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Stray walkthrough, the captivating cat adventure game by BlueTwelve Studio, has taken the internet by storm. Players are charmed by the experience of navigating a decaying cybercity through the eyes of a stray feline. But with its unique mechanics and environmental puzzles, some players might find themselves scratching their heads for the next step. Fear not, fellow adventurers, for this comprehensive Stray walkthrough will guide you paw-in-paw through the main story, offering solutions and hints along the way.

Stray walkthrough

Getting Started: Escape the Opening Chapter

The game opens with you, a nameless ginger cat, separated from your feline companions. You find yourself in a crumbling, overgrown sewer. Follow the linear path, jumping across platforms and squeezing through tight spaces. This section serves as a tutorial, introducing you to the basic controls of movement, jumping, and interacting with objects.

Chapter 1: Inside the Wall

After escaping the sewer, you’ll find yourself in a dilapidated residential area. Here, you’ll meet other felines, but your path forward is blocked by a sealed gate. Interact with the nearby robots to understand the situation – they’re trapped in this rundown city, yearning for a way out.

Rooftop Caper: Look for a rusty pipe on the left side of the building near the gate. Climb it, then jump across rooftops until you reach a clothesline. Here, you’ll meet Seamus, a friendly robot with a penchant for music. Help him retrieve his sheet music by jumping onto a nearby awning and knocking it down with a well-timed meow. Return to Seamus for a reward – a bucket hat you can wear throughout the game (though it’s purely cosmetic).

Unsealing the Gate: Locate Clementine, a robot wearing a blue vest, near the center of the area. She’ll explain the gate requires a specific code to open. Head to the building with a blinking red light sign and climb the shelves inside. You’ll find a safe with a keypad. The code can be found scrawled on a can nearby – it’s 1283. Inside the safe, you’ll find the Outsiders Notebook, which becomes a crucial item for deciphering clues throughout the game. Clementine will translate a symbol from the notebook, revealing the code for the gate – 4511.

Chapter 2 & 3: Dead City & The Flat

Follow Clementine through the opened gate and into the neon-lit underbelly of the Walled City. You’ll encounter Zurks, small, hostile creatures that can be a nuisance. While they can’t directly harm you, they can cling to B-12, your robotic companion, hindering its ability to function. A well-timed swipe or jump can knock them off.

Rooftop Chase: Clementine will lead you on a rooftop chase through the bustling city. Follow her closely, jumping across gaps and avoiding Zurks.

Entering the Flat: Clementine will eventually enter a brightly lit apartment. Here, you’ll interact with B-12 for the first time. B-12 can translate robot language and store items you find throughout your journey.

Chapter 4: The Slums

B-12 reveals information about the Outsiders, a group rumored to hold the key to escaping the city. Head down to the Slums, a densely packed area teeming with robot life.

Finding Momo: Look for a robot wearing a yellow vest named Momo. B-12 will translate a conversation, revealing Momo needs a fuse to power a tram.

The Bartering Game: Head to the bar located at the center of the Slums. Talk to the robot bartender, who requests a Seamus’ sheet music in exchange for a fuse.

Back to Seamus: Travel back to Seamus’ rooftop and meow at him repeatedly. He’ll eventually give you a duplicate copy of his sheet music.

Powering the Tram: Return to Momo and give him the sheet music. He’ll reward you with the fuse. Use the fuse to power the tram at the end of the Slums.

Chapter 5 & 6: Rooftops & The Slums (Part 2)

The tram ride takes you to a new area with towering buildings.

Rooftop Exploration: Navigate the rooftops, jumping across precarious platforms and avoiding Zurks. You’ll encounter robots working on various tasks. Interact with them to learn more about the city’s history and the Outsiders.


General Gameplay:

Is Stray open world? No, Stray is a linear story-driven adventure with chapters. You’ll progress through specific areas, solving puzzles and interacting with the environment.

How long is Stray? A typical playthrough takes around 5-8 hours, depending on how much time you spend exploring and collecting items.

Does Stray have combat? No, Stray focuses on exploration, puzzle-solving, and stealth. You can avoid enemies or outrun them if spotted.

Can you die in Stray? Yes, but there are no harsh penalties. You’ll respawn at a nearby checkpoint.

Walkthrough and Puzzles:

I’m stuck in [Chapter Name]! What do I do? Numerous online resources offer detailed walkthroughs for each chapter. Search for “Stray Walkthrough [Chapter Name]” to find specific solutions.

How do I get past the Zurks (creepy slug creatures)? Avoid them! They can harm you. Look for alternative paths or distract them by knocking over objects.

I can’t figure out the puzzle in [Location]! Many puzzles involve interacting with the environment or objects. Look for clues like scratches, glowing items, or how other robots behave.

Are there missable collectibles? Yes, there are Memories (fragments of the past), Badges (collected throughout the game), and Sheet Music (unlocks a secret at the end).

Tips and Tricks:

Talk to everyone (or meow at them)! Robots often provide hints or clues to progress. Pay attention to their body language and animations.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good nap! Curling up in cozy spots can trigger short cutscenes or advance the story.

Be a mischievous kitty! Knock over paint cans, scratch furniture, and interact with objects to see hidden details or trigger events.

Pay attention to the environment! Stray is full of environmental storytelling. Look for posters, notes, and other details that flesh out the world’s lore.

Additional Information:

Are there different difficulty settings? No, Stray has a single difficulty level.

Can I customize my cat? Yes, you can find accessories like hats and backpacks for your cat throughout the game.

Is there a post-game? Not exactly. After finishing the story, you can explore previously visited areas to find any missed collectibles.

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