Lost in the Baker House: A Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough


Resident Evil 7 biohazard marked a significant shift for the long-running horror franchise. Embracing a first-person perspective and a more grounded atmosphere, it delivered a truly terrifying experience. If you’re brave enough to venture into the derelict Baker mansion, this walkthrough will guide you through the main story, puzzles, and boss fights.

Getting Started

The game throws you headfirst into the unsettling world as Ethan Winters, searches for his missing wife Mia. You awaken in a dilapidated farmhouse, greeted by the deranged Baker family. Your initial objective is simple: escape the house.

  • Main Hall and Guest House: Explore the main hall, collecting items like Antique Coins (valuable for upgrades) and the Burner Fuel, which you’ll need later. Head through the boarded-up passage to the Guest House. Here you’ll encounter your first Molded, grotesque creatures that stalk the swamp surrounding the house. Use whatever weapons you can find to eliminate them, but remember, ammo is scarce in RE7.
  • Dissection Room and Attic: Solve the combination lock on the door to the Dissection Room (1408) to find a lockpick. This will be crucial for later. Proceed to the Attic, where you’ll find a hidden compartment containing a shotgun and a key to the locked door on the first floor.
  • The Old House: Escape back to the main hall and use the lockpick on the previously inaccessible door. This leads to the decrepit Old House, filled with cobwebs and lurking Molded. Collect the Chemical Fluid here, which can be combined with Herbs for stronger healing items.
  • Generator Room and Escape: Navigate the Old House, solving puzzles and avoiding enemies until you reach the Generator Room. Use the Burner Fuel you collected earlier to activate the generator. This unlocks the door to the outside world, but escaping the Baker house isn’t that simple.

The Baker Family:

Just as you think you’re free, Jack Baker, the patriarch of the family, appears. This is your first boss fight.

  • Jack Baker Boss Fight: This lumbering foe is relentless. Your best bet is to dodge his attacks and use the shotgun you acquired earlier. Aim for his head for maximum damage. Once defeated, escape through the newly opened passage.

The Further Descent

The escape is short-lived. You end up trapped in a trailer with Zoe Baker, one of Jack’s seemingly more stable daughters. Together, you must delve deeper into the horrors that await.

  • The Guest House – Revisited: Back in the Guest House basement, use the crank you received from Zoe to access a hidden passage. Here you’ll encounter Marguerite Baker, wielding a deadly fly swatter.
  • Marguerite Baker Boss Fight: This fight requires dodging her attacks and using the flamethrower you find in the area. Marguerite is vulnerable to fire, so aim the flamethrower at her insect cloud and directly at her. Be cautious, though, as fuel is limited.
  • The Main House – Revisited: After defeating Marguerite, access the previously locked door in the Main House using the crank. This area contains more puzzles and enemies, including a grotesque molded creature guarding a keycard. Use this keycard to access the locked door on the second floor.

The Dissection Room and The Greenhouse:

  • The Dissection Room – Revisited: Return to the Dissection Room and use the Broken Shears you received from Zoe on the corpse to obtain a Mold Core. This core is essential for later progress.
  • The Greenhouse: Solve the puzzles in the Greenhouse to find a Serum and access the previously locked door. Here you’ll encounter another molded boss.
  • Molded Boss Fight: This fight is a test of your dodging skills. Circle around the boss while aiming for its weak points with whatever weapon you have available. Focus on conserving ammo and use healing items when necessary.

The Depths of the Baker Estate

  • The Abandoned Ship: Progress through the recently opened passage, eventually reaching an abandoned ship. Here you’ll encounter puzzles involving shadow puppets and a fight with a mutated molded creature. Use the crank you obtain to access a hidden compartment on the ship.
  • The Boathouse: Solve the puzzles in the Boathouse, eventually acquiring a Motorboat Key. Use this key to escape the ship and access a new area.


Q: Should I play the Beginning Hour demo first?

  • A: Yes! Playing the demo (especially with the best ending) grants you a Dirty Coin in the main game, which acts like an Antique Coin for unlocking goodies. The demo also offers a taste of the atmosphere and mechanics.

Q: What’s the best difficulty for a first playthrough?

  • A: Resident Evil 7 can be punishing. “Normal” offers a good balance of challenge and scares. You can always adjust the difficulty later if needed.

Q: Is there a first-person perspective option?

  • A: Yes! Resident Evil 7 uses a first-person viewpoint for a more immersive horror experience.

Q: How do I manage inventory space?

  • A: Inventory space is tight. Prioritize ammo, health items, key items, and crafting materials. Utilize chests in safe storage rooms.

Q: What are Antique Coins for?

  • A: Antique Coins unlock optional, helpful items in the Antique Shop located in the Main Hall.

Q: How do I beat enemies effectively?

  • A: Aim for the head for critical hits. Crafting stronger ammo and using the environment to your advantage is crucial. Remember, sometimes avoiding enemies is the best strategy!

Q: I’m stuck on a puzzle! Any hints?

  • A: Examine the environment closely for clues. Resident Evil 7 puzzles often rely on observing objects and documents within the area.

Q: Is there a backtracking element in the game?

  • A: Yes. You’ll revisit areas to access previously locked locations with newly acquired keys or items.

Q: How many endings are there?

  • A: Resident Evil 7 offers multiple endings depending on your choices throughout the game.

Additional Resources

  • For a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough with boss fight guides and collectable locations, check out IGN’s Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough [IGN Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough].
  • If you prefer a video guide, consider searching for “[YouTube Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough]” for various playthroughs with commentary.

Bonus Tip

  • Explore thoroughly! Resident Evil 7 hides valuable items, lore documents, and even easter eggs throughout the dilapidated Baker estate.

This FAQ provides a basic roadmap for your journey through the horrors of Resident Evil 7. Remember, this walkthrough is spoiler-free, so prepare to unravel the mysteries and fight for survival yourself!

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