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Fire temple tears of the kingdom, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom throws Link into another epic adventure, and one of the fiery challenges he’ll face is navigating the treacherous Fire Temple. Nestled deep within the volcanic heart of Death Mountain, this dungeon promises puzzles that will test your wit and reflexes, all while dodging molten hazards. Whether you’re a Zelda veteran or a newcomer to Hyrule, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to conquer the Fire Temple and claim its secrets.

Fire temple tears

Descending into the Depths: Entering the Fire Temple

The Fire Temple is unlocked after completing the “Yunobo of Goron City” quest. While the order of tackling dungeons in Tears of the Kingdom is flexible, many players recommend the Fire Temple as your second challenge. This fiery labyrinth is part of the “Regional Phenomena” main quest series.

Before embarking on your descent, make sure you’re properly equipped. The intense heat within the temple necessitates some form of Flame Guard protection. You can achieve this by either:

Purchasing the Flamebreaker Armor: This readily available armor set from Goron City provides a decent level of Flame Guard for a reasonable price of 700 rupees.

Secret Flame Guard Armor: Keen explorers can unearth a hidden Flame Guard armor set within the Lizards’ Burrow Cave located near Death Mountain. This option requires more effort but offers a potentially stronger defense.

With your fiery defenses in place, head towards Death Mountain and locate the entrance to the Depths. Here, you’ll encounter a series of minecart challenges that utilize Yunobo’s unique ability. By strategically launching Yunobo with well-aimed shots, you can activate switches, clear blockages, and traverse perilous lava streams.

A Fiery Labyrinth: Puzzles and Perils

The Fire Temple unfolds across multiple floors, each presenting distinct challenges that will test your problem-solving skills. Here’s a breakdown of some key areas and their corresponding puzzles:

The Padlocked Passages: Scattered throughout the temple are five padlocks that hinder your progress. Each padlock requires a specific solution to unlock, and the order you tackle them in doesn’t necessarily matter. Consult online walkthroughs or experiment strategically to find the keys that open each passage.

The Fiery Foes: Expect to encounter a variety of enemies within the Fire Temple. From lava-dwelling Moblins to flaming Keese, these foes pose a threat if you’re not careful. Utilize your arsenal of weapons and gadgets effectively to dispatch these fiery adversaries.

Hydrant Havoc: Water plays a crucial role in navigating the Fire Temple’s lava-filled chambers. You’ll encounter special hydrants that, when activated, create temporary stone platforms across lava streams. Use these platforms strategically to reach higher areas, access hidden pathways, and even solve environmental puzzles. Keep an eye out for “bubbled hydrants” that you can add to your inventory and deploy when needed.

The Flying Machine: During your exploration, you’ll acquire a Flying Machine – a versatile tool that allows you to soar through the air currents within the temple. The Flying Machine is crucial for reaching high platforms, accessing hidden areas, and even solving specific puzzles that involve hitting switches from a distance.

Remember, exploration is key! Keep a keen eye out for hidden pathways, secret rooms, and strategically placed levers that may reveal shortcuts, treasure chests, or even additional Flame Guard upgrades.

Conquering the Core: The Marbled Gohma

Awaiting you at the heart of the Fire Temple is the formidable Marbled Gohma, the fiery dungeon boss. This hulking monstrosity is composed of molten rock and boasts a series of devastating attacks. Here are some key strategies to bring down this fiery foe:

Utilize the Arena: The boss arena is littered with strategically placed hydrants and lava streams. Utilize the hydrants to create temporary platforms that allow you to reach higher ground and gain a tactical advantage over Marbled Gohma.

Exploit its Weak Points: Marbled Gohma possesses glowing red crystal weak points scattered across its body. Focus your attacks on these points to inflict maximum damage. Ranged weapons like bows and elemental arrows are particularly effective in targeting these vulnerabilities.

Dodge the Molten Mayhem: Marbled Gohma unleashes a variety of fiery attacks, including lava blasts, sweeping claw strikes, and fiery ground eruptions. Stay mobile, dodge strategically, and utilize the temporary platforms to your advantage to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Embrace the Sheikah Slate: The Sheikah Slate’s arsenal of Runes can be incredibly useful during this fight. Stasis can be used to temporarily freeze Marbled Gohma, allowing you to land a few extra hits.


How do I get inside the Fire Temple?

You’ll encounter Yunobo, a Goron companion with incredible strength. After a cutscene, use his power to smash the cracked boulder blocking the entrance.

What’s the deal with the Zonai device at the start?

This device displays five locks that need to be released to progress. You’ll find these locks scattered throughout the temple.

What abilities are essential for the Fire Temple?

Yunobo’s brute strength is key for breaking obstacles. The Zonai Hydrant allows you to create platforms on lava, crucial for navigating the fiery terrain. Don’t forget your trusty ice arrows to cool down fiery hazards.

I’m lost! How do I navigate the Fire Temple?

The temple is a multi-layered maze. Utilize the minecarts on rails to traverse different floors. Look for switches that alter the rail tracks to reach new areas.

How do I unlock the gates with the Zonai device?

There are five locks in total, spread across floors 2, 3, 4, and 5. You’ll need to solve puzzles and use Yunobo’s and the Zonai Hydrant’s abilities to reach and activate giant gongs corresponding to each lock.

Help! I’m stuck on a fiery platform puzzle!

Use the Zonai Hydrant to create stepping stones across lava. The Ultrahand gadget lets you grab and connect these platforms to form bridges. This allows Yunobo to roll across and break obstacles.

How do I deal with enemies in the Fire Temple?

Many fiery foes lurk within. Use ice arrows to freeze them momentarily, then unleash a flurry of attacks. Remember, dodging and parrying are crucial for survival.

Is there a faster way to explore the Fire Temple?

While puzzles require solving, some players have discovered creative uses for the Zonai tools. Search online for “Fire Temple Tears of the Kingdom Speedrun” to see these techniques in action.

What secrets are hidden in the Fire Temple?

Keep an eye out for hidden Zonai Chests containing valuable items and upgrades. Exploring every nook and cranny might reveal bonus areas or lore secrets.

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