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Panam Palmer, the fiery nomad leader from Cyberpunk 2077, has captured the hearts of many players. Her fierce loyalty, sharp wit, and love for her clan make her a compelling romance option. But unlike some relationships in Night City, this one requires specific choices to ignite the spark. Fear not, aspiring nomad lovers, for this guide will equip you with everything you need to win Panam’s affections.

Panam Palmer

Before You Hit the Road: Character Creation Considerations

There’s one crucial detail to address before embarking on your Panam romance journey: your character’s body type. Panam is only romantically interested in male V. So, if you’re aiming for a romance with her, make sure to select the male body type during character creation.

Building the Bond: Early Interactions and Key Quests

Panam enters your life during the main story mission, “Ghost Town.” While there are no romance opportunities here, focus on building a rapport with her through dialogue choices that showcase respect and reliability. These qualities are highly valued by the Aldecaldos.

The key to unlocking Panam’s romance lies in her side job quests, starting after completing the main story mission “Life During Wartime.” Here’s where the real legwork begins:

Riders on the Storm: This is your first chance to make a good impression. When Panam asks you to travel to the Raffen Shiv camp, agree to accompany her. Inside the hideout during the sandstorm, a pivotal moment arises. Side with Panam during the tense conversation with Saul. Later, when offered a chance to relax, encourage her to take off her shoes and unwind. The most crucial decision comes when she puts her legs on your lap. This is your green light! Choose the option to “Touch Panam’s thigh” (indicated by the hand symbol) or “You Choose” (both lead to the same outcome). In the morning, approach Panam by her bike and ask about the previous night before the timed prompt disappears.

Taking the Wheel: Deepening the Connection

Queen of the Highway: Gear up for another crucial quest. Successfully complete the tasks to assemble the Basilisk, Panam’s prized vehicle. After this triumph, a heart-throbbing moment awaits. Panam suggests a celebratory ride. This scenic motorcycle journey is a turning point. As you ride through the breathtaking landscapes, Panam opens up about her past and dreams. Listen attentively and respond with empathy.

Search and Destroy: During this mission, Panam confronts her troubled past. Offer unwavering support and back her decisions. This strengthens your bond and showcases your unwavering loyalty – a vital trait for any Aldecaldo.

The Tipping Point: Nighttime in the Badlands

With a Little Help From My Friends: While the primary objective revolves around helping Panam’s clan, a special opportunity arises during the night time at the Aldecaldo camp. Find Panam near the campfire and engage in conversation. As the conversation deepens, Panam reveals her vulnerabilities. Here’s your chance to show your genuine care. Choose the dialogue option that expresses your desire to help her and be there for her (phrases like “You’re not alone in this” or “I care about you” work well). This heartfelt exchange paves the way for a more intimate connection.

The Final Gear: Sealing the Deal

(Optional) They Won’t Go When I Go: This short yet pivotal side job strengthens your bond with Panam even further. Helping her with a personal task demonstrates your unwavering support and solidifies your place as someone she can trust and rely on.

Ghost Town Revisited: The final chapter of Panam’s romance unfolds during this emotional rollercoaster of a quest. Make choices that prioritize Panam’s safety and well-being. When the critical decision arises – helping the Aldecaldos leave Night City – choose the option that allows them to escape. This selfless act solidifies your place as a true friend and potential romantic partner.

After successfully navigating these choices, a special scene unfolds after the credits roll. Panam seeks you out, expressing her gratitude and hinting at a future together. Congratulations, nomad lover! You’ve successfully romanced Panam Palmer.


Can I romance Panam?

Unfortunately, Panam’s romance is only available for players with a male V.

How do I start a romance with Panam?

The key to Panam’s heart lies in completing her side job chain. This unlocks after a specific point in the main story. Here’s a breakdown:

Complete the main story mission “Ghost Town” (Act 2).

Wait for at least 24 in-game hours. You can use the in-game “skip time” function or tackle other gigs while you wait.

Receive a call from Panam triggering the side job “Riders on the Storm.” This is your official start to Panam’s questline.

What are the key choices in Panam’s romance?

Throughout her side jobs, keep these options in mind:

Side with Panam in her arguments with Saul.

Choose the dialogue options that show interest in her.

During “Riders on the Storm,” after the sandstorm, choose to touch Panam’s leg or the “You Choose” option. In the morning, ask her about the previous night before the prompt disappears.

In “Queen of the Highway,” after assembling the Basilisk, talk to Panam by her bike and choose the romance prompt (lips icon) to initiate a ride together.

During the training section of “Queen of the Highway,” select the option to let Panam touch you when offered the chance to synchronize with the Basilisk.

What happens if I mess up?

Missing some prompts won’t lock you out entirely, but try to be consistent in your choices.

Is there a point of no return?

There isn’t a single point, but failing Panam’s side jobs or choosing the wrong dialogue options can prevent the romance from blossoming.

What’s the payoff?

By following these steps and making the right choices, you’ll unlock a unique romance scene with Panam towards the end of her questline.

Additional Tips

While not essential for the romance, completing Panam’s side jobs with positive outcomes will strengthen your bond with her.

Patience is key! Wait for the calls and complete the side jobs in order.

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