Lies of P Bosses: A Guide to Pinocchio’s Puppet Showdowns


Lies of P, the Soulsborne-inspired action RPG, throws Pinocchio into a nightmarish world of clockwork monstrosities and marionette mayhem. Standing between him and the truth about Geppetto’s disappearance is a formidable gauntlet of bosses, each with unique attacks, lore connections, and grotesque designs. This guide dissects the Lies of P boss bestiary, offering helpful tips and strategies to overcome these mechanical menaces.

Navigating the Lies: Mandatory Bosses

The twisted streets of Rath City are littered with mandatory bosses you must defeat to progress the story. Here’s a breakdown of these key encounters:

  • Parade Master: This flamboyant first boss serves as a tutorial, introducing you to basic combat mechanics like dodging, parrying, and utilizing Pinocchio’s extendable arm. The Parade Master utilizes predictable attacks and telegraphs heavily, so focus on learning the flow of combat and mastering dodges.
  • Mad Donkey: This enraged beast charges at Pinocchio with brute force. The Mad Donkey’s arena offers plenty of space for manoeuvring, so utilize dodges and ranged attacks (if your weapon allows) to chip away at its health. Be wary of its powerful charge attack and punish it with combos after successful dodges.
  • Scrapped Watchman: This hulking guardian protects Krat City Hall. The Scrapped Watchman’s attacks are slow and telegraphed, but they deal significant damage. Learn its attack patterns and exploit its vulnerable backside after each powerful swing. Parrying its attacks can be risky, but successful parries open it up for devastating counterblows.
  • Puppet of the Future: Encountered in the Bathhouse, this boss foreshadows the horrors to come. The Puppet of the Future utilizes a mix of ranged and close-quarter attacks, including throwing grenades and rapid sword strikes. Maintaining distance and utilizing dodges are key. Focus on ranged attacks or punish its close-range combos with well-timed parries.
  • King’s Flame, Fuoco: This fiery foe resides in the Clocktower. Fuoco is a fast-paced boss with a devastating flamethrower attack. Staying mobile and dodging close-range swipes is crucial. Utilize ranged attacks or wait for opportunities to strike after its flamethrower attack subsides, as Fuoco becomes temporarily vulnerable.
  • The Atoned: Found in the sewers, this grotesque amalgamation of flesh and metal is a formidable foe. The Atoned utilizes a variety of attacks, including throwing projectiles, slamming its fists, and unleashing a toxic gas cloud. Be cautious around the gas cloud and prioritize dodging its slamming attack. Parrying its projectile throws can create opportunities for counter-attacks.
  • Fallen Archbishop Andreus: Guarding the Cathedral, this corrupted religious figure tests Pinocchio’s resolve. Andreus utilizes a combination of holy magic and melee attacks. Stay mobile to avoid his area-of-effect magic attacks and focus on punishing him after missed swings. Parrying his melee attacks can be risky, so prioritize dodging over parrying.

Facing the Unknown: Optional Bosses

Lies of P offers a plethora of optional bosses scattered throughout the world. These encounters provide valuable rewards but pose a significant challenge. Here are some notable ones:

  • Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood: Defeating this boss grants access to a powerful weapon. The Eldest utilizes a mix of fast sword combos and throwing knives. Stay mobile and learn to dodge his flurry of attacks. Parrying his sword swings can be effective, but be prepared to dodge immediately after a successful parry.
  • White Lady: This ghostly adversary resides in the Graveyard. The White Lady utilizes spectral attacks and summons phantoms to aid her. Focus on dodging her spectral blasts and eliminate the summoned phantoms quickly to avoid overwhelming situations. Prioritize ranged attacks or punish her with close-range combos when she teleports close to you.
  • Champion Victor: This formidable warrior awaits in the Testing Ground. Champion Victor utilizes a variety of weapon attacks, including a devastating shield bash. Learning his attack patterns and exploiting openings after missed swings is key. Parrying his attacks can be effective, but be prepared to follow up with a dodge as he often chains attacks together.
  • Owl Doctor: Found in the Underground Clinic, this grotesque doctor wields a bag of medical tools as a weapon. The Owl Doctor utilizes a combination of fast attacks and area-of-effect plagues. Maintaining distance and dodging his attacks is crucial. Utilize ranged attacks or punish him with close-range combos after his slower attacks.

A Pinocchio’s Rogues Gallery: Lies of P Bosses in Order

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to face these mechanical monstrosities, let’s delve into the specific bosses you’ll encounter (and some tips for conquering them!):

  • Mandatory Bosses:
    • Parade Master: This introductory boss is a pushover, but it serves as a valuable tutorial for the game’s core mechanics – dodging, parrying, and exploiting enemy weaknesses.
    • Mad Donkey: This lumbering monstrosity relies on brute force. Learn to dodge its powerful charges and punish it during recovery animations.
    • Scrapped Watchman: This agile automaton wields a deadly scythe. Utilize the pillars in the arena for cover and bait out its attacks before launching your own.
    • Puppet of the Future (x3): These recurring optional bosses become progressively stronger with each encounter. Their attacks are telegraphed, so focus on dodging and counter-attacking during openings.


Q. How Many Bosses Are There in Lies of P? 

There are 27 bosses in total, including several optional encounters.

Q. What is the Hardest Boss in Lies of P?

 Opinions vary, but according to IGN, the toughest contenders are Laxasia the Complete, Nameless Puppet, and Simon Manus, Arm of God.

Q. What are the Rewards for Beating Bosses?

 Victorious players are rewarded with unique weapons, armour pieces, experience points, and valuable items.

Q. How to Beat the Parade Master? 

This is the introductory boss, focusing on dodging his attacks and learning to parry.

Q. Is the Puppet of the Future Optional?

 Yes, it’s highly recommended to avoid this boss early on due to its high difficulty.

Q. What is the Best Strategy for the Fallen Archbishop Andreus? 

Stay mobile, dodge his sweeping attacks, and punish him during recovery frames.

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