A Guide to Finding the Gorge’s Secret in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor


Find the gorges secret, Calling all Jedi Padawans venturing through the wilds of Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor! Whispers abound of a hidden treasure within the treacherous ravines, a secret waiting to be unearthed by those brave enough to seek it. This guide delves into everything you need to know about finding the Gorge’s Secret, from acquiring the rumor to claiming the coveted reward.

Find the gorges secret

Initiating the Hunt: Acquiring the Rumor

The path to uncovering the Gorge’s Secret begins not within the gorge itself, but in the bustling town of Rambler’s Reach on Koboh. Here’s what you need to do:

Progress Through the Story: You won’t encounter this secret until you’ve completed the Forest Array section of the main story. Once you return to Rambler’s Reach after this milestone, the opportunity to acquire the rumor arises.

Seek Out the Prospector: Head towards Pyloon’s Saloon, the lively tavern in Rambler’s Reach. Inside, you’ll find a prospector lingering near the back. Interact with him, and he’ll share whispers of a hidden treasure within the Gorge, sparking the rumor titled “Find the Gorge’s Secret.”

Mapping the Course: Reaching the Winding Ravine

With the rumor in hand, it’s time to embark on your treasure hunt! Here’s how to navigate your way to the hidden chamber:

Fast Travel to Derelict Dam: The quickest route to the secret lies near the Derelict Dam. Utilize a Meditation Point to fast travel directly there, saving you valuable exploration time.

Locating the Hidden Passage: Once at the Derelict Dam, look for a darkened chamber on the left side. This unassuming passage serves as the gateway to the hidden treasure.

Deciphering the Path: Unraveling the Gorge’s Secrets

Now comes the exciting part – navigating the hidden chamber itself, aptly named the Winding Ravine. This maze-like environment demands a combination of platforming skills and Force abilities to overcome the obstacles within. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the route:

Maneuvering with the Crate: Inside the darkened chamber, on your left, you’ll spot a movable crate. Use the Force to push the crate along the narrow passage on the right. Guide it up the slope, creating a platform you can use to climb onto the ledge above.

Wall Running and Leaping: Once atop the ledge, utilize your wall-running ability to traverse across to the other side. This vantage point offers a view of the area you just climbed from.

Pushing the Second Crate: Here, you’ll encounter another crate. This one doesn’t need Force manipulation; simply push it off the ledge, clearing the path below.

Crossing the Tar Pit: Carefully jump down onto the newly cleared ledge below. You’ll find yourself facing a perilous tar pit. Thankfully, a strategically placed vine hangs from the tusk of a massive Tronto Shell beast nearby. Use this vine to swing across the tar pit, reaching a new platform on the other side.

Confusing the Beast (Optional): If you possess the “Confusion: Major Fauna” Force ability, you can utilize it on the Tronto Shell beast to lower its head, revealing another path. This path, however, leads to a dead end with a single Priorite Shard (a crafting material) and doesn’t contribute directly to finding the secret.

Scaling the Heights and Gliding Across: Continue onwards from the platform you reached after swinging across the tar pit. You’ll encounter a series of climbing sections and ledges. Utilize your climbing and jumping skills to navigate these obstacles. Finally, you’ll reach a Relter (a ridable creature) perched on a ledge. Hop on its back and glide across the chasm.

Claiming the Prize: The Hunter Lightsaber Set

After gliding across the chasm, resist the urge to head straight forward. Instead, turn around and jump across the gap to access a hidden area behind you. Here, you’ll find a cluster of five Seed Pods, each containing a valuable Cactus Ball: Rare resource. Collect these for crafting purposes if desired.

Now, head forward and use your lightsaber to cut down the shortcut vine, creating a permanent passage for future exploration. Finally, you’ll arrive at your long-sought-after prize: a chest containing the coveted Hunter Lightsaber Set! This unique lightsaber set offers specific combat advantages, making it a worthy reward for your spelunking efforts.


Where do I start the “Find the Gorge’s Secret” quest?

This rumor activates after you visit Koboh for the first time and progress through the story to the Forest Array. Talk to the prospector hanging out at the back of Pyloon’s Saloon. He’ll point you towards the secrets hidden within the Gorge.

How do I reach the secret area?

Fast travel to the Derelict Dam Meditation Point. From there, head left and use the Force to push a crate to create a pathway to a ledge. Once on the ledge, wall run across to find yourself overlooking the area. Push another crate off the ledge to reveal a hidden passage.

What abilities do I need to access the secret area?

Double Jump and Wall Run are essential for navigating the hidden passage. You’ll also need the “Confuse: Major Fauna” ability to access a specific section later.

What dangers lurk within the secret area?

Be prepared to face aggressive creatures and navigate environmental puzzles.

Is there a map for the secret area?

Unfortunately, the in-game map doesn’t show the secret passage itself. However, guides online can provide visuals to help you navigate.

What’s the reward for completing “Find the Gorge’s Secret?”

Unveiling the Gorge’s secret grants you the coveted Hunter Lightsaber Set! This powerful weapon will enhance your combat prowess.

Are there any collectible items hidden within the secret area?

Yes! Keep an eye out for five Seed Pods containing the rare “Cactus Ball” item as you explore.

I can’t get the Tronto Shell beast to lower its head for the jump! What do I do?

Use the “Confuse: Major Fauna” ability to temporarily control the beast and make it lower its head, creating a platform you can jump on.

Is there a way to get back out of the secret area easily?

Once you’ve claimed your prize, you’ll find a Relter mount waiting. Hop on and use it to glide back to the main path.

Are there any video walkthroughs available for “Find the Gorge’s Secret?”

Absolutely! A quick search on [YouTube] will reveal several helpful video guides that visually demonstrate the entire process.

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