Elemental(Rotten Tomatoes): A Look at Pixar’s Latest Adventure


Pixar Animation Studios has a long-standing reputation for producing heartwarming, visually stunning films that resonate with audiences of all ages. However, their recent release, “Elemental,” has sparked a wave of mixed reactions, raising questions about its place within the Pixar pantheon.

Let’s dive into the critical reception of “elemental rotten tomatoes,” exploring both its strengths and weaknesses as reported on Rotten Tomatoes and other sources.

A City Built on the Elements: The Premise of Elemental

“Elemental” takes viewers to Element City, a bustling metropolis where residents – personified fire beings, water beings, land beings, and air beings – co-exist despite their inherent differences. The story centers on Ember, a fiery young woman, and Wade, a carefree water dude. Their contrasting natures set the stage for an unlikely friendship that challenges societal norms and explores themes of acceptance and connection.

Initial Reactions: A Score That Landed Short of Pixar’s Gold Standard

As of today, May 6, 2024, “Elemental” holds a 79% critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on over 100 reviews. This score falls below the average for Pixar films, which typically boast ratings well above 90%. While a 79% isn’t necessarily bad, it signifies a departure from Pixar’s usual critical acclaim.

Early reviews painted a mixed picture. Some praised the film’s stunning animation and imaginative world-building. Critics lauded the vibrant visuals that brought Element City to life, with fire flickering realistically and water flowing with beautiful fluidity. The concept of a world segregated by elements was also seen as intriguing, offering a platform to explore themes of social division and prejudice.

However, other reviews pointed out a lack of narrative depth. While the film’s core message of acceptance resonated, some critics felt the story lacked the emotional complexity and originality that have become hallmarks of Pixar films. The characters, though charming, were viewed as somewhat underdeveloped, and the plot predictable.

Audience Response: A More Positive Outlook?

Interestingly, audience reception for “Elemental” seems to be more favorable. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film boasts an audience score of 92%, a significant contrast to the critics’ rating. This suggests that while professional reviewers may have found the film lacking in certain aspects, general audiences are enjoying the story and its characters.

Social media trends seem to reflect this positive audience response. Many viewers have praised the film’s humor, heartwarming moments, and the stunning visuals. The unique concept of elemental beings coexisting has sparked discussions about diversity and acceptance, resonating with fans who appreciate Pixar’s ability to tackle deeper themes in a family-friendly way.

A Tale of Two Perspectives: Why the Discrepancy?

The difference between critic and audience reception for “Elemental” can be attributed to several factors. Critics often hold animated films to a higher standard, looking for innovative storytelling, complex characters, and a message that transcends the typical children’s movie fare. While “Elemental” delivers a positive message, some critics might have felt the narrative lacked the depth and emotional punch of past Pixar masterpieces.

On the other hand, audiences may be more willing to overlook a somewhat predictable plot in favor of the film’s visual spectacle, humor, and heartwarming moments. The themes of acceptance and overcoming differences can resonate with viewers of all ages, creating a positive and entertaining experience despite the lack of groundbreaking storytelling.

Beyond the Score: A Look at the Bigger Picture

It’s important to remember that a Rotten Tomatoes score is just one data point. Ultimately, whether you enjoy “Elemental” depends on your individual preferences. If you’re looking for a visually stunning film with a lighthearted story and a positive message, “Elemental” might be a great choice. However, if you crave the emotional depth and intricate narratives that have become synonymous with Pixar, this film might not quite hit the mark.

Here are some additional factors to consider:

Age of viewers: Younger children might be more captivated by the film’s animation and humor, while older viewers might find the story predictable.

Personal preferences: Do you prioritize stunning visuals and a lighthearted message, or do you crave a more complex and emotionally resonant narrative?

Openness to new ideas: While “Elemental” might not be Pixar’s most original story, it still offers a unique world and interesting themes to explore.

Elemental’s Place in Pixar’s History: A Work in Progress?

While “Elemental” might not be considered a top-tier Pixar film in terms of critical reception, its journey is far from over. Audience response suggests the film has the potential to be a sleeper hit, finding a place in the hearts of viewers despite its shortcomings.


Elemental: A Scorching or Lukewarm Debut on Rotten Tomatoes?

Pixar’s newest animated film, “Elemental,” set foot in theaters, but the critical reception has been a mixed bag. Let’s dive into the burning questions surrounding its Rotten Tomatoes score!

Elemental’s Score: A Story of Fluctuation

As of today (May 6, 2024), Elemental holds a 75% Critic Score on Rotten Tomatoes. This indicates a generally favorable reception, but it’s worth noting that the score fluctuated since its release:

Initial Debut: Elemental premiered with a lower score, raising concerns about being Pixar’s lowest-rated original film.

Positive Reviews Emerged: Over time, more positive reviews surfaced, boosting the overall score.

Why the Score Shift? A Tale of Two Takes

Here’s a breakdown of the contrasting initial and later reviews:

Early Reviews: Some critics found the story predictable and the themes of coexistence between different elements not fully explored. The visuals, however, were praised for their vibrancy.

Later Reviews: These reviews highlighted the film’s heart, creativity, and stunning visuals. While acknowledging it might not reach the heights of some classic Pixars, they commended its charm and entertainment value.

So, Is Elemental Good or Not?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for! Here’s some guidance:

A Classic Pixar Experience? Maybe Not

 If you expect a groundbreaking story on par with masterpieces like “Toy Story” or “WALL-E,” Elemental might not entirely fulfill those expectations.

Visually Stunning and Enjoyable? Absolutely

 The film boasts stunning animation and a charming narrative, making it a visually delightful experience.

For the Whole Family? A Safe Bet 

 Elemental offers a fun and age-appropriate story suitable for viewers of all ages.

Going Beyond the Score: Exploring Other Opinions

Rotten Tomatoes is just one perspective. Here’s how to broaden your understanding:

Check Audience Scores: See how general audiences received the film.

Read Individual Reviews: Explore reviews from trusted critics to get a nuanced perspective.

Search Youtube Reviews: Watch reviews by Youtube channels specializing in animation to get a fan’s perspective.

The Verdict: To See or Not to See?

The mixed Rotten Tomatoes score for Elemental shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor. Consider your preferences, explore additional reviews, and decide if you’re ready to step into the vibrant world of Element City!

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