there.”

Q. When will Division 3 be released?

Without an official announcement, it’s impossible to say for sure. Speculation suggests a release sometime between 2024 and 2026, but this is purely conjecture.

Q. What platforms will Division 3 be on?

The previous titles were released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. With the release of next-generation consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, The Division 3 is likely to target these platforms alongside PC.

Q. What will the story of Division 3 be?

There are no leaks or official information regarding the story. However, based on the previous games, it will likely involve a new crisis within the ravaged United States, requiring your agent’s unique skills to save the day.

Q. Will Division 3 have improved graphics?

Considering the potential release window, The Division3 is likely to boast improved graphics over its predecessors. With the power of next-generation consoles, expect a visually stunning recreation of a post-apocalyptic America.

Q. Will Division 3 have new features?

This remains to be seen. However, new features like deeper RPG mechanics, expanded endgame content, and innovative co-op experiences are all possibilities.

Q. Should I play Division 2 before Division 3?

While not confirmed to be essential, playing The Division 2 would likely provide a deeper understanding of the game’s lore and characters.

Q. Is there anything I can do to stay updated on Division 3?

Ubisoft often makes announcements through its official channels and social media. Following them is your best bet for staying updated on any news regarding Division 3.

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