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After a long wait, Rick and Morty Season 7(Rotten Tomatoes) fans were treated to a dimension-hopping adventure in May 2024 with the premiere of season 7. However, unlike previous seasons that received near-universal acclaim, the initial reception for season 7 has been a mixed bag. 

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind the show’s current Rotten Tomatoes score and see what fans and critics are saying.

A Multiverse-Sized Loss: Justin Roiland’s Exit and Fan Jitters

A major factor impacting season 7’s reception is the absence of co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland. Roiland voiced the show’s two central characters, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, along with a multitude of others that populate the wacky world of Rick and Morty. Following controversy, Adult Swim parted ways with Roiland, leaving a big question mark about the future of the show’s core characters.

The uncertainty surrounding who would take over the voices and how it would affect the show’s signature humor created apprehension among fans. This unease translated into the initial wave of reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, with the audience score dipping to a record low of 33%.

New Voices, New Challenges

The task of replacing Roiland fell on several voice actors, including Spencer Porter (Rick and Morty) and Christina Ricci (a new character). While some fans appreciated the effort to maintain continuity, others felt the replacements couldn’t quite capture the original essence of the characters.

The animation style also underwent slight changes, with some viewers noticing a shift in quality. These factors combined to create a sense of disconnect for some viewers accustomed to the show’s established formula.

A Glimpse of Hope: Critics Offer Measured Takes

While the audience score paints a bleak picture, critics have offered a more nuanced perspective. The Rotten Tomatoes critic score currently sits at around 73%, indicating a generally positive reception.

Critics have acknowledged the challenges of replacing Roiland but have commended the writers for maintaining the show’s core themes and wacky humor. Reviews praise the introduction of new characters and the exploration of existing storylines. Here are some examples:

“Rick and Morty still has it, even if its comedic voice isn’t on its strongest possible display at the start of the new season,” says Alan Sepinwall of Rolling Stone.

“Newcomers to the voice cast are doing their best with unenviable shoes to fill,” remarks Oliver Sava of Polygon.These reviews highlight a cautious optimism, acknowledging the hurdles the show has overcome while recognizing glimpses of the Rick and Morty fans know and love.

Is Season 7 Doomed? The Verdict is In… Maybe Later

With only a handful of episodes released as of now, it’s too early to definitively say whether season 7 will be a success or a failure. Audience scores may fluctuate as more episodes air, offering a clearer picture of the overall season’s quality.

Here are some things to consider:

Can the new voice actors grow into their roles?

 As the season progresses, the new voice actors may find their footing, allowing viewers to adjust and appreciate their interpretations.

Will the writing deliver classic Rick and Morty humor?

 The show’s core strength lies in its witty dialogue and outrageous situations. A strong showing in the writing department can win back fans hesitant about the changes.

Can season 7 recapture the magic?

 Ultimately, the success of season 7 will hinge on its ability to deliver the signature blend of humor, sci-fi adventure, and emotional depth that has made Rick and Morty a global phenomenon.

Beyond the Rotten Tomatoes Score: A Show Still Evolving

Rotten Tomatoes scores are just one metric to consider. While they offer valuable insights into critical and audience reception, they shouldn’t be the sole factor in determining whether you enjoy a show.

Die-hard Rick and Morty fans might find giving season 7 a chance worthwhile. The show is known for taking risks and pushing boundaries, and this season is no exception. There’s a possibility that the initial awkwardness will give way to a season filled with classic Rick and Morty goodness.

However, if the changes feel too jarring, or the humor falls flat, it’s perfectly fine to take a break and revisit the show later. There’s always the chance that future seasons will find a way to recapture the magic of the earlier seasons.

One thing’s for certain: Rick and Morty’s journey through the multiverse continues, and season 7 is just another chapter in its wild and unpredictable story.


Rick and Morty Season 7: A Rotten Start on Rotten Tomatoes?

The highly anticipated Season 7 of Rick and Morty has arrived, but some fans might be surprised by its reception on Rotten Tomatoes. Let’s delve into the mystery behind the scores and answer burning questions.

A Tale of Two Scores: Critics vs. Audience

Rotten Tomatoes displays two scores for Rick and Morty Season 7 (as of May 6, 2024):

Critic Score: This reflects the opinions of professional critics. Currently, Season 7 holds a [insert latest critic score]% Critic Score on Rotten Tomatoes. This suggests that a portion of critics might have found the season lacking.

Audience Score: This reflects the opinions of viewers. While the Critic Score might be lower, the Audience Score might be higher (or lower depending on current data).

Why the Disparity?

The difference between the scores could be due to several factors:

Shifting Showrunners: Justin Roiland, co-creator and voice of Rick and Morty, left Adult Swim. This change in leadership might have impacted the season’s direction, which some critics might not have found as successful.

Evolving Humor: Rick and Morty’s humor is known for being edgy and absurd. Critics might feel the humor hasn’t aged well, while fans might still find it hilarious.

High Expectations: With a large and passionate fanbase, Season 7 faced immense pressure to live up to the legacy of previous seasons. This might have led to harsher critic evaluations.

So, Should You Watch It? You Decide!

Here’s some guidance to help you make your choice:

Die-Hard Fan? Give it a Shot: If you’re a loyal Rick and Morty follower, the season might still offer the wacky adventures and dark humor you enjoy.

Open to New Experiences? Watch and Decide: If you’re curious but haven’t formed strong opinions, watching a few episodes can help you decide if it resonates with you.

Reliance on Critic Scores? Maybe Explore Reviews: If professional opinions are crucial, delve deeper into individual critic reviews to understand their specific critiques.

Beyond Rotten Tomatoes: Exploring Other Opinions

Consider checking out reviews from Youtubers and critics who specialize in animation or adult humor. These can offer unique perspectives to guide your decision.

The Verdict: It’s UTp to You!

While the initial Rotten Tomatoes scores might raise questions, remember, enjoyment is subjective. Dive into Season 7, form your own opinion, and prepare for some interdimensional adventures (or not) with Rick and Morty!

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