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Suzanne Danielle, born Suzanne Morris on January 14, 1957, carved a niche for herself in British cinema during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Though her career was relatively brief, she left a lasting impression with her captivating screen presence and diverse filmography. This article delves into the life and career of Suzanne Danielle, exploring her journey from uncredited roles to leading lady performances.

Early Life and Stepping into Films

Details surrounding Suzanne Danielle’s early life remain scarce. Born in 1957, she entered the film industry in the late 1970s. Her initial appearances were uncredited, with roles in films like “The Stud” (1978) and “The Wild Geese” (1978). These small beginnings were a stepping stone for Danielle, who soon landed her first credited role as Sue in the 1978 comedy “Long Shot.”

Rise to Prominence: The “Carry On” Series and Beyond

The turning point in Danielle’s career arrived in 1978 when she was cast as the lead in the bawdy comedy “Carry On Emmannuelle.” This instalment of the long-running “Carry-On” franchise was a spoof on the popular erotic film “Emmanuelle.” Danielle’s portrayal of the titular character, Emmannuelle Prevert, catapulted her to fame. The film’s success established her as a sex symbol and opened doors to more prominent roles.

Following the success of “Carry On Emmannuelle,” Danielle continued to showcase her versatility. She appeared in the adventure film “Arabian Adventure” (1979) as an Eastern Dancer, a stark contrast to her comedic role in the previous year. This was followed by a dramatic turn as Dahlia in the 1979 thriller “The Golden Lady.”

The 1980s saw Danielle take on a wider variety of roles. She played Candice Rawlinson, the love interest in the period drama “Sir Henry at Rawlinson End” (1980). The same year, she donned a futuristic costume for a role as a Serving Girl in the campy sci-fi film “Flash Gordon.” Danielle’s ability to adapt to different genres solidified her status as a rising star in British cinema.

A Diverse Filmography: From Action to Espionage

Throughout the early 1980s, Danielle continued to build an impressive filmography. She appeared in the action film “The Boys in Blue” (1982) and the adventure flick “Escape from El Diablo” (1984). In 1987, she took on the role of Maria Sola in the Cold War spy thriller “The Trouble with Spies,” showcasing her talent in a genre dominated by male actors.

While details about the reasons behind her career slowdown are unknown, Danielle’s film appearances became less frequent towards the late 1980s. Her final credited role was in the 1989 thriller “Bloodnight.”

Suzanne Danielle’s Legacy: A Brief But Memorable Career

Though Suzanne Danielle’s time in the spotlight was relatively brief, her impact on British cinema remains undeniable. She carved a path for herself, transitioning from uncredited roles to leading lady performances. Her filmography encompasses various genres, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Whether it was the comedic timing displayed in “Carry On Emmannuelle” or the dramatic intensity portrayed in “The Golden Lady,” Danielle left a lasting impression on audiences.

Beyond the Screen: Enduring Mystery

Following her departure from acting, Suzanne Danielle retreated from the public eye. Information about her personal life and current whereabouts remains scarce, adding to the mystique surrounding the former actress.

Despite the limited information available, Suzanne Danielle’s filmography continues to entertain audiences. For those seeking a glimpse into the world of British cinema during the late 1970s and early 1980s, her films offer a captivating journey through a bygone era.

Suzanne Danielle’s story is a reminder that even fleeting careers can leave a lasting mark. Her talent and charisma continue to resonate with fans, solidifying her place in British cinematic history.


Q: When and where was Suzanne Danielle born? 

A: Suzanne Danielle, née Morris, was born on January 14, 1957, in London, England.

Q: What is Suzanne Danielle famous for? 

A: Suzanne Danielle was a popular British film and television actress during the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was known for her roles in comedic films like “Carry on Emmanuelle” (1978) and for portraying attractive and vivacious characters on television.

Q: Did Suzanne Danielle appear in any classic British shows? 

A: Yes! She was a regular on game shows like “Give Us a Clue” and even appeared on a Christmas edition of “Blankety

Q: Is Suzanne Danielle still acting? 

A: No, Suzanne Danielle is a former actress. Records indicate she stopped acting professionally in 1985.

Q: What is Suzanne Danielle doing now?

 A: Information about Suzanne Danielle’s current activities is private. However, public records show she married professional golfer Sam Torrance in 1988 and they have four children together.

Q: What was Suzanne Danielle’s most famous role?

 A: While she had a successful career, it’s difficult to pinpoint a single “most famous” role. She appeared in several films and television shows but is likely most recognized for her comedic performances.

Q: Can I watch Suzanne Danielle’s acting work online?

 A: Availability of her films and shows can vary depending on streaming service and platform.

Q: Is Suzanne Danielle married? 

A: Yes, Suzanne Danielle has been married to golfer Sam Torrance since 1995.

Q: Does Suzanne Danielle have children? 

A: Yes, Suzanne Danielle and Sam Torrance have four children together.

Q: Are there any clips of Suzanne Danielle online? 

A: Finding clips of her work might require some searching on YouTube or other video platforms. You can try searching for titles of her films or shows mentioned here.

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