A Guide to the Shee Vaneer Shrine


Shee vaneer shrine, The majestic Dueling Peaks of Hyrule hold many secrets, and nestled atop the southern peak lies the Shee Vaneer Shrine. This seemingly simple shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild presents a unique challenge that has left many Link scratching their heads. But fear not, adventurers! This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to conquer the “Twin Memories” trial and claim your prize.

Shee vaneer shrine

Location, Location, Location

Your journey to the Shee Vaneer Shrine begins west of Hateno Tower and southwest of Kakariko Village. As its name suggests, the shrine resides on the southern peak of the Dueling Peaks. You can reach the summit by scaling the mountain path or using your trusty paraglider.

A word of caution: the Dueling Peaks can get quite chilly, so be sure to equip yourself with warm clothes (like the Hylian Hood) before you ascend. You might also encounter Moblins patrolling the area, so come prepared for a fight if necessary.

Twin Memories: A Trial of Observation

Upon entering the Shee Vaneer Shrine, you’ll be greeted by a Sheikah Slate inscription revealing the trial’s name: “Twin Memories.” This cryptic clue holds the key to solving the shrine’s puzzle.

Inside the chamber, you’ll find a grid of 25 pedestals with five luminous spheres nestled within specific sockets. A moving platform stands in the center, ready to take you to a higher vantage point.

Here’s where the “Twin Memories” come into play. This seemingly random arrangement of spheres actually holds the solution to another shrine – its twin, the Shee Venath Shrine, located on the northern peak.

Taking Notes, Solving the Puzzle

To conquer the Shee Vaneer Shrine, you’ll need to become a keen observer. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Observe and Memorize: Before taking the moving platform up, carefully observe the layout of the spheres on the pedestals. Take note of the specific positions each sphere occupies within the 5×5 grid. It might be helpful to sketch the layout or take a picture with the Sheikah Slate.

Ascend and Explore: Ride the platform to the top. While you’re up there, use your paraglider to explore the ledge around the peak. You might find a hidden chest containing an Eightfold Longblade, a handy weapon to add to your arsenal.

The Key Lies with the Other: Now comes the crucial part. Remember the inscription – “Twin Memories.” The layout of the spheres in Shee Vaneer is actually the solution for the Shee Venath Shrine on the opposite peak.

Off to the Twin: Descend the southern peak and paraglide or climb your way to the northern peak, where the Shee Venath Shrine awaits.

Mirror, Mirror: Enter the Shee Venath Shrine and observe the initial layout of its spheres. These spheres will likely be in a different configuration compared to Shee Vaneer.

Memory Test: Now comes the real test of your memory (or notes!). Use the information you gathered from Shee Vaneer to rearrange the spheres in Shee Venath so that they perfectly mirror the original layout you observed in Shee Vaneer.

Trial Complete!: Once you’ve successfully matched the layouts, a doorway will open, leading you to the monk, Shee Vaneer. Congratulations! You’ve conquered the “Twin Memories” trial and earned yourself a well-deserved Spirit Orb.

Tips and Tricks for Success

Don’t Panic: The “Twin Memories” trial can be confusing at first, but don’t get discouraged. Take your time to observe and remember the sphere layout in Shee Vaneer.

Snap a Pic: If you’re worried about memorizing the layout, use the Sheikah Slate to take a picture of the spheres in Shee Vaneer for easy reference.

Explore and Gear Up: While you’re at the Shee Vaneer Shrine, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the peak using your paraglider. You might find some hidden treasures or enemies to test your combat skills.

Warm Up: As mentioned earlier, the Dueling Peaks can get chilly. Equip yourself with warm clothes to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Embrace the Challenge: The Shee Vaneer Shrine offers a unique puzzle unlike any other in the game. Embrace the challenge and see it as an opportunity to hone your observation and problem-solving skills.


Where is the Shee Vaneer Shrine?

This shrine sits on the southern peak of the Dueling Peaks, west of Hateno Tower and southwest of Kakariko Village. Look for the split mountain and climb to the very top!

What’s the deal with the name “Twin Memories”?

The name is a big hint! The Shee Vaneer Shrine is linked to another shrine named Shee Venath on the opposite peak. Completing the puzzle in one shrine requires the solution from the other.

How do I solve the Shee Vaneer Shrine puzzle?

The challenge is a ball-placement puzzle. You’ll find a 5×5 grid of holes and five glowing spheres. Take the elevator platform up to get a better view and memorize the spheres’ arrangement.

What do I do on the platform?

While you’re up there, use your paraglider to explore the edges. You might find a hidden chest containing an Eightfold Longblade!

Okay, I got the sphere pattern. Now what?

This is where the “Twin Memories” come in. The pattern you memorized is actually the solution for the Shee Venath Shrine!

So I need to visit Shee Venath Shrine too?

Yes! Head over to the northern peak and enter the Shee Venath Shrine. There, you’ll find a similar grid with movable spheres.

How do I solve the Shee Venath Shrine puzzle?

Use the sphere pattern you memorized from Shee Vaneer and arrange the spheres in Shee Venath to match that pattern.

What happens after I solve both puzzles?

Once both shrines have the correct sphere arrangement, you’ll be able to access the monk in each shrine and claim your well-deserved Spirit Orbs!

Is there anything else to know about these shrines?

These shrines can be tricky, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries. There are many helpful video guides online that can show you the solutions [YouTube].

Are there any cool tricks for these shrines?

While solving the puzzles as intended is the traditional way, some players use glitches or creative item manipulation to bypass the intended solution. However, this might take away from the challenge and satisfaction of solving the puzzles yourself.

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