Embark on Your Revenge: A Final Fantasy XVI Walkthrough


Final Fantasy XVI has arrived, inviting players to a world steeped in conflict and the power of Dominions – monstrous entities that bestow immense power upon their bearers. You take the role of Clive Rosfield, a warrior sworn to protect his homeland. A devastating tragedy sets Clive on a path of vengeance, and this walkthrough will guide you through his perilous journey.

Final Fantasy XVI

Getting Started: A Warrior’s Path

Final Fantasy XVI is a linear story-driven experience, but there are still opportunities for exploration and customization. The game offers two control styles: Story Focused and Action Focused. Story Focused prioritizes cutscenes and simplifies combat, while Action Focused grants more direct control for a more dynamic experience.

As you progress, you’ll unlock abilities and equipment to enhance Clive’s combat prowess. Early on, focus on mastering the basics: dodging enemy attacks, chaining combos, and utilizing your party members’ unique skills. Don’t neglect exploration – hidden chests throughout the world offer valuable resources and gear.

Key Aspects of Final Fantasy XVI

Dominions: These colossal beings are central to the lore and combat. Dominant battles are epic clashes where Clive harnesses the power of a Dominion, transforming into a fearsome entity with unique abilities. Mastering these transformations is crucial for overcoming powerful foes.

Eikons: The Dominions are wielded by specific bloodlines, and these bearers are known as Eikons. Clive’s younger brother, Joshua, is an Eikon, and their contrasting fates drive the narrative.

Companions: Clive is not alone. Trusted allies like Cid and Jill will fight alongside him, offering strategic support and unique skills in combat. Utilize their strengths to overcome challenges.

Hunts: For those seeking a break from the main story, Hunts provide optional side quests. These involve tracking down and defeating powerful enemies, offering valuable rewards and enhancing your combat experience.

A Detailed Walkthrough: Following Clive’s Path

Part 1: A Shattered Life

The game opens with a peaceful scene of Clive and Joshua. Tragedy strikes when a monstrous Dominion attacks, leaving Joshua as the sole Dominant survivor. Clive, forever scarred, swears vengeance and dedicates himself to protecting the Crystal, the source of Valisthea’s Dominions.

In the Name of the Father (Mission 1): Master the combat basics as you defend Rosaria from an invading force.

Crimson Sacrifice (Mission 2): Witness the devastating attack and witness Joshua’s transformation.

A Weight of Expectation (Mission 3): Fifteen years pass. Clive, now a seasoned warrior, trains new recruits.

Part 2: The Flames of Retribution

Circumstances thrust Clive into a conflict that reveals the political complexities of Valisthea. He encounters new allies and uncovers the secrets behind the Dominions’ power.

Fateful Reunion (Mission 4): A new war erupts, and Clive reunites with Jill, a childhood friend with a hidden past.

The Price of Power (Mission 5): Clive encounters a new Dominion and witnesses its destructive potential.

Fractured Alliances (Mission 6): Political machinations come to light as Clive uncovers the true enemy.

Part 3: Dominion Unleashed

Clive embraces the power of a Dominion himself, forever altering his destiny. He confronts powerful enemies and grapples with the consequences of his choices.

Ashes of the Past (Mission 7): A pivotal battle forces Clive to become a Dominant, wielding immense power.

Echoes of Loss (Mission 8): Clive delves into the past to uncover the truth behind the Dominions’ creation.

Trial by Fire (Mission 9): Clive faces a formidable Dominant, pushing his newfound powers to the limit.

Part 4: War and Revelation

The conflict escalates, and Clive must make a decision that will determine the fate of Valisthea.

Shattered Hope (Mission 10): A shocking revelation throws everything Clive believed into question.

The Price of Vengeance (Mission 11): The line between friend and foe blurs as Clive confronts a difficult choice.

Tempestuous Skies (Mission 12): An epic showdown against a relentless enemy with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.


Is there a walkthrough available for Final Fantasy 16?

Absolutely! Several resources offer comprehensive walkthroughs for Final Fantasy 16. Popular options include IGN’s guide which breaks down the main story missions, and Gamerant’s walkthrough that includes estimated completion time.

Is Final Fantasy 16 open-world or linear?

Final Fantasy 16 leans more towards a linear experience. While you won’t have a sprawling open world to explore freely, there will be opportunities to deviate from the main path and tackle side quests. These quests can reward you with valuable items and experience points.

What are the benefits of using a walkthrough?

Walkthroughs can be incredibly helpful for players who want to ensure they’re progressing through the story efficiently, finding all the hidden secrets, or tackling challenging bosses. They can also provide tips for combat and character development.

Should I follow the walkthrough exactly?

Not necessarily! While walkthroughs are great resources, feel free to explore at your own pace and discover things on your own. The beauty of Final Fantasy is the journey, so don’t be afraid to deviate if you see something interesting.

Are there missable items or quests in Final Fantasy 16?

There’s always a chance you might miss something, but a good walkthrough will typically highlight any missable content. This could include hidden items, side quests with unique rewards, or even specific dialogue choices.

What if I get stuck on a boss fight?

Walkthroughs often provide detailed strategies for defeating bosses. They might recommend specific character builds, abilities to use, or even exploit boss weaknesses. Don’t hesitate to consult a guide if you’re struggling with a particularly tough encounter.

Are there video walkthroughs available?

Yes! You can find video walkthroughs on platforms like YouTube [YouTube final fantasy 16 walkthrough]. These can be helpful for players who prefer a visual demonstration of how to progress through the game.

What difficulty settings does Final Fantasy 16 offer?

The difficulty settings in Final Fantasy 16 are likely to cater to a range of player skill levels. You can expect options like Easy, Normal, and Hard, allowing you to tailor the challenge to your preference.

Does the walkthrough include information on side quests and hunts?

Some walkthroughs offer comprehensive guides not just for the main story, but also for side quests and hunt missions. These can be a great way to earn extra rewards and experience points.

Will the walkthrough spoil the story?

By its nature, a walkthrough will reveal story elements. If you’re going in completely blind, it might be best to avoid detailed walkthroughs until you’ve experienced the story yourself.

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