A Guide to Lynel Locations in The Legend of Zelda


Lynels, the fearsome centaur-like creatures of Hyrule, return in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, posing a formidable challenge and offering lucrative rewards for brave adventurers. These majestic yet monstrous foes roam specific regions, and encountering them is a rite of passage for any seasoned Hylian hero. This guide delves into everything you need to know about Lynel locations in Tears of the Kingdom, including where to find them, the dangers they present, and valuable tips for conquering these legendary beasts.


Where the Wild Things Are: Lynel Hunting Grounds

Lynels aren’t exactly shy, but they do prefer wide-open spaces where they can survey their territory and unleash their devastating attacks. Here’s a breakdown of confirmed Lynel locations across the sprawling landscapes of Hyrule:

Hyrule Ridge: This region boasts several Lynel prowling grounds. Keep an eye out for them near:

West Hyrule Plains (Hyrule Ridge): Look for coordinates around -1549, 0145, 0109.

Between Tanagar Canyon and Illumeni Plateau (Hyrule Ridge): This Lynel lurks near coordinates -3389, 0001, 0089.

Upland Lindor (Hyrule Ridge): Head to coordinates -2179, 1525, 0217 to find this one.

Tabantha Frontier: Be cautious near Tama Pond, a Lynel is known to frequent this area.

Hebra Mountains: The frigid peaks near Lake Kilsie are a potential habitat for a Lynel.

Deep Akkala: This secluded valley within Akkala holds a Lynel in its northern region.

Akkala Highlands: Venture into the Ukuku Plains and you might encounter a Lynel.

West Necluda: Keep your guard up while exploring Lanayru Heights and Rabia Plain, as Lynels have been spotted in these areas.

Lanayru Wetlands: The vicinity of Quatta’s Shelf might be patrolled by a Lynel.

A Word on Color and Challenge: While these locations provide a starting point, it’s important to remember that Lynels can vary in color. The color often reflects their strength, with red being weaker than blue and white being the most formidable. Additionally, some areas may have a chance of spawning Lynels of different colors. Keep in mind that Lynel difficulty also scales with your own progress in the game, so a previously encountered red Lynel might become a blue or even white Lynel later on.

The Depths of Danger: Lynels in the Underground

The recently unveiled Depths of Hyrule introduced a new twist to exploration. While details are still emerging, rumors whisper of Lynel encounters within these subterranean labyrinths. One confirmed location is the Floating Coliseum, situated north of the Great Abandoned Central Mine. This gladiatorial arena throws you into a gauntlet of five Lynel battles, a true test of your combat prowess.

The Many Faces of Fury: Lynel Variants

Lynels come in three distinct flavors, each with its own set of attacks and elemental affinities:

Spear Lynels: These agile warriors wield a long spear, adept at thrusting attacks, sweeping strikes, and keeping you at bay.

Sword Lynels: Favoring close-quarters combat, Sword Lynels unleash powerful sword swings and devastating combos.

Crusher Lynels: The brutes of the bunch, Crusher Lynels pack a heavy punch with their giant clubs, capable of inflicting massive damage and sending you flying.

In addition to their weapon of choice, Lynels also possess an elemental alignment that influences their attacks. Be prepared to face:

Fire Lynels: These Lynels breathe fire and infuse their weapons with scorching flames, dealing burning damage.

Ice Lynels: Masters of the cold, Ice Lynels can create blizzards and launch icy projectiles, potentially freezing you in place.

Shock Lynels: Electrifying encounters await with Shock Lynels, who unleash electric attacks and can even generate a charged field that damages you upon contact.

Understanding a Lynel’s variant and element is crucial for crafting an effective strategy.

Conquer the Colossus: Tips and Tricks for Taming the Lynel

Lynels are formidable foes, but with the right approach, even novice adventurers can emerge victorious. Here are some battle-tested tips to turn the tide in your favor:

Preparation is Key: Before venturing into Lynel territory, ensure you have top-notch armor and weapons. Upgraded Champion’s Tunic or the Barbarian Set offer excellent


Where can I find Lynels in Tears of the Kingdom?

Lynels roam across Hyrule’s surface and even within its depths! However, information on Depths Lynels is limited. On the surface, you’ll encounter them in spacious areas like plains, plateaus, and mountains.

How many Lynel locations are there?

Strap in, warriors! Tears of the Kingdom boasts a whopping 34 Lynel locations scattered throughout the map.

Is there a map showing all Lynel locations?

Absolutely! Several online resources offer fantastic interactive maps marking Lynel territories. Search for “Tears of the Kingdom Lynel locations map” to find them.

Do Lynel locations change color?

Yes! The color of a Lynel indicates its strength, ranging from Red (weaker) to Silver (most powerful). These colors can also change based on your progress in the game, so a previously encountered Red Lynel might transform into a tougher foe later.

Are there any guaranteed Lynel locations?

While Lynels spawn in specific areas, some locations can have Lynels of different colors. The exact color depends on your gameplay progress.

What are some popular Lynel locations?

For the brave souls seeking adventure, some well-known Lynel spots include West Hyrule Plains, Upland Lindor, Tabantha Hills, North Akkala Valley, and Lanayru Heights.

Is there a farming location for Lynels?

For those seeking a true test of skill (and some epic loot!), head to the Floating Coliseum north of the Great Abandoned Central Mine in the Central Hyrule Depths. Here, you’ll face a gauntlet of five Lynels in a row!

What should I consider before facing a Lynel?

Lynels are formidable opponents. Make sure you’re well-equipped with strong weapons, powerful bows, and plenty of healing items. Observing their attack patterns and learning to dodge effectively is crucial.

Are there any tricks to defeating Lynels?

Try to mount a flurry rush during their charge attack for massive damage. Utilize elemental arrows that exploit their weaknesses. Also, consider using the environment to your advantage; lure them near cliffs or bodies of water for strategic opportunities.

What rewards do I get for defeating a Lynel?

Conquering a Lynel grants you exceptional rewards! You’ll earn valuable Lynel horns, claws, and hooves used to upgrade your armor and craft powerful weapons.

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