Unearthing Power: A Guide to Baldur’s Gate 3’s Adamantine Forge


Deep within the Underdark, shrouded in mystery and guarded by fire, lies the Adamantine Forge. This powerful relic holds the key to crafting some of the most potent weapons and armour in Baldur’s Gate 3.

But unearthing its secrets and harnessing its potential requires cunning exploration, puzzle-solving, and perhaps a touch of bravery. This guide delves into everything you need to know about the Adamantine Forge, from locating it to forging legendary gear.

The Quest for Adamantine: Information Gathering

The Adamantine Forge isn’t readily apparent. Uncovering its location requires piecing together information scattered throughout Act One. Your first clue might come from a conversation with NPCs in the Underdark. The Duergar, a dwarf subrace known for their mining expertise, are also searching for this legendary forge. Listen to their chatter and keep an eye out for any relevant clues.

Another source of information is a book titled “The Great Furnace of Grymforge.” This tome details the operation of the forge and the crafting recipes for various adamantine equipment. You can find this book within the Grymforge region itself.

Grymforge’s Depths: Locating the Forge

Having gathered your intel, it’s time to embark on the physical quest. Grymforge, a Duergar stronghold nestled within the Underdark, is where the Adamantine Forge resides. Reaching it involves navigating treacherous paths and potentially dealing with hostile Duergar.

Here’s a breakdown of the journey:

  1. Underdark Beach Waypoint: This serves as your starting point. You might have already explored the Underdark and completed quests in this area. If not, be prepared to face Duergar resistance.
  2. Duergar Boat: Look for docked boats at the beach. Taking the Underdark Duergar Boat allows you to cross the lake and reach Grymforge. During the voyage, you’ll encounter Corsair Greymon, who might question your motives. A successful ability check here can provide a smoother passage.
  3. Grymforge Docking: After the cutscene, you’ll arrive at the Duergar stronghold. Ascend the stairs from the docking area and head south, passing another waypoint before reaching an archway leading to a bustling Duergar zone.
  4. The Hidden Passage: The Adamantine Forge lies further southeast. However, direct paths are either blocked or perilous. Look for a hidden passage on the left, just before entering the archway. Climb the rubble incline, where you’ll find two crucial levers.

Activating the Forge: Unleashing its Power

Finding the forge is only half the battle. Now comes the task of activating it. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. The Forge Levers: The two levers you discovered earlier play a vital role. One raises the forge platform, while the other lowers it. You’ll need to manipulate these levers strategically throughout the process.
  2. Mold and Mithral Ore: The forge requires specific materials to function. Look for weapon or armour molds scattered throughout Grymforge. These molds determine the type of adamantine equipment you can create. Additionally, you’ll need Mithral Ore, a rare and valuable material often found near Mithral veins (glowing blue rocks) within the Underdark. Mine these veins or loot them from fallen enemies.
  3. The Activation Process: Here’s the step-by-step breakdown:
    • Place a mold in the designated chamber within the forge.
    • Insert Mithral Ore into the central crucible.
    • Interact with the forge lever. This activates the massive hammer, lowering the forge platform.
  4. Filling the Forge: Once lowered, locate the valve near the large grate. Activate it to channel lava into the forge, bringing it to life.

The Forge’s Fury: A Fiery Guardian

With the forge ablaze, you might think the hard part is over. Think again. The intense heat and power of the Adamantine Forge attract a formidable guardian โ€“ Grim. This fiery creature stands between you and the ability to craft adamantine gear. Prepare for a challenging battle!

Grim is a powerful foe, so come prepared with a well-rounded party and effective tactics. Ranged attacks can be advantageous as you can avoid getting too close to the fiery guardian. Utilizing crowd control spells or abilities to disable Grim momentarily can create openings for your damage dealers. Once Grim is defeated, you’ll be free to reap the rewards of the Adamantine Forge.


Q. Where is the Adamantine Forge located?

The forge is hidden deep within the Underdark, specifically in the Grymforge area. You’ll need to progress through Act One until you gain access to the Underdark and explore Grymforge.

Q. How do I get to Grymforge?

Duergar is guarding the entrance, so be prepared for a fight. You can also find boats docked at the Underdark Beach waypoint that will take you across the lake to Grymforge.

Q. What are some helpful tips for navigating Grymforge?

Look out for multiple levels and pathways. Some paths might be blocked or hazardous, so explore thoroughly. There’s also a hidden passage buried in rubble leading directly to the forge; you’ll need to clear it to access this shortcut.

Q. How do I activate the Adamantine Forge?

There are three key steps:

  1. Find a Mold: You’ll need a specific mold depending on the weapon or armor you want to craft (e.g., Scimitar Mold, Scale Mail Mold). These can be found scattered throughout Grymforge.
  2. Gather Mithral Ore: This special ore fuels the forge and is another item you’ll need to find while exploring Grymforge. Look for Mithril veins and mine them.
  3. Operate the Forge Levers: Locate the levers near the forge. Insert the mold, add Mithral Ore to the crucible, and use the lever to activate the forge’s hammer. This lowers the forge to the crafting level.

Q. How do I craft items in the Adamantine Forge?

Once the forge is lowered, you’ll find a valve near a grate. Activate it to fill the forge with lava. Now, simply interact with the crucible again and add Mithral Ore along with your chosen mold. Use the lever once more, and the forge will create your powerful new equipment!

Q. What kind of items can I craft?

The Adamantine Forge allows you to create Adamantine versions of various weapons and armor, including maces, longswords, scimitars, shields, scale mail, and splint armour.

Q. Is there a guardian protecting the forge?

Yes, beware! Once you activate the forge, a powerful guardian will appear. Be prepared for a challenging battle before claiming your crafted masterpiece.

For additional tips and a visual walkthrough, you can check out some helpful resources online, like [YouTube video on Adamantine Forge Baldur’s Gate 3].

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