A Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough for New and Veteran Adventurers


Final Fantasy VII (FFVII), a legendary RPG that transcended generations, continues to enthrall gamers with its captivating story, memorable characters, and strategic turn-based combat. Whether you’re a seasoned Cloud Strife veteran or a newcomer embarking on your first journey to Midgar, this comprehensive walkthrough will guide you through the sprawling world of Gaia.

Final Fantasy VII

Choosing Your Path: Original or Remake?

The first step is deciding which version of FFVII you’ll conquer: the original 1997 classic or the stunning 2020 remake.

The original FFVII offers a timeless experience with its iconic pre-rendered backgrounds and turn-based combat. It boasts a wealth of side quests, materia customization, and hidden secrets to discover. You can find numerous text-based and video walkthroughs online, with resources like IGN providing detailed chapter-by-chapter guides.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a visual marvel, revamping the original with stunning character models and environments. The combat system is a hybrid of turn-based and action elements, offering a more dynamic experience. While the remake remains faithful to the core story, it only covers a portion of the original game. For the remake, consult IGN’s remake-specific walkthrough to navigate the expanded Midgar and its new challenges.

This walkthrough will primarily focus on the original FFVII, with occasional pointers for the remake when its path diverges.

Gearing Up for the Adventure

Before setting off, let’s explore some key aspects to optimize your journey:

Materia: These orb-like objects grant your characters unique abilities like spells, summons, and stat boosts. Experiment with different materia combinations to create powerful strategies.

Equipment: Upgrading your weapons, armor, and accessories is crucial for tackling tougher enemies. Explore towns, complete side quests, and keep an eye out for hidden treasures to acquire the best gear.

Level Grinding: While not always necessary, grinding levels can make boss fights less stressful. Battles provide experience points (EXP) that level up your characters, unlocking new abilities and stat increases.

Unveiling the Story: A Chapter-by-Chapter Breakdown

Part 1: Midgar

Reactor 1 & Escape: Infiltrate Shinra’s Mako reactor with Avalanche, an eco-terrorist group. This is your baptism by fire, teaching you the basics of combat and materia. Escape the collapsing reactor and witness the devastating consequences of Shinra’s operations.

Seventh Heaven & Tifa’s Help: Find refuge at Seventh Heaven, a bar run by Cloud’s childhood friend Tifa. Here, you’ll learn more about Cloud’s past and accept new missions from Avalanche.

Wall Market & Honey Bee Inn: Navigate the seedy underbelly of Midgar in Wall Market. Here, you can find side quests, participate in (optional) mini-games, and even recruit Aerith, a mysterious flower girl, to your party.

Shinra Headquarters & Escape: Infiltrate Shinra headquarters to steal vital information. Brace yourself for a challenging boss fight against the imposing Guard Scorpion.

Escape from Midgar: Fleeing Midgar on a train, you’ll encounter the monstrous Midgar Zolom. This section allows you to level grind if needed before the upcoming boss fight.

Part 2: Unveiling the World

Kalm & Flashbacks: Rest and recover in the peaceful town of Kalm. Here, Cloud’s past becomes shrouded in mystery as flashbacks reveal a different story.

Chocobo Farm & Golden Chocobo Search: Learn to ride Chocobos, giant flightless birds, and embark on a side quest to find the elusive Golden Chocobo, granting you a powerful materia.

Nibelheim & Reunion: Cloud returns to his hometown, Nibelheim, unearthing a dark secret from his past. Prepare for a series of emotional revelations and a challenging boss fight.

Junon & Cloud’s Capture: The chase for Sephiroth, a rogue Shinra SOLDIER, leads you to Junon. Here, Cloud is captured and undergoes experimentation.

Costa del Sol & Reunion: Escape from Shinra’s clutches and find refuge in the sunny resort town of Costa del Sol. Reunite with your party members and prepare for the next leg of your journey.


Original or Remake?

There are two main versions: the classic 1997 PlayStation game (FF7 Original) and the episodic remake series that began in 2020 (FF7 Remake). This guide focuses on the original FF7, but resources for the remake are readily available online.

Where can I find a walkthrough?

Numerous resources exist! IGN offers a comprehensive text walkthrough for FF7 [IGN Walkthrough]. Prefer visuals? YouTube channels like Mike Bettencourt provide excellent video walkthroughs [YouTube walkthroughs FF7].

Are there missable items?

Yes! FF7 has hidden items, weapons, and Materia (special abilities). A walkthrough will help ensure you snag them all.

How do I level up my characters efficiently?

Battles are key to leveling up. Some areas offer more challenging (and rewarding) fights. Utilize Materia combinations to maximize damage and experiment with different character builds.

What are some helpful Materia setups?

This depends on your playstyle! Fire + All Materia creates a devastating attack that hits all enemies. Explore different combinations to find what works for you. Walkthroughs often suggest strong Materia combos.

Any tips for beating tough bosses?

Boss fights often require specific strategies. A walkthrough will detail boss weaknesses and recommended Materia setups. Learn their attack patterns and exploit any openings.

Should I complete side quests?

Side quests aren’t essential, but they offer valuable rewards like experience points, unique items, and Materia. They can also flesh out the story and characters.

What are some secrets in FF7?

FF7 is packed with secrets! A walkthrough can reveal hidden areas, special characters to recruit, and even chocobo racing challenges.

Getting stuck? Don’t panic!

Walkthroughs are there to guide you. If you’re truly lost, consult the walkthrough for hints or the exact path forward. Online forums are another great resource for help from other FF7 players.

Most importantly, have fun!

FF7 is an amazing journey. Don’t stress about following a walkthrough religiously. Take your time, explore the world, and enjoy the story and characters.

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