Dropping In: A Guide to Fortnite Characters in 2024


Fortnite’s ever-evolving world is packed with vibrant characters, both original creations and iconic figures from pop culture. These characters play a significant role in the battle royale experience, offering questlines, challenges, and unique interactions.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the ever-growing roster of Fortnite characters.

Original Fortnite Characters: The Island’s Inhabitants

At the heart of Fortnite lie the original characters, those conceived by Epic Games. These inhabitants of the Island come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own personality, backstory, and role in the ever-unfolding narrative. Here’s a look at some of the most notable ones:

  • The Seven: This elusive group of warriors has played a critical role in protecting Zero Point, a mysterious orb at the center of the Island’s reality. Notable members include the stoic leader Agent Jones, the reality-warping Reality Bloom, and the enigmatic Paradigm.
  • The Imagined Order (IO): For many seasons, the IO served as the primary antagonist, manipulating the Island and its inhabitants to maintain control. Key figures include the stern Slone and the quirky scientist Doctor Slone.
  • Non-Playable Characters (NPCs): Scattered throughout the Island, you’ll encounter friendly NPCs who offer quests, sell weapons, or simply provide companionship. These include fan favourites like the laid-back Guaco and the feisty Meowscles.

Collaboration Kings: Pop Culture Invasions

Fortnite has become a magnet for pop culture crossovers, bringing iconic characters from movies, TV shows, and video games to the Island. These collaborations breathe new life into the game, offering players a chance to play as their favourite heroes and villains. Here are some recent highlights:

  • The Narutoverse: In 2022, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, and other beloved characters from the Naruto franchise stormed Fortnite. Players could not only don their iconic outfits but also wield their signature jutsus in combat.
  • Arcane: The critically acclaimed Netflix series Arcane brought Vi and Jinx, the two sisters at the heart of the story, to Fortnite. This collaboration not only offered players these unique skins but also transformed key locations on the Island to reflect the gritty undercity of Piltover and the opulent heights of Zaun.
  • The Skywalker Saga: Star Wars has made numerous appearances in Fortnite, with characters like Darth Vader, Rey, and even Stormtroopers becoming playable. These collaborations often come with special lightsabers, blasters, and even vehicles, making for an epic Star Wars experience within Fortnite.

Beyond the Island: Exploring Character Backstories

While the primary focus of Fortnite is the battle royale experience, Epic Games has taken steps to flesh out the characters beyond their in-game appearances. Here are some ways to delve deeper into their stories:

  • Fortnite Crew Comics: A monthly digital comic series published by Marvel Comics, the Fortnite Crew Comics offer unique storylines featuring various characters. These comics provide valuable insights into their motivations, relationships, and the lore of the Island.
  • In-Game Events: Epic frequently hosts live events that showcase pivotal moments in the Fortnite narrative. These events often feature character interactions and cutscenes that shed light on their backstories and the ongoing conflict.
  • Fortnitemares and other Seasonal Events: Seasonal events like Fortnitemares (Halloween) or Chapter festivities often introduce unique quests and storylines featuring specific characters. These events can offer surprising character development and lore reveals.

YouTube Searches: Demystifying Common Questions

A quick search for “Fortnite Characters” on YouTube reveals some recurring questions. Let’s address a few of the most common ones:

  • How to Unlock Specific Characters: Most original characters are unlocked through the Fortnite Battle Pass, a tiered progression system that rewards players with cosmetics and characters as they level up. Crossover characters, on the other hand, are typically purchased using V-Bucks, the game’s in-game currency.
  • Where to Find Specific NPCs: The locations of friendly NPCs change with each new season. While some NPCs remain in fixed locations, others move around the Island. You can find the most up-to-date information on NPC locations through online resources and community guides.
  • What Do The Different Characters Do?: Original Fortnite characters often play a role in the ongoing storyline, while crossover characters primarily offer unique cosmetics and thematic gameplay experiences. Friendly NPCs can provide quests, sell items, or offer hints about hidden locations.


Q. Who are the Original Fortnite Characters?

Fortnite boasts a vast collection of original characters, some with mysterious pasts and others with quirky personalities. These include:

  • The Seven: A mysterious group clad in sleek outfits, with figures like The Foundation and The Imagined leading the pack.
  • Island Residents: Friendly faces you encounter around the map, like Bunker Jonesy, who provides quests and lore.

Q. Can You Play as These Original Characters?

Most original characters are not playable, but some appear as skins you can purchase in the Item Shop. These outfits often come with unique back blings, pickaxes, and emotes.

Q. What About Crossover Characters?

Fortnite is famous for its epic crossovers with popular movies, TV shows, and video games! You can snag outfits based on:

  • Marvel Universe: Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Thanos are just a few of the many heroes (and villains) you can embody.
  • DC Universe: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn let you fight for justice (or mayhem) in style.
  • Star Wars: Lightsabers at the ready! Become Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Rey, Kylo Ren, and many more.
  • Gaming Icons: Kratos from God of War, Master Chief from Halo, and even Ryu from Street Fighter have all graced the Fortnite island.

Q. How Do You Get Crossover Characters?

Crossover characters typically appear in the Item Shop for a limited time. You can purchase them using V-Bucks, the game’s currency. Some collaborations might also offer challenges to unlock free character skins.

Q. Who are the Current Fortnite Characters on the Map?

Fortnite features Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) scattered throughout the map. These characters offer quests, sell items, or just add a bit of life to the world. The current Season might feature characters specific to its theme, alongside some familiar faces like:

  • A.I.M.: A grumpy robot who sells high-tech weaponry.
  • Guaco: A sentient avocado that offers exotic fruits and vegetables.
  • Slurp Jonesy: A mutated version of Jonesy who throws healing items.

Q. Where Can I Find the Latest Character Locations?

The location of NPCs changes with each Fortnite Season. Websites like/ keep track of where to find all the characters on the current map.

Q. Do Fortnite Characters Have Backstories?

Some original characters have intriguing lore hinted at through challenges, in-game dialogue, and hidden secrets. You can delve into theories and fan fiction online to explore these deeper narratives.

Q. So, how do I stay updated on New Characters?

Following Fortnite’s official social media channels is the best way to stay on top of new character announcements, exciting collaborations, and upcoming Item Shop appearances.

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