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The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team scene thrives on Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) that offer exciting player acquisition opportunities. Among these, the Level Up Player Pick SBC has garnered significant interest from players due to the chance of packing high-rated footballers from the poplar Level Up promo. This guide delves into everything you need to know about the Level Up Player Pick SBC, including its details, completion strategies, and community insights gleaned from YouTube searches.

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What is the Level Up Player Pick SBC?

The Level Up Player Pick SBC is a non-repeatable challenge in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team that allows you to choose one player out of three high-rated footballers from the Level Up promo. This promo, released earlier in FIFA 23, featured special cards with the potential to be upgraded by completing specific objectives.

The Level Up Player Pick SBC offers a second chance to obtain these coveted players, even if you missed them during the initial promo period.

What Can You Expect from the Pick?

The beauty of the Level Up Player Pick SBC lies in the element of surprise. When you complete the SBC, you’ll be presented with a choice of three footballers, all guaranteed to be from the Level Up series. These players typically boast high ratings and desirable in-game stats, making them valuable additions to most Ultimate Team squads.

However, the exact players available in your pick will be random. You won’t know who you’ll get until you complete the SBC. This element of chance adds a layer of excitement and keeps the SBC experience fresh.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the player pick:

Number of Players: 3

Overall Rating: All players will be high-rated, typically 84 and above.

Promo: All players will be from the Level Up series.

Upgrade Potential: Some Level Up players have the potential to be further upgraded by completing specific objectives. There’s a chance you might pack one of these players in your pick.

Remember: The specific players available in your pick are entirely random. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t pack your dream player; the odds are still good for getting a valuable addition to your team.

Completing the Level Up Player Pick SBC: Cost and Solutions

While the Level Up Player Pick SBC guarantees high-rated players, completing it comes at a cost. As of June 2024, the SBC is estimated to require around 60,000 FUT coins if you need to buy all the necessary players from the transfer market. This cost can fluctuate depending on market prices.

Here’s how to minimize the cost of completing the SBC:

Utilize your Club: Before resorting to the market, check your club for unused players. Look for unwanted gold or silver players with high ratings and good links to fill squad requirements.

Squad Building Challenge Websites: Several websites offer solutions for SBCs, including the Level Up Player Pick SBC. These solutions suggest the cheapest combination of players to meet the SBC requirements.

Grind for Packs: Playing online modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals rewards you with packs. These packs might contain players you can use for the SBC, reducing your reliance on the transfer market.

By employing these strategies, you can significantly reduce the cost of completing the Level Up Player Pick SBC.

Community Insights from YouTube

Many FIFA 23 players turn to YouTube for tips and strategies related to SBCs. Here’s a glimpse into what the community is discussing regarding the Level Up Player Pick SBC:

SBC Solution Videos: Numerous YouTubers create videos showcasing the cheapest solutions for the Level Up Player Pick SBC. These videos are a valuable resource for players looking to minimize the cost of completing the challenge.

Pack Opening Reactions: Some YouTubers open their Level Up Player Picks and share their reactions. While entertaining, these videos should be viewed with a grain of salt. Packing a top-tier player is exciting, but it’s not guaranteed.

SBC Reviews: YouTuber reviews of the Level Up Player Pick SBC offer valuable insights into the potential rewards and the overall value of the challenge. These reviews can help you decide whether completing the SBC aligns with your team-building strategy.

Important Note: When using YouTube as a resource, prioritize videos from reputable FIFA content creators known for their SBC expertise.


What is the FIFA 23 Level Up Player Pick SBC?

This SBC offers a chance to snag a high-rated player card from the popular Level Up promo. Remember the awesome Level Up cards with boosted stats? This SBC lets you pick one of those powerhouses for your Ultimate Team.

Is the Level Up Player Pick SBC still available?

Unfortunately, as of June 11, 2024, the Level Up Player Pick SBC is likely no longer active. FIFA constantly rolls out new SBCs, and the Level Up pick might not be available anymore. However, keep an eye out for future SBCs featuring exciting player picks!

What kind of players could I have gotten from the Level Up Player Pick SBC?

The beauty of the Level Up Player Pick was the variety. It offered a selection of high-rated cards from the Level Up promo, including attackers, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers.

How much did the Level Up Player Pick SBC cost?

Completing the SBC reportedly cost around 60,000 FUT coins if you had to buy everything on the market. However, you could significantly reduce this cost by using players you already had in your club or by grinding modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals for packs containing valuable fodder (players used for SBCs).

How do I find out the cheapest solution for completing the SBC?

While the Level Up SBC might be gone, the concept of SBCs remains. To find the cheapest solutions for future SBCs, check out these resources:

FUTBIN: offers SBC solutions alongside community-created options, allowing you to find the most cost-effective way to complete the challenge.

YouTube: Numerous FIFA content creators specialize in SBC solutions. Search for “[FUT 23 SBC solutions]” on YouTube to find the latest guides.

Should I have completed the Level Up Player Pick SBC?

Whether the SBC was worth it depends on your specific situation. If you had a strong team and weren’t desperate for an upgrade, it might have been a gamble. However, if you needed a high-rated player for a particular position or were a big fan of the Level Up cards, it could have been a great chance to improve your squad.

What are some alternatives to the Level Up Player Pick SBC?

Here are some options to consider if you missed the Level Up pick:

Upgrade Packs: Keep an eye out for upgrade packs in the store. These packs offer a chance to pack higher-rated players in exchange for lower-rated ones.

Milestone Objectives: Completing specific objectives in various game modes can reward you with high-rated player picks.

Squad Building Battles: Grind Squad Battles and reach higher ranks to unlock better rewards, including player picks with potentially great options.

The Transfer Market: The transfer market is always a gamble, but with some scouting and patience, you might find a fantastic player for your team at a reasonable price.

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