Find Zevlor in Baldur’s Gate 3: A Guide to Rescuing


In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), the mysterious fate of Zevlor, a tiefling scout you encounter early on, becomes a lingering question. This guide will delve into everything you need to know about finding and rescuing Zevlor, navigating the dangers that await, and the consequences of your choices.

Who is Zevlor?

Zevlor is a tiefling scout you meet at the Last Light Inn in Act 1. He warns your party about the dangers posed by the Cult of the Absolute and urges the tieflings to surrender to avoid bloodshed. Despite his actions, the tieflings are captured, and Zevlor’s fate remains uncertain.

Initiating the Find Zevlor Quest

The quest to find Zevlor automatically starts upon speaking with Cerys, another tiefling scout at the Last Light Inn, after you escape the events of Act 1. Cerys reveals Zevlor’s capture and expresses her worry about his whereabouts.

Where to Find Zevlor

Locating Zevlor is tied to the main story progression in Act 2. You can only find him after defeating Ketheric Thorm for the first time at the top of Moonrise Towers. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Defeat Ketheric Thorm: During the final confrontation with Ketheric Thorm, ensure you inflict enough damage to force him to retreat. This triggers a new location โ€“ the Mind Flayer Colony.
  2. Enter the Mind Flayer Colony: Follow the path that opens up after Thorm’s retreat. This leads you deep underground into the Mind Flayer Colony, a horrifying network of tunnels and chambers.
  3. Navigate the Colony: Be prepared for perilous encounters with Mind Flayers and Intellect Devourers as you explore the colony. Utilize stealth and strategic combat to overcome these formidable foes.

Finding Zevlor in the Tadpoling Center

Your objective is to reach the Tadpoling Center within the Mind Flayer Colony. This area houses numerous pods containing captured victims, including Zevlor. Here’s how to find him:

  1. Head East and North: As you navigate the colony, make your way eastward. At the first opportunity, turn north and proceed into a new chamber.
  2. Identify the Mind Flayer Pods: This room is filled with disturbing pods containing people in various stages of transformation into Mind Flayers. Zevlor is trapped inside one of these pods. The exact location might differ slightly in your playthrough, but the quest marker should pinpoint his specific pod.

Releasing Zevlor: A Critical Choice

Here comes the crucial moment: You have the option to interact with a nearby Neural Apparatus, a fleshy control panel that governs the pods. Your choices here determine Zevlor’s fate and the ensuing situation:

  1. Freeing the Pods (Recommended): Interact with the Neural Apparatus to release the captives, including Zevlor. This triggers a challenging battle against several Mind Flayers and Intellect Devourers. Zevlor and any other uninfected victims will join your party to fight these monstrous enemies.
  2. Purging the Pods (Evil Choice): This morally questionable option allows you to purge the pods, killing everyone inside, regardless of their state of transformation. While a quick solution, it eliminates the chance to save Zevlor and potentially gain an ally.
  3. Leaving the Pods Untouched: Choosing not to interact with the Neural Apparatus leaves Zevlor and the other captives to their fate. This results in a negative outcome for Zevlor later in the game.

Important Note: If you choose to free the pods or leave them untouched, prepare for a brutal fight. The Mind Flayers and Intellect Devourers are formidable opponents. Utilize your party’s strengths, strategize effectively, and leverage any advantages you can gain from the environment to emerge victorious.

The Aftermath of Finding Zevlor

The consequences of your decision in the Tadpoling Center play out later in the game:

  • Freeing Zevlor: If you rescue Zevlor, he expresses his gratitude and offers to join your party. You can choose to have him accompany you on your journey or send him on his way. Having Zevlor in your party grants you access to additional dialogue options and potential story developments.
  • Purging the Pods or Leaving Them Untouched: These choices lead to Zevlor’s demise at the hands of the Mind Flayers later in the game. You’ll encounter his lifeless body, highlighting the tragic consequences of inaction or a ruthless decision.


Q, Who is Zevlor’s in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)?

Zevlor’s is a tiefling you encounter early in Act 1 at the Last Light Inn. He’s part of a captured caravan and urges surrender to the Absolute’s cultists.

Q. What happens to Zevlor’s in BG3?

Zevlor’s fate is in your hands. If you don’t rescue him, he becomes a tragic victim of the mind flayers’ experiments.

Q. How do I find Zevlor’s in BG3?

  • You can’t find Zevlor until Act 2, after resolving the “Find Ketheric Thorm’s Relic” or “Find the Nightsong” quest and leaving Shadowfell.
  • Look for him after defeating Ketheric Thorm for the first time. He flees to the Mind Flayer Colony accessible through Moonrise Towers.

Q. Where is Zevlor’s in the Mind Flayer Colony?

  • Head towards the north section of the colony.
  • You’ll find Zevlor imprisoned in a Mind Flayer pod along with other captured tieflings in the Tadpoling Center (around X:694 Y:14 on the map).

Q. How do I rescue Zevlor in BG3?

  • Locate the Neural Apparatus near the pods (X:689 Y:17). Interact with it to release the prisoners, including Zevlor.
  • Be prepared for a fight! This action frees not only the innocent but also mind flayer-transformed creatures.
  • Zevlor and any other uninfected prisoners will join your party in the battle.

Q. What are the choices when rescuing Zevlor’s ?

  • The Neural Apparatus offers three options: Open the pods (releasing everyone and triggering a fight), purge the pods (killing everyone), or leave them alone.

Q. What happens to Zevlor after I rescue him?

  • After the battle, you can choose to have Zevlor join your party or send him on his way.

Q. Is there a reward for rescuing Zevlor?

  • Not directly, but Zevlor’s can be a valuable asset in your party, especially if you need help against mind flayers.

Q. Are there any additional tips for finding Zevlor’s?

  • The quest “Find Zevlor”s should automatically mark his location on your map once you enter the Mind Flayer Colony.
  • This area is filled with enemies that target your mental stats, so consider equipping items that bolster Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma for better defence.

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