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Elden Ring, the critically acclaimed open-world action RPG from FromSoftware, took the gaming world by storm in February 2022. Its vast Lands Between, challenging combat, and cryptic lore captivated players for months. Now, with the upcoming release of the DLC “Shadow of the Erdtree” in June 2024, Tarnished Warriors is preparing to embark on a new adventure.

This expansion promises to delve deeper into the game‘s rich mythology, introduce exciting challenges, and expand the world in captivating ways. Let’s delve into what we know so far about Elden Ring’s biggest expansion.

A New Land Beckons: The Land of Shadow

The official trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree unveils a brand new region – the Land of Shadow. Shrouded in mystery and obscured by the Erdtree itself, this land holds immense significance in the lore. The trailer reveals a desolate landscape marked by sweeping wheat fields dotted with spectral gravestones.

Concept art hints at diverse environments within the Land of Shadow, including what appears to be a fiery, volcanic region. Speculation suggests this area might be connected to the demigod Malenia, known as the Goddess of Rot, and her influence on the Lands Between.

The trailer offers cryptic clues about the Land of Shadow’s past. We see glimpses of a large-scale battle and fiery destruction, hinting at a bygone conflict. This event seems to be deeply entwined with the Erdtree itself, with its golden light seemingly absent from the Land of Shadow. Fans theorize this might be the location where Marika, the Elden Ring’s demigod leader, first arrived in the Lands Between.

Unveiling the Secrets: Story and Lore Implications

While details remain scarce, Shadow of the Erdtree is confirmed to offer a whole new storyline. The trailer focuses on Miquella, another enigmatic demigod who played a lesser role in the base game. Notably, Miquella is referred to as “impure,” an untranslated term that has sparked much debate among lore enthusiasts. Some theories suggest it translates to “exiled” or “cast out,” hinting at Miquella’s potential role in the Land of Shadow’s past.

The trailer also showcases a spectral butterfly, a recurring motif associated with Miquella. This, along with the Land of Shadow’s desolate state, fuels speculation about a potential tragedy that befell Miquella and this region. Will players uncover the truth about Miquella’s fate? How does the Land of Shadow connect to the Erdtree and the shattering of the Elden Ring? These are just some of the questions players hope to answer in the DLC.

Fresh Challenges Await: New Enemies and Bosses

FromSoftware titles are renowned for their brutal difficulty, and Shadow of the Erdtree promises to uphold this tradition. The trailer offers glimpses of formidable new enemies, including spectral warriors, grotesque creatures seemingly born from fire, and colossal giants wielding devastating weapons. These foes will undoubtedly test the skills of even the most seasoned Tarnished warriors.

The expansion will also introduce challenging new boss encounters. The trailer reveals a glimpse of a spectral knight wielding a massive scythe, and concept art showcases a towering, monstrous figure wreathed in flames. These encounters promise to be epic clashes that will demand strategic thinking and mastery of combat mechanics.

Expanding the Arsenal: New Weapons, Armor, and Abilities

Shadow of the Erdtree will bolster the player’s arsenal with a plethora of new weapons, armour sets, and combat abilities. The trailer showcases a variety of intriguing armaments, including a whip-like weapon with unique animations, a colossal double-bladed axe, and a spell that summons a spectral wolf companion. These additions will provide players with more diverse tactical options for tackling the new challenges that await.

The expansion will also introduce new weapon skills and magic not seen in the base game. These will likely offer unique combat applications and playstyles, allowing players to further customize their builds and experiment with different approaches.


Q. Will we see more of other demigods, like Malenia or Ranni? 

There is no official confirmation, but the story’s focus on Miquella suggests a connection to his siblings might be explored.

Q. Will the DLC have a new ending? 

This remains to be seen. The expansion might offer additional lore revelations that shed light on the existing endings, but a completely new conclusion seems less likely.

Q. How difficult will the DLC be?

 Expect a significant challenge. FromSoftware is known for not pulling punches, and the new enemies and bosses are sure to test your skills.

What is the Elden Ring DLC called?

The Elden Ring DLC is called “Shadow of the Erdtree.”

When is the Elden Ring DLC release date?

Shadow of the Erdtree is set to be released on June 20, 2024.

How much does the Elden Ring DLC cost?

The DLC is priced at $49.99 USD for the standalone purchase. It’s also included in the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Deluxe Edition.

Do I need the base game Elden Ring to play the DLC?

Yes, you will need to own Elden Ring to play the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

Q. What is the story of the Elden Ring DLC?

Details are still unfolding, but the story revolves around the Land of Shadow, a mysterious area tied to the Erdtree and shrouded in an “unsung battle.” Players will likely uncover secrets about Miquella, an Empyrean demigod.

Q. What new areas can I explore in the DLC?

The confirmed new area is the Land of Shadow, featuring open fields, strange settlements, and likely hidden dungeons.

Q. Will there be new bosses and enemies?

Absolutely! The trailer showcases new monstrous foes and challenging encounters.

Q. Can I expect new weapons, armour, and items?

Yes, the DLC will introduce a fresh arsenal of weapons, armour sets, magic, and items to enhance your Tarnished journey.

Q. Pre-order & Availability

Is the Elden Ring DLC available for pre-order?

Yes, Shadow of the Erdtree is available for pre-order on various digital platforms.

Q. Are there any pre-order bonuses?

Information on pre-order bonuses hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Q. Will the DLC be available on all platforms?

Shadow of the Erdtree is expected to be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (Steam).

Q. Will the DLC raise the level cap?

There’s no official confirmation yet on a potential level cap increase.

Q. Can I expect new mechanics or gameplay changes?

While the core gameplay remains similar, new weapon skills, magic, and enemy types might introduce fresh combat strategies.

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