How Long Does a FIFA Game Take?


FIFA, the king of virtual football, offers a vast and immersive experience for players of all skill levels. But with so many modes and options, a common question arises: how long does a FIFA game actually take? The answer, however, isn’t as straightforward as a quick kick-off. Let’s delve into the factors that determine the length of your FIFA experience.


Match Length: Mimicking the Beautiful Game (or Not)

By default, a single FIFA match mirrors real-life football. Matches consist of two 45-minute halves, with additional stoppage time for stoppages in play. This means a standard FIFA match, without extra time or penalties, can take roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete.

However, FIFA understands that not everyone wants to dedicate that much time to a single match. Here’s where customization comes in:

Match Length Settings: You can adjust the match length before kick-off. Options typically range from short (5-minute halves) to full length. Shorter halves are perfect for quick matches or practicing specific skills.

Simulation: Don’t have time to play the entire match? Simulate it! FIFA allows simulating matches, letting the AI take control and providing you with the final score. This option is ideal for progressing through seasons in Career Mode or accomplishing objectives quickly.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how match length settings can affect playtime:

Short Halves (5 minutes): 15-20 minute match

Medium Halves (10 minutes): 30-35 minute match

Full Length (45 minutes): 1 hour 15 minutes (approximately)

Beyond the Match: Exploring FIFA’s Game Modes

While matches are the core of FIFA, the game offers various modes, each with its own time commitment. Here’s a breakdown of some popular modes and how long they take to play:

Career Mode: This deep and engaging mode lets you manage a club, build your squad, and compete across various competitions. Completion time varies greatly. A single season with short matches could take 10-15 hours, while playing full seasons with player development and transfers could stretch to 100+ hours.

Ultimate Team (FUT): This popular mode focuses on building your dream team by collecting player cards. Time spent depends on your approach. Playing matches can take 30 minutes to an hour, while grinding for coins and completing objectives can add significant time.

Pro Clubs: Team up with friends and compete online seasons. Matches typically last 30-45 minutes, but building team chemistry and progressing through divisions can take considerable time.

Volta Football: Experience street football in fast-paced 3v3 or 5v5 matches. Matches are shorter, often lasting 5-10 minutes. However, unlocking gear and progressing through Volta Story can add playtime.

Kick-Off: The classic exhibition mode lets you jump into quick matches with preset teams. Here, playtime depends entirely on your chosen match length.

As you can see, the time commitment for each mode varies significantly. It depends on your playstyle, goals within the mode, and chosen settings.

Additional Factors to Consider

Here are some other aspects that can influence your overall FIFA playtime:

Skill Level: Playing against tougher opponents or online can extend match times due to closer competition.

Menu Navigation: Time spent navigating menus, customizing teams, and managing squads can add up, especially in Career Mode and FUT.

Online Wait Times: Depending on server load and matchmaking options, some online modes might involve waiting between matches.

Finding Your FIFA Sweet Spot

The beauty of FIFA lies in its flexibility. You can tailor your experience to fit your available time. Here are some tips for optimizing your FIFA playtime:

Set time limits: Decide how much time you can dedicate to FIFA and stick to it.

Choose the right mode: Consider what you want to achieve within the game and choose a mode that aligns with your time constraints.

Customize match settings: Utilize shorter halves or simulation options when short on time.

Focus on specific goals: Prioritize tasks within your chosen mode to maximize progress during your playtime.

Ultimately, the “how long does a FIFA game take” question doesn’t have a single answer. It’s a personal journey based on your preferences and available time. With its diverse offerings and customizable settings, FIFA allows you to enjoy the beautiful game at your own pace, whether you have a quick 15 minutes or a dedicated evening for virtual football glory.


How Long is a Single Match in FIFA?

Here’s the breakdown:

Standard Match Length: By default, a FIFA match replicates real-life soccer, with two 45-minute halves, totaling 90 minutes of gameplay.

Adjusting Match Length: Don’t have 90 minutes to spare? FIFA allows you to customize match length. Options typically range from short (5 minutes per half) to full length.

Factors Affecting Match Time in FIFA:

Match Length Setting: As mentioned above, the chosen match length is the biggest factor.

Gameplay Style: How you play can impact time. Do you meticulously build attacks, or favor a fast-paced, counter-attacking style? Slower tactics with lots of passing will extend the match compared to a frenetic, high-scoring game.

In-Game Stoppages: Stoppages for fouls, injuries, substitutions, and celebrations add up. A clean, fast-flowing game will be shorter than a stop-start match with many interruptions.

How Long to Complete FIFA’s Different Modes?

Now, let’s explore the time investment for various FIFA modes:

Kick-Off: A single Kick-Off match (single player or multiplayer) can take anywhere from 15 minutes (short match lengths) to over an hour (full 90-minute matches with extra time/penalties).

Career Mode: This mode offers a vast experience, managing a club over multiple seasons. Completion time depends on how deep you dive. Playing every match could take hundreds of hours, while simulating most matches and focusing on transfers and tactics can be done in tens of hours.

Ultimate Team (FUT): Building your dream team and competing online can be highly time-consuming. The time commitment varies depending on how actively you play. Playing a few games a day could translate to hours per week, while grinding heavily can consume much more time.

Seasons: Online Seasons mode involves competing against other players in ranked matches. Time spent here depends on the number of matches played and how long each one takes.

Here’s a helpful resource to estimate playtime for specific FIFA games: How Long To Beat

Tips for Managing Your FIFA Playtime:

Set Time Limits: Decide how much time you want to dedicate to FIFA and stick to it. Setting timers can be helpful.

Choose Match Lengths Wisely: Opt for shorter matches if you’re short on time.

Focus on Specific Goals: Are you after a quick win or a deep Career Mode experience? Knowing your goals can help manage playtime.

Take Breaks: Get up and move around to avoid fatigue and maintain focus during longer sessions.

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