Eye of the Storm: A Maelstrom of Choice in Starfield


For those brave enough to delve into the uncharted regions of Starfield, the “Eye of the Storm” quest stands as a pivotal moment in the narrative. This mission, exclusive to the Crimson Fleet questline, throws you into a thrilling race against time amidst a raging electromagnetic storm.

Not only will you face intense action and exploration, but “Eye of the Storm” presents a crucial decision that shapes the future of your character and the fate of the settled systems.

The Quest Begins: Unearthing Kryx’s Legacy

The journey to the Eye of the Storm begins with a conversation with Delgado on The Key. After acquiring the coveted Connection Grid Data, you’ll be tasked with installing two crucial ship modules: the Conduction Grid Module and the ComSpike Module. These upgrades are essential for navigating the treacherous electromagnetic storms that lie ahead.

Once your ship is outfitted, head to UC Vigilance to brief Commander Ikande. Here, the weight of the mission becomes clear. You’re on a quest to locate the legendary Kryx’s Legacy, a ship lost for decades within the tumultuous storms of the Bannoc system. Kryx, a notorious space pirate, is rumoured to have amassed a fortune before vanishing, and the Crimson Fleet believes his ship holds the key to unimaginable wealth.

Braving the Tempest: Reaching the Legacy

Upon entering the Bannoc system, a thick electromagnetic storm engulfs your ship. Without the Conduction Grid Module, this tempest would quickly tear your vessel apart. However, with the upgraded hull, you can navigate the storm towards the faint outline of a colossal ship – Kryx’s Legacy.

Docking with the derelict vessel, you’re greeted with an unsettling silence. The once-proud ship now lies in a state of disrepair, its corridors eerily quiet. This is where the exploration aspect of “Eye of the Storm” truly shines. As you delve deeper into the Legacy, prepare to encounter automated security systems and navigate through a maze of darkened corridors.

One of the key challenges within the Legacy is locating the Vault Control Center. This area holds the key to accessing Kryx’s hidden fortune. Thankfully, objective markers within the game guide you in the right direction. However, be mindful of dead ends and hidden pathways that may lead to valuable loot or lore entries scattered throughout the ship.

A Critical Choice: United Colonies or Crimson Fleet?

After navigating the depths of the Legacy and overcoming various obstacles, you’ll finally reach the Vault Control Center. Here, the true purpose of the ComSpike Module comes into play. This device allows you to reroute the ship’s power, granting access to the vault itself.

But before you can claim the riches within, “Eye of the Storm” presents you with a critical decision that has lasting consequences. You have two options:

  1. Side with the United Colonies: You can choose to contact the United Colonies and inform them of Kryx’s hidden fortune. This option aligns you with the lawful faction, potentially leading to rewards and recognition from them. However, the Crimson Fleet will likely view this as a betrayal.
  2. Claim the Fortune for the Crimson Fleet: Alternatively, you can keep the discovery a secret and claim the vast wealth within the vault for the Crimson Fleet. This choice solidifies your loyalty to the pirate faction, potentially leading to increased standing and rewards within their ranks.

The decision you make in “Eye of the Storm” significantly impacts the story’s progression. Choosing the United Colonies redirects you towards a more lawful path while siding with the Crimson Fleet embraces a life of piracy and rebellion.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the questions players have been asking online about “Eye of the Storm”:

  • What happens if I side with the United Colonies? By informing them about Kryx’s Legacy, you gain favour with the lawful faction. You might receive unique rewards or improved standing with the United Colonies. However, the Crimson Fleet will likely react negatively to this betrayal.
  • What happens if I side with the Crimson Fleet? Keeping the discovery a secret strengthens your bond with the pirate faction. You’ll likely receive a significant share of the treasure and potentially gain influence within the Crimson Fleet. But, this path may lead to conflict with the United Colonies.
  • Are there any other consequences to the choice? Yes, your decision in “Eye of the Storm” can have a ripple effect throughout the rest of the game. It may influence future quests, dialogue options, and potentially even the game’s ending.

Ultimately, the choice in “Eye of the Storm” boils down to your personal preference. Do you favour order and justice, aligning yourself with the United Colonies? Or do you crave adventure and riches, embracing the pirate lifestyle of the Crimson Fleet?


Q. What is Eye of the Storm?

Eye of the Storm is a critical mission in Starfield, the culmination of your work for the Crimson Fleet. It involves finding and looting the legendary ship, Kryx’s Legacy, lost for decades in a hazardous electromagnetic storm.

Q. Where can I find the Eye of the Storm quest?

This mission is part of the Crimson Fleet questline. You’ll receive it from Delgado on The Key after providing him with the Connection Grid Data.

Q. Is Eye of the Storm mandatory?

Yes, Eye of the Storm Starfield is a mandatory mission to progress through the Crimson Fleet storyline and reach the game’s climax.

Q. How do I survive the storm in Eye of the Storm?

The electromagnetic storm starfield in the Bannoc IV system is deadly to your ship. To survive, you’ll need to equip two specific modules beforehand:

  • Conduction Grid Module: Protects your ship from storm damage.
  • ComSpike Module: Disables enemy communications, crucial for a later objective.

Q. Where do I get the Conduction Grid and ComSpike Modules?

These modules become available after you receive the Eye of the Storm Starfield quest. You can craft them in Ship Builder Mode on The Key.

Q. What else should I do before tackling Eye of the Storm?

Make sure your ship is well-equipped for combat, as you’ll encounter hostiles while exploring the Kryx’s Legacy.

Q. What are the objectives of Eye of the Storm?

  • Navigate the storm and reach the Kryx’s Legacy.
  • Explore the derelict ship and locate the Vault Control Center.
  • Recover Jasper Kryx’s possessions (optional).
  • Make a critical decision that impacts the story’s finale: side with the Crimson Fleet or the United Colonies.

Q. What happens after the Eye of the Storm quest?

The consequences of your decision in this mission will determine the final mission you undertake and the game’s overall outcome.

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