Entangled Starfield: A Mind-Bending Quest in Starfield


Entangled Starfield, The sprawling universe of Starfield offers players a plethora of quests, each with its own unique challenges and narratives. However, one mission stands out for its mind-bending premise and impactful choices: Entangled. This quest throws you headfirst into the realm of parallel realities, forcing you to make decisions that hold the fate of entire universes in the balance.

This article delves into the depths of the Entangled quest, addressing the burning questions players have been asking on YouTube and Google. We’ll explore the core mechanics, the chilling atmosphere, the difficult choices you face, and the consequences of your actions.

Entangled Starfield

A Distress Call and a Split Reality

The Entangled quest begins with a seemingly straightforward distress call from the Nishina Research Station orbiting Freya III. Upon reaching the station, however, things take a sinister turn. The once bustling facility is eerily silent, and the surviving personnel are bewildered and frightened. As you delve deeper, you discover a horrifying truth: the research station exists simultaneously in two separate realities.

Here’s where things get interesting. You gain the ability to shift between these parallel universes, each offering a glimpse into a different outcome of a catastrophic event. One reality showcases a ravaged lab, teeming with hostile creatures, while the other depicts a seemingly unharmed facility with the research team alive and well.

Navigating the Duality: A Tale of Two Labs

The Doomed Dimension: This reality paints a grim picture. The lab is in ruins, ravaged by an explosion. Here, you’ll encounter aggressive alien lifeforms, remnants of the disaster. Unraveling the cause of the explosion and the fate of the research team becomes a crucial part of the investigation.

The Intact Dimension: In stark contrast, this reality presents a functional lab with the research team seemingly oblivious to the parallel disaster. You’ll interact with these personnel, some confused by your presence and others suspicious. The key here is to gather information about the research project and the events leading up to your arrival.

Throughout your exploration of both realities, you’ll discover key items and clues. Data logs, recordings, and environmental storytelling paint a picture of a groundbreaking experiment gone wrong. The research team on the intact side seems to be unaware of the dimensional split, creating an unsettling dissonance.

The Crux of the Quest: Choices and Consequences

The heart of the Entangled quest lies in the choices you make. Here are the main dilemmas you’ll face:

Saving Rafael: In the doomed dimension, you’ll encounter a lone survivor, Rafael, trapped in his dying reality. Helping him escape becomes a possibility, but it involves a significant sacrifice on your part.

Preserving the Research Team: The intact dimension houses the research team, oblivious to the danger. A choice emerges: ensure their continued existence or merge the realities, potentially endangering them.

Merging the Realities: By manipulating control panels in both dimensions, you can attempt to merge the realities, potentially saving everyone. However, this option carries unforeseen consequences.

Each choice has a profound impact on the outcome of the quest. Here’s a glimpse into the potential consequences:

Saving Rafael: While saving Rafael offers a sense of personal victory, it strands you in the doomed dimension. You’ll be forced to navigate this hostile reality with limited resources.

Preserving the Research Team: Choosing the team’s safety maintains the status quo in the intact dimension. However, the doomed dimension and Rafael remain lost.

Merging the Realities: This complex option offers the most satisfying outcome, potentially saving everyone. However, the merged reality may be unstable, and the consequences of this manipulation remain unclear.

The beauty of the Entangled quest lies in its lack of a clear-cut “good” or “bad” ending. Each choice carries weight, forcing you to consider the ethical implications and potential ramifications.

Beyond the Choices: Exploring the Atmosphere and Lore

Entangled isn’t just about the choices; it’s also about the immersive atmosphere. The stark contrast between the two realities creates a sense of unease and disorientation. Exploring the ravaged lab in the doomed dimension is a chilling experience, while the sterile normalcy of the intact one feels equally unsettling.

Furthermore, the quest delves deeper into the lore of Starfield, hinting at the existence of parallel universes and the potential dangers of interdimensional travel. The research team’s experiment, while well-intentioned, serves as a cautionary tale about the unpredictable nature of manipulating realities.

Conclusion: A Quest That Leaves You Pondering

The Entangled quest is a masterclass in narrative design. It goes beyond a simple fetch quest, offering a brain-teasing exploration of parallel realities and forcing you to make difficult choices with lasting consequences.


What is the Entangled Starfield Quest?

Entangled is the 17th mission in Starfield and is considered one of the most intriguing and mind-bending ones. It throws you into the midst of a scientific anomaly – a research facility existing simultaneously across two separate realities! Your objective? Navigate both dimensions, find a mysterious artifact, and ultimately decide the fate of these entangled worlds.

Sounds complicated! How does it work?

The quest starts with a distress call from the Nishina Research Station. Upon reaching the station, you discover a portal-like distortion that allows you to shift between two versions of the facility. One universe is eerily quiet and seemingly abandoned, while the other is ravaged by destruction and crawling with hostile creatures.

What are the choices I have to make?

This is where Entangled gets truly interesting. You’ll encounter a key character, Rafael, whose fate is tied to these realities. Here’s the dilemma:

Save Rafael: This involves sacrificing one universe and its inhabitants. You’ll need to find a specific artifact and shut down the probe keeping the universes linked, essentially stranding yourself in the chosen reality with Rafael.

Save the Original Universe People: This path requires finding a way to merge the realities, essentially combining the best aspects of both worlds and saving everyone (except Rafael, who perishes in the doomed reality).

Save Everyone (including Rafael): This is the trickiest option. You’ll need to find specific clues scattered across both universes and activate a series of switches in a particular order. This complex solution allows both realities to stabilize and everyone survives.

What are the rewards for each choice?

Each path offers unique rewards:

Saving Rafael: You gain access to Rafael’s advanced technology and knowledge.

Saving the Original Universe People: You earn the gratitude of the surviving researchers and access to their resources.

Saving Everyone: This grants you the best of both worlds – advanced technology, the gratitude of both sets of researchers, and the satisfaction of a complex puzzle solved.

Where can I find more information on the Entangled Starfield Quest?

Several online resources offer detailed walkthroughs and guides for the Entangled quest, including:

IGN: Entangled Walkthrough – Starfield Guide

Rock Paper Shotgun

YouTube walkthroughs (search for “Starfield Entangled Quest Walkthrough”)

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