Free the Artist: A Multi-Act Quest in BG3


BG3 offers a sprawling world filled with memorable characters and intricate quests. One such quest, “Free the Artist,” takes players on a journey spanning two acts, testing their negotiation skills and offering a unique reward. This guide delves into everything you need to know about freeing Oskar Fevras and resolving the haunting that plagues him later in the game.

Finding Oskar and the Zhentarim Hideout

“Free the Artist” isn’t immediately apparent in Act 1. You’ll need to explore the hidden Zhentarim Hideout located southwest of Druid Grove. Finding the entrance can be tricky. Look for a hidden passage disguised as a bookshelf near the destroyed watchtower. Navigate the hidden tunnels until you reach the Zhentarim Basement.

Here, you’ll encounter Oskar Fevras, a talented artist held captive by the Zhentarim. He expresses his desire for freedom and offers to reward you upon reaching BG3.

Securing Oskar’s Freedom: Negotiation or Coin?

Your interaction with Brem, the Zhentarim thug guarding Oskar, determines how you liberate the artist. Here are your options:

  • Purchase Oskar’s Freedom: Brem initially demands a hefty sum of 1,000 gold for Oskar’s release. This option is straightforward but can significantly drain your early-game finances.
  • Negotiation or Intimidation: You can attempt to persuade Brem to release Oskar for free. A successful Persuasion check (DC 20) or Intimidation check (DC 25) will do the trick. Alternatively, a less demanding Persuasion check (DC 15) or Intimidation check (DC 20) can bring the price down to a more manageable 600 gold.

Important Note: These skill checks can be quite challenging, especially early in the game. Consider saving your game before attempting them in case you need to reload.

Act 1 Conclusion: Saying Farewell (for Now)

Once you’ve secured Oskar’s freedom, you can choose to give him an additional 200 gold to help him reach BG3. Regardless of your choice, Oskar will depart, and the quest seems complete… for now.

Act 3: The Haunting of Lady Jannat’s Estate

Fast forward to Act 3. You’ll encounter Oskar again but under less fortunate circumstances. He now resides with his newfound wife, Lady Jannath, but their newly acquired estate is plagued by a haunting. A restless spirit torments them, and Oskar pleads with you to help.

Here’s where things get interesting. The haunting is directly tied to a past mistake Oskar made. To break the curse and free the couple from the spectral torment, you’ll need to acquire a special item: The Torch of Revocation.

The Torch of Revocation: Acquisition Methods

There are two ways to obtain the Torch of Revocation:

  • Purchase from Mystic Carrion: Travel to Mystic Carrion’s Mansion located southwest of the Blighted Village. Mystic Carrion is a powerful necromancer who offers the Torch for a hefty price of 3,000 gold. However, you can negotiate a discount.
  • Complete “Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant” Quest: This alternative involves completing a side quest for Mystic Carrion. Locate his missing servant, Thrumbo, and return him to the necromancer. As a reward, Mystic Carrion will waive the fee for the Torch.

Important Note: If you previously killed Mystic Carrion, fret not. The Torch of Revocation can still be found in a gilded chest behind his former location. Additionally, a note will be present, hinting at the Torch’s purpose in resolving the haunting.

Resolving the Haunting BG3: A Spectral Showdown

With the Torch of Revocation in hand, return to Lady Jannath’s Estate. Locate Oskar’s secret room, likely hidden behind an illusionary wall. Inside, you’ll find a haunted painting depicting a seemingly innocent maiden.

Equip the Torch and attack the painting. The spectral tormentor will be revealed, and a combat encounter will ensue. Be prepared to face a powerful ghost, so ensure your party is well-equipped and buffed for the fight.

Once the ghost is defeated, the haunting will be lifted. Return downstairs and speak with Oskar, who will express his immense gratitude for your help.

Unraveling the Mystery: The Secrets of the Past

Investigating the Fevras Estate reveals a hidden room containing a spectral painting. Speaking with Oskar sheds light on the situation. The ghost is the vengeful spirit of Mymona, a former lover of Oskar, who feels wronged by him.

Here’s where your choices in Act 1 come into play:

  • If you paid the ransom to free Oskar: Mymona accuses Oskar of valuing his freedom more than their love.
  • If you used Persuasion or Intimidation: The nature of the accusation depends on the approach taken. A forceful negotiation might lead to accusations of manipulation, while persuasion could imply a betrayal of trust.

Regardless of the specifics, the solution lies in acquiring the “Torch of Revocation,” a magical item capable of banishing the spirit.


Q. Who is Oskar Fevras?

Oskar is an artist held captive by the Zhentarim in their hideout during Act 1.

Q. How do I find Oskar?

The Zhentarim hideout is a secret location. You’ll need to explore the Druid Grove area and find a hidden entrance (look for clues near the tieflings).

Q. How do I free Oskar?

There are three options:

  • Buy him: Brem, the Zhentarim who holds Oskar captive, asks for 1,000 gold. You can haggle the price down with a successful Persuasion (15) or Intimidation (20) check.
  • Persuade Brem: Attempt a Persuasion (20) or Intimidation (25) check to convince Brem to release Oskar for free.
  • Forceful methods: You can defeat Brem and his thugs in combat to free Oskar (not recommended, as it might affect other quests).

Q. Should I pay Oskar’s travel fee?

Oskar asks for 200 gold to travel to BG3. This is optional, and he’ll reach the city regardless.

Q. Where do I find Oskar in Act 3?

Oskar will be at the Filgrim’s BG3 estate (Mystic Carrion’s Mansion).

Q. What’s the problem at the estate?

Oskar’s wife, Lady Jannath, is haunted by the vengeful spirit of a past lover.

Q. How do I help Oskar and Jannath?

You need to find a way to banish the ghost. This requires an item called the Torch of Revocation.

Q. Where do I get the Torch of Revocation?

There are two ways:

  • Buy it: Mystic Carrion, a necromancer, sells the torch for 3,000 gold.
  • Complete a side quest: Help Mystic Carrion find his missing servant (quest: “Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant”) and he’ll give you the torch for free. Alternatively, if Mystic Carrion is dead, you can find the torch in a chest behind his desk.
  • How do I use the Torch of Revocation?

Go to Oskar’s secret room in the mansion and find the haunted painting (Painting of a Smiling Maiden). Equip the torch and attack the painting. The ghost will be banished, and Oskar will be free from the haunting.

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