A Guide to the Mayanas Shrine in The Legend of Zelda


The sprawling landscapes of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are brimming with secrets waiting to be unearthed. Among these are the enigmatic Shrines, each offering unique challenges and rewarding those who persevere. This guide delves into the Mayanas Shrine, also known as “The Ice Guides You” or “The South Lanayru Sky Crystal” Shrine.

We’ll explore its location, the trials it presents, and efficient strategies to conquer them, ensuring you emerge victorious and claim your well-deserved prize.

A Breathtaking Trek: Locating the Mayanas Shrine

The Mayanas Shrine resides within the frigid reaches of South Lanayru, a snowy mountain range shrouded in perpetual winter.  Here’s how to find it:

Reaching South Lanayru:  Venture through the treacherous Hebra Mountains, navigating the icy slopes and overcoming any obstacles you encounter.  Alternatively, if you’ve unlocked the paragliding ability, you can reach South Lanayru by gliding from a high point in the Hebra region.

Seek the Shivering Sensor:  Once in South Lanayru, locate the Shivering Sensor, a Sheikah Tower specifically designed to function in harsh cold environments.  Activate the Shivering Sensor to reveal the location of the Mayanas Shrine on your map.

Embrace the Cold:  The journey to the Mayanas Shrine is fraught with frigid temperatures.  Ensure you have the appropriate cold-weather gear to avoid succumbing to the elements before reaching your destination.

Important Note:  The trek to the Mayanas Shrine can be challenging.  Be prepared for the cold and any potential enemies you might encounter along the way.

A Trial of Two Parts: Conquering the Mayanas Shrine’s Challenges

The Mayanas Shrine presents two distinct challenges that require your wit, mastery of the Sheikah Slate, and a dash of ingenuity.  Here’s a breakdown of each challenge:

Challenge 1: Guiding the Ice Blocks

The Chamber Layout:  Upon entering the Shrine, you’ll find yourself in a central chamber with a frozen waterfall cascading down one wall.  Scattered around the chamber are several ice blocks of varying sizes.

The Guiding Mechanism:  Observe the platform near the frozen waterfall. You’ll find a contraption with four slots, each corresponding to a specific size of ice block.  Your objective is to guide the ice blocks into their corresponding slots to activate a mechanism.

Utilizing the Environment:  Examine the chamber closely.  You’ll find slopes, ramps, and strategically placed metal bars.  These elements are crucial for guiding the ice blocks.

Strategic Movement:  Use your Sheikah Slate’s Magnesis rune to manipulate the ice blocks.  Carefully guide them down slopes, maneuver them around obstacles using the metal bars, and ensure they land in their correct slots.  Experiment with different approaches and utilize the environment to your advantage.

A Chilling Reward:   Once all four ice blocks are placed correctly, the frozen waterfall melts, revealing a hidden passage leading to the next chamber.

Challenge 2: Targeting the Ice Crystals

The Final Chamber:  As you enter the final chamber, you’ll find a large platform with a target etched onto its surface.  High above the platform hangs a suspended platform holding a shimmering ice crystal.

Remote Bombardment:   Your primary tool for this challenge is the Remote Bombs rune.  However, there’s a catch – directly detonating bombs near the ice crystal will shatter it, failing the challenge.

The Indirect Approach:  The key to success lies in utilizing the environment and manipulating the ice crystal’s trajectory.  Detonate bombs strategically on the platform below the ice crystal, creating shockwaves that propel it upwards.

Precision is Key:  Time your bomb detonations carefully.  Each explosion should nudge the ice crystal closer to the target on the platform below.  Be patient and avoid overdoing it, as too much force will shatter the ice crystal.

A Triumphant Reward:  Successfully guiding the ice crystal onto the target activates a mechanism, granting you a Spirit Orb – the coveted prize for conquering the Mayanas Shrine.

Tips and Tricks for Success:

Experimentation is Key:  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different approaches to both challenges.  There might be more than one way to solve each puzzle.

Patience is a Virtue:  Both challenges require patience and precision.  Take your time, observe the environment, and plan your actions before executing them.

Utilize the Sheikah Slate Effectively:  Master the use of Magnesis and Remote Bombs runes to manipulate objects and solve the Shrine’s puzzles efficiently.

Seek Guidance Online (if needed):  The Zelda community is vast and helpful.  If you’re truly stuck on a challenge, don’t hesitate to consult online resources like walkthroughs or video guides.  These can offer valuable insights and help you overcome particularly challenging parts of the Shrine.

Beyond the Challenge: The Lore of the Mayanas Shrine

While the Mayanas Shrine presents a fun and rewarding challenge, it might also hold deeper significance within the lore of Tears of the Kingdom.  Here are some potential interpretations:

A Tribute to Ingenuity:  The Shrine’s puzzles emphasize creative problem-solving and utilizing the environment to your advantage.  This could represent the importance of resourcefulness and adaptation within the larger narrative of the game.

A Connection to the Sheikah:  The use of Sheikah technology within the Shrine, particularly the guiding mechanism and the ice crystal, might hint at a connection to the ancient Sheikah civilization.  Perhaps the Shrine served a specific purpose in their history.

A Glimpse into Hyrule’s Past:  The Shrine’s presence within the frigid South Lanayru region might hold clues about the area’s past climate or the role it played in Hyrule’s ancient history.  Keep an eye out for environmental details or murals within the Shrine that could offer further insights.

Remember, these are just interpretations, and the true meaning behind the Mayanas Shrine might be left for players to discover and ponder.

A Champion’s Journey: The Significance of Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom

The Shrines of Tears of the Kingdom are integral to your journey as a hero.  They serve as training grounds, honing your skills and preparing you for the greater challenges that lie ahead.  

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