The Mighty Graphorn: A Guide to Capturing and Befriending


The majestic Graphorn, a creature of legend with a hide tougher than dragon scales and a temperament to match, roams the wilds of the Wizarding World in Hogwarts Legacy. This colossal beast, with its dual golden horns and tentacled maw, is a sight to behold and a valuable companion for any aspiring witch or wizard. This guide delves into everything you need to know about Graphorns in Hogwarts Legacy, from their location and capture techniques to their uses and potential dangers.

The majestic Graphorn

The Legendary Graphorn: A Force of Nature

The Graphorn is a fearsome beast native to the mountainous regions of Europe. Its immense size and brute strength make it a formidable opponent. Its most distinctive features are its thick, greyish-purple hide, which is nearly impenetrable to spells, and its two magnificent golden horns. These horns are highly prized ingredients in potion-making, fetching a hefty sum at Potions shops.

The Graphorn’s temperament is as formidable as its physique. These creatures are fiercely territorial and will attack any perceived threat with relentless fury. Their tentacled mouth, while used for grabbing food, can also deflect spells and inflict serious injuries. However, for the courageous witch or wizard, a captured Graphorn becomes a loyal and powerful companion.

Where to Find the Elusive Graphorn

Unlike many other magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, Graphorns are solitary creatures with only one known den in the entire game. This den is located at the southernmost tip of the map, in the Clagmar Coast region. To reach the den, you’ll need to travel to the South Clagmar Coast Floo Flame fast travel point. From there, head east up the path until you encounter a large dragon skeleton. Look for an archway in the rocks near the skeleton, which will lead you to the Graphorn Den.

Important Note: You won’t be able to access the Graphorn Den until you’ve completed the main story quest “San Bakar’s Trial.” This quest unlocks the ability to capture magical beasts, making the Graphorn vulnerable to your capture efforts.

Capturing the Beast: A Trial of Skill and Strategy

Successfully capturing a Graphorn requires careful planning, potent spells, and a good dose of bravery. Here’s a breakdown of the essential steps:

Preparation is Key: Ensure you have the necessary equipment before venturing to the den. Equip yourself with a potent capture spell, such as Nab-Sack or Depulso, and stock up on Wiggenweld Potions to heal any injuries sustained during the encounter.

Stealthy Approach: Graphorns have a keen sense of smell and hearing. Approach the den cautiously, using Disillusionment Charms or potions to remain hidden.

Initiating the Capture: Once in range, cast your chosen capture spell on the Graphorn. Be prepared for a fight, as the Graphorn will react aggressively to your attempt.

Subduing the Beast: During the struggle, the Graphorn will attempt to charge and attack you. Dodge its attacks and continue to cast your capture spell until it’s successfully subdued and captured. Wiggenweld Potions will be crucial during this phase to keep yourself healthy.

Trainer’s Tip: Some players recommend using environment objects to your advantage. Lure the Graphorn near large rocks or other obstacles and use Depulso to slam it into these objects, momentarily stunning it and creating an opportunity to cast your capture spell.

Befriending a Beast: Caring for Your Graphorn

Once captured, your Graphorn will become a resident of your personal sanctuary, the Room of Requirement’s Vivarium. Here’s how to ensure your new companion thrives:

Providing the Right Environment: The Vivarium can be customized to create a habitat suitable for Graphorns. Use the brushes and customization options to add elements like rocky terrain and vegetation, mimicking their natural mountain habitat.

Feeding Your Beast: Graphorns are omnivores and require a balanced diet. You can purchase their preferred food, such as Crumple-Horn Snorkacks, from the Brood and Peck shop in Hogsmeade.

Building Trust: Graphorns are wary creatures. Spend time interacting with your Graphorn in the Vivarium. Use the petting brush to groom them and cast spells to entertain them. Over time, you’ll build trust and develop a bond with your magnificent companion.


What is a Graphorn?

The Graphorn is a large, rhinoceros-like beast known for its tough hide, even tougher than dragon scales! It has two sharp horns and tentacle-like appendages around its mouth used for feeding and caring for its young. These aggressive creatures are a rare sight, but with patience and skill, you might befriend one.

Can I ride a Graphorn?

Absolutely! Completing a specific part of the main story quest, “San Bakar’s Trial,” unlocks the “Lord of the Shore” Graphorn as a mount. This lets you ride this powerful beast across the vast landscapes surrounding Hogwarts.

How do I capture a Graphorn?

Unlike other magical creatures, Graphorns aren’t readily available for capture. You can only encounter one Graphorn at a time in its den. To capture Graphorns, you’ll need to progress through the story and unlock the capture mechanic.

Where can I find Graphorn Dens?

There’s only one Graphorn Den in the entire game, located at the southernmost tip of the map in the Clagmar Coast region. Look for the South Clagmar Coast Floo Flame for easy access. From there, head east and follow the path until you see a large dragon skeleton. Go through the nearby rock arch to enter the Den.

Can I breed Graphorns?

Yes! Unlike the Phoenix, Graphorns can be bred in your Room of Requirement’s Vivarium. However, since there’s only one Den with a single Graphorn spawning at a time, finding a mate might take some revisiting and waiting.

Are there different types of Graphorns?

There’s a chance of encountering a rare “Shiny” Graphorn in the Den. Shiny Graphorns have unique color variations compared to their standard counterparts. Keep an eye out for these special creatures!

How do I defeat a Graphorn in battle?

If you face a Graphorn before befriending one, come prepared! Stock up on health potions and equip spells that deal high damage. Since Graphorns charge aggressively, spells that can slow them down or knock them off balance can be helpful.

What are some interesting facts about Graphorns?

Graphorn horns are incredibly valuable ingredients in potions. Their hides are also used to create powerful armor. Additionally, their aggressive nature makes them excellent guardians for wizarding settlements.

Are Graphorns dangerous?

Generally, yes. Graphorns are territorial and fiercely protective of their young. However, as mentioned before, through specific story quests, you can earn the trust of a Graphorn and even ride it.

Are Graphorns similar to any real-life creatures?

The Graphorn draws inspiration from various real-life animals, including rhinos for its build, wild boars for its ferocity, and even some insects for its facial tentacles. This combination creates a truly unique and formidable beast in the Wizarding World.

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