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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) promises epic exploration and challenging dungeons, and the Fire Temple stands out as one of the most anticipated. Based on what’s been revealed online through gameplay trailers and walkthroughs, the Fire Temple seems to be a fiery labyrinth filled with puzzles, enemies, and a formidable boss. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the scorching trials within.

Unveiling the Fire’s Embrace

Entering the Fire Temple is shrouded in a bit of mystery. Speculation suggests you’ll encounter a Zonai device upon arrival, which reveals five locked gates – one for each level (though the locks are scattered across four floors). Unlocking these gates becomes your primary objective.

Deciphering the Lock Mechanisms

While details remain scarce, it appears a key element in unlocking the gates is finding five strategically placed gongs. These gongs seem to be hidden throughout the temple, requiring keen observation and puzzle-solving skills to locate. Once all five gongs are activated, the gates should unlock, granting access to the next floor.

A Fiery Journey Awaits: A Floor-by-Floor Breakdown (Based on Available Information)

Floor 1: A Toasty Welcome

  • The entrance leads to a central corridor with a Zonai chest containing arrows.
  • Look out for a fast travel gate at the corridor’s end.
  • Your exploration will likely involve encountering enemies that thrive in the heat. Fire-resistant gear might be helpful.

Floor 2: Lava Streams and Shifting Terrains

  • Expect to encounter lava rivers and precarious platforms.
  • A running Zonai Hydrant is rumoured to be present. This device, when activated, creates stepping stones on lava, allowing you to traverse fiery expanses.
  • The Ultrahand Sheikah Slate rune may come in handy here. You can use it to grab and manipulate the stepping stones, potentially forming bridges across lava.

Floor 3: The Power of Champions

  • This floor might introduce Yunobo, the Goron Champion. His immense strength is likely crucial for progress.
  • One challenge might involve using Yunobo’s ability to break specific rocks, revealing hidden pathways or activating mechanisms.

Floor 4: A Race Against Time (Possibly)

  • Hints suggest a timed section involving minecart tracks and fans. You might need to use the Zonai Fan – another Sheikah Slate rune – to propel minecarts along these tracks, reaching specific destinations before time runs out.
  • Resourcefulness and quick thinking will be key in overcoming this challenge.

Floor 5: Reaching the Gates and Beyond

  • Once the five gongs are activated, the gates on each floor should unlock, providing access to previously inaccessible areas.
  • The final section might involve a boss battle. Speculation points towards a fiery giant named “Golma Goma.”

Conquering Golma Goma: A Speculative Encounter

Golma Goma’s design is rumored to incorporate the same marbled rock that Yunobo can shatter. Here’s a possible approach to defeating this fiery foe:

  1. Utilize Yunobo’s Strength: Use Yunobo’s ability to break the marbled rocks that form Golma Goma’s legs, hindering its mobility.
  2. Target the Weak Point: Once grounded, attack Golma Goma’s giant eye, likely its weak spot. Be cautious – Golma Goma might retaliate with powerful attacks upon taking damage.

Remember, this is based on speculation. The true way to defeat Golma Goma might involve unique strategies and the creative use of your acquired abilities.

Beyond the Fire: Potential Rewards

Completing the Fire Temple will likely grant you access to powerful items and abilities. Here are some possibilities:

  • New Gear: Fire-resistant armor or a weapon imbued with fire might be a reward.
  • Expanded Abilities: You might unlock new applications for the Zonai Hydrant or Fan, enhancing your problem-solving capabilities.
  • Story Progression: The Fire Temple’s completion likely advances the main story, revealing more about the world and your quest.

Tips and Tricks for Taming the Flames

  • Stay Cool: Fire-resistant elixirs or gear can be lifesavers.
  • Observe and Adapt: The environment holds many clues. Look for patterns and hidden mechanisms.
  • Experiment with Runes: The Sheikah Slate runes offer a variety of tools. Experiment with combinations to overcome obstacles.
  • Utilize Your Champions: Each Champion possesses unique abilities. Use them strategically to overcome challenges.


Q. What is the Fire Temple?

The Fire Temple is a fiery dungeon (or temple) in the recently released Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). It’s one of several dungeons you’ll conquer on your adventure.

Q.Is the Fire Temple difficult?

The difficulty can vary depending on your approach. Some players find the puzzles tricky, while others breeze through them. There are ways to make it easier, like having some fire-resistant gear (IGN [invalid URL removed]).

Q. Should I complete the Fire Temple first?

The dungeons in TOTK can be completed in any order, but some recommend tackling the Fire Temple second. This is because you might find a companion helpful who you meet in a previous dungeon (YouTube).

Q. What are the main mechanics of the Fire Temple?

The Fire Temple makes heavy use of mine carts on tracks to navigate its many floors. You’ll also encounter puzzles that involve lava, Zonai Hydrants (which create platforms), and strategically using Yunobo’s fire abilities (Zelda Dungeon).

Q.How do I unlock the doors in the Fire Temple?

There are five padlocks on the main door. To unlock each one, you’ll need to find a gong on a corresponding floor and strike it with Yunobo’s charged fire attack (Eurogamer).

Q. Are there any shortcuts in the Fire Temple?

Yes, you can use creative contraptions like flying machines built with fans and the Sheikah Slate’s tools to create shortcuts and reach hidden areas faster (YouTube).

Q. What gear should I bring to the Fire Temple?

Having at least one level of Flame Guard (from Flamebreaker Armor or an elixir) will significantly ease your exploration (IGN [invalid URL removed]). Stock up on arrows and be prepared to use your Sheikah Slate creatively.

Q. I’m stuck on a puzzle in the Fire Temple. Help!

There are many walkthroughs available online and on YouTube that offer step-by-step guides for each section of the Fire Temple, including solutions to puzzles (YouTube). Don’t hesitate to consult them if you get stuck.

Q. Can I beat the Fire Temple quickly?

Yes! It’s possible to cheese some sections with clever use of the Sheikah Slate’s abilities and glitches. However, these methods might be patched out in future updates.

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