the Secrets: A Guide to Jedi Survivor’s Alignment Control Center  


c and treacherous landscapes, lies a hidden chamber brimming with mystery: the Alignment Control Center.

This enigmatic location has sparked the curiosity of many players, prompting searches for its purpose and the challenges it holds. This guide delves into the depths of the Alignment Control Center, equipping you with the knowledge to conquer its puzzles and reap its rewards.

Locating the Elusive Entrance

The Alignment Control Center isn’t readily apparent in your initial exploration of Koboh. To unearth its secrets, you’ll need to venture into the Untamed Downs region. Look for a colossal rock formation dominating the centre of the area. On the side facing the Rambler’s Reach Outpost, a distinct feature awaits – a white, intricately designed door. This inconspicuous entrance marks the gateway to the Control Center.

Once you step through the doorway, prepare to navigate a short network of caves. Utilize your double-jump ability to propel yourself onto the overhanging vines. Follow the path they create, and soon, you’ll encounter a large, circular elevator. Take this elevator down, and you’ll arrive at the heart of the Alignment Control Center.

The Enigma of the Glowing Terminals

Upon entering the main chamber, you’ll be greeted by a central Meditation Point and a semi-circular arrangement of seven terminals. These terminals stand out with their initially glowing red screens, creating an air of intrigue. Your objective here is to transform these red screens into a brilliant green, unlocking a coveted reward in the process.

But how do you achieve this transformation? The answer lies in completing the Meditation Chamber puzzles scattered across Koboh. Each terminal in the Control Center corresponds to a specific Meditation Chamber. As you conquer these chambers and claim the associated perks, the corresponding terminal in the Control Center will reflect your progress by switching its screen to green.

Here’s a crucial detail: you might encounter a green screen on a terminal even before actively seeking out the chambers. This is likely due to the Chamber of Duality, which you encounter during the main story alongside Zee. Completing this chamber grants the Resilience perk, turning the corresponding terminal green.

Conquering the Meditation Chambers

Now that you understand the connection between the terminals and the chambers, it’s time to embark on a quest to turn those red screens green. Here’s a breakdown of each Meditation Chamber’s location and the perk you’ll earn for completing it:

  • Chamber of Duality (Story Related): Found in Pyloon’s Saloon through Smuggler’s Tunnels. Completing this chamber alongside Zee rewards you with the Resilience perk, increasing Cal’s block meter.
  • Chamber of Clarity: Nestled within the Untamed Downs. This chamber presents a puzzle involving reflecting light beams to activate platforms. Conquering it grants the Focus perk, enhancing your ability to slow down time.
  • Chamber of Fortitude: Located in the Southern Reach, within the Corroded Silo. Here, you’ll face a combat-oriented challenge, testing your lightsaber skills. Emerge victorious, and you’ll be rewarded with the Determination perk, boosting your health regeneration.
  • Chamber of Detachment: Awaits you during your Mountain Ascent. This chamber focuses on platforming and manoeuvring your way through a treacherous environment. Completing it grants the Flow Motion perk, improving your ability to seamlessly chain together combat moves.
  • Chamber of Reason: Situated in the Basalt Rift. Here, you’ll encounter a puzzle involving manipulating energy orbs to create pathways. Solving it unlocks the Composure perk, which reduces the amount of Force power consumed during parries.
  • Chamber of Connection: Found within the treacherous Viscid Bog. This chamber presents environmental puzzles that require manipulation of the bog’s unique properties. Conquering it grants the Unity perk, allowing you to heal a portion of your health whenever you heal a nearby ally.
  • Chamber of Ambidexterity: Hidden within the Devastated Settlement. This chamber challenges your combat prowess, requiring you to utilize both your lightsaber and Force powers effectively. Succeed, and you’ll earn the Mastery perk, granting increased damage for both lightsaber attacks and Force abilities.

Exploring and conquering these chambers is not just about turning those terminal screens green. Each perk you acquire grants valuable combat and exploration benefits, empowering Cal on his journey.

Claiming Your Reward: The Power of the Map Upgrade

Once you’ve successfully completed all the Meditation Chamber puzzles and turned all the terminals in the Alignment Control Center green, it’s time to claim your reward. With BD-1’s assistance, you can now access a monitor located on the opposite wall of the central chamber. Interacting with this monitor unlocks the coveted Map Upgrade: Upgrades.


Q. What is the Alignment Control Center?

The Alignment Control Center is a hidden location on the planet Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It’s a puzzle room that grants you a powerful reward upon completion.

Q. Where do I find the Alignment Control Center?

Head to the Untamed Downs region on Koboh. Look for a small, human-made entrance near the bottom of the large rock formation facing the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. It’ll resemble a fancy white door. Inside, you’ll need to double-jump to vines and follow the path until you reach a circular elevator that takes you down to the Control Center itself.

Q. How do I solve the Alignment Control Center puzzle?

The core gameplay involves turning seven terminal screens from red to green. Each terminal represents a Meditation Chamber puzzle scattered across Koboh. To turn a screen green, you’ll need to complete the corresponding Meditation Chamber and acquire the specific perk rewarded there.

Q. What are the Meditation Chambers and where are they?

  • Chamber of Duality (Story Related): This is part of the main story and you’ll likely complete it naturally. You’ll find it in the Cantina area.
  • Chamber of Reason (Basalt Forest): You’ll encounter TOA near a fire who will point you towards this chamber. It involves using orbs to create bridges and access Force Essence.
  • Other Chambers: There are additional chambers hidden throughout Koboh. Look for rumours or explore suspicious areas to find them.

Q. What do I get for solving the Alignment Control Center puzzle?

Once all seven terminal screens turn green, you can access a special monitor with BD-1’s help. This unlocks the incredibly useful “Map Upgrade: Upgrades” perk. With this perk activated, all unfound upgrades will be conveniently displayed on your Holomap, making exploration and completion much easier.

Q. Are there any guides available to help me solve the puzzle?

Absolutely! There are many resources available online to help you solve the Alignment Control Center puzzle. You can find video walkthroughs on YouTube]  or detailed text guides that explain each Meditation Chamber location and solution.

Q. Do I need to complete all Meditation Chambers to progress through the main story?

No, only the Chamber of Duality is mandatory for the story. However, completing the other Chambers grants you valuable perks that can enhance your character’s abilities.

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