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Hogwarts Legacy – a game that takes us on a magical journey through the hallowed halls of the famous wizarding school. But amidst brewing potions, mastering spells, and taming fantastic beasts, there lies a delightful secret – the Daedalian Keys. These mischievous winged keys hold the key (pun intended) to unlocking hidden chambers and acquiring valuable loot.

This guide delves into the world of Daedalian Keys, answering all your burning questions gleaned from the depths of YouTube and the vast expanse of the internet.

Hogwarts Legacy

What are Daedalian Keys?

Daedalian Keys are collectible items in Hogwarts Legacy. These golden, butterfly-winged keys flit around specific locations within the castle and its grounds. They can’t be picked up directly, but rather, you must follow them to their designated cabinet, which they’ll then unlock, revealing exciting rewards within.

Think of them as magical treasure hunters, leading you on a whimsical chase to hidden goodies.

The Daedalian Keys Quest

The Daedalian Keys are introduced through a side quest of the same name. This quest becomes available early in the game, tasking you with finding three specific Daedalian Keys and their corresponding cabinets. Completing this quest not only rewards you with the loot from those cabinets, but also unlocks the ability to find and use all remaining Daedalian Keys throughout the game.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the Daedalian Keys quest:

Speak to ever-reliable caretaker, Gladwin Moon, near the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower.

He’ll explain the predicament of the missing Daedalian Keys and point you towards three specific locations: the Astronomy Tower, the Clock Tower, and the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower.

Head to these locations and follow the flitting Daedalian Keys to their respective cabinets. Use Revelio (the detection spell) if you’re having trouble spotting them.

Once you’ve opened all three cabinets, return to Gladwin Moon to complete the quest and unlock the ability to use all future Daedalian Keys.

Daedalian Key Locations – A Grand Castle-Wide Hunt

There are a total of 16 Daedalian Keys scattered across Hogwarts Castle and its grounds. Finding them all can be a rewarding adventure, leading you to explore hidden nooks and crannies of the magical school.

Here’s a breakdown of all the Daedalian Key locations:

Central Hall: This key is near the entrance to the greenhouses, hovering by the fountain. Follow it to the cabinet near the Transfiguration Courtyard doors.

Library: Find this key near the restricted section entrance. It leads to a cabinet opposite the restricted section.

Upper Central Hall: Look for the key near the suits of armor. Its cabinet is located on the same floor near the bridge.

Potions Classroom: The key is near the back of the classroom, close to the potion dispensers. The cabinet is located on the opposite side of the classroom.

North Hall: This key is near the tapestry depicting a duel. Follow it to the cabinet near the Gryffindor common room entrance (if you’re Gryffindor) or the nearby corridor (if you’re another house).

Sleeping Dragon: Fast travel to the Bell Tower Floo Flame and head down the stairs on your left. You’ll find the key near the statue of a sleeping dragon. It leads to a cabinet on the floor above.

Near the Map Chamber: This key is near the southeastern corner of the map chamber. The cabinet is located on the opposite side of the chamber.

Grand Staircase: Look for the key near the landing between the first and second floors. The cabinet is located on the same floor near the suits of armor.

Entrance Hall: This key floats near the fireplaces in the Entrance Hall. Follow it to the cabinet on the right side of the hall.

The Great Hall: This key is just outside The Great Hall. Head out the doors and then through the next two doors until you’re in the entrance hall. You’ll see the key floating before flying down the stairs to the cabinet on the right.

Quad Courtyard: Fast travel to The Great Hall Floo location and head out the doors. Look for the key near the Field Guide Page statue. It leads to the House Relic Robe cabinet near the covered arches.

Faculty Tower: There are two Daedalian Keys in the Faculty Tower. The first one is near the Arithmancy classroom, leading to a cabinet on the same floor. The second one is near the Divination classroom, leading to a cabinet further up the stairs.


What is the Dandelion Key?

The Dandelion Key isn’t a single key, but rather the name given to all 16 Daedalian Keys scattered throughout Hogwarts. These magical keys hold the reward of House Tokens, a vital element in unlocking the coveted House Chest and its treasure – the Relic House Uniform Cloak.

Where can I find the Dandelion Keys?

There’s no single location for the Dandelion Keys. They’re cleverly hidden across various Hogwarts wings:

Astronomy Tower (2 Keys): Accessible once you learn Alohomora.

Great Hall (2 Keys): One on a table near the central staircase, another requires Alohomora.

Bell Tower Wing (3 Keys): One on a bookshelf near the greenhouse, another near the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom (Alohomora needed), and the last by the Pensieve room (Alohomora needed).

Library Annex (4 Keys): One near the Restricted Section (Alohomora needed), another by the greenhouse, a third near the Arithmancy classroom, and the last by the Charms classroom.

South Wing (3 Keys): One near the Prefect’s Bathroom (Alohomora needed), another by the Trophy Room (Alohomora needed), and the last near the Floo Flame fireplace.

Tips for Finding the Dandelion Keys:

Alohomora is Key (Literally): Three of the keys require you to learn the Alohomora spell, which unlocks higher-level locks.

Follow the Trail: The first Dandelion Key quest provides a helpful on-screen guide to its location. This might be a clue for others as well!

Explore Every Nook and Cranny: Hogwarts is a vast castle. Keep an eye out for suspicious glinting objects or locked cabinets in your explorations.

Consult Online Resources: If you’re truly stuck, there are many online guides (text and video) showing the exact locations of all the Dandelion Keys [refer to Youtube or online guides for Daedalian Key locations].

What do I get for finding the Dandelion Keys?

Each Dandelion Key unlocks a cabinet containing a House Token corresponding to your Hogwarts House. Collect all 16 tokens, and you’ll gain access to the House Chest, which holds the Relic House Uniform Cloak – a unique cosmetic item for your character.

Can I miss the Dandelion Keys?

No worries! The Dandelion Keys are available throughout the game. You can collect them at your own pace, even after completing the main story.

Are there any special rewards for finding all the Dandelion Keys quickly?

While there’s no in-game bonus for finding them all quickly, completing your House Token collection early allows you to enjoy the Relic House Uniform Cloak sooner.

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