Craft a Smooth Look: How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecrafts


Smooth stone, with its clean and polished texture, adds a touch of sophistication to any Minecrafts build. Unlike its rough cobblestone counterpart, smooth stone offers a more modern and aesthetically pleasing look. But how do you get your hands on this building block? Well, worry not, fellow Minecrafter, for this guide will walk you through the process of crafting smooth stone, address frequently asked questions, and even explore some creative uses for this versatile block.

The Smelting Process: From Cobblestone to Smooth Elegance

While smooth stone can be found very rarely in butcher’s shops within plains villages, crafting it yourself is a more reliable method. The key ingredient? Cobblestone, is the abundantly available block found throughout your Minecrafts world. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Crafting a Furnace:

Before you embark on your smooth stone journey, you’ll need a furnace. This trusty block acts as your smelter, transforming raw materials into useful items. To craft a furnace, you’ll need eight cobblestone blocks. Open your crafting table (use four wooden planks of any kind in a square pattern) and arrange the cobblestone blocks in all the outer squares, leaving the centre empty. This will give you your furnace.

  1. Smelting Cobblestone into Stone:

Now that you have your furnace, it’s time to put it to work! Place the furnace on the ground and interact with it to open its interface. The furnace interface has two sections: an input at the top and a fuel source at the bottom. In the top input slot, place one cobblestone block. Next, you’ll need fuel to power the furnace. Coal, wood planks, or even saplings can be used as fuel. Add your chosen fuel source to the bottom slot. The furnace will begin to smelt the cobblestone, and a progress bar will indicate its completion. Once finished, you’ll have obtained stone blocks.

  1. Transforming Stone into Smooth Stone:

Here comes the magic! Take the stone blocks you obtained from smelting cobblestone and place them back in the furnace’s top input slot. Add your fuel source once again and watch the progress bar fill up. This time, the result will be smooth stone blocks! The beauty of this process is that the conversion rate is 1:1, meaning you get one smooth stone block for every stone block smelted.

Pro Tip: Consider using multiple furnaces, especially if you require a large quantity of smooth stone. This will significantly speed up the production process.

Beyond Crafting: Creative Uses for Smooth Stone

Smooth stone’s versatility extends beyond its basic building block function. Here are some creative ways to incorporate smooth stone into your Minecrafts world:

  • Statues and Sculptures: The clean lines and texture of smooth stone make it a perfect material for crafting statues and sculptures. With a little planning and block placement, you can create impressive works of art.
  • Modern Architectural Marvels: Smooth stone is a staple block for creating modern buildings in Minecraft. Its sleekness allows you to design contemporary houses, skyscrapers, and other structures that stand out from the traditional Minecrafts aesthetic.
  • Interior Design with Flair: Don’t limit smooth stone to just exteriors! Use it for interior flooring, wall accents, or even countertops in your Minecrafts builds. The polished look can add a touch of sophistication to any room.
  • Hidden Rooms and Secret Passages: Smooth stone’s texture can blend seamlessly with natural cave walls. Utilize this to your advantage and create hidden rooms or secret passages within your builds.


Q. How to make smooth stone in Minecrafts?

A. Smooth stone requires a two-step smelting process:

  1. Smelt Cobblestone into Stone:
    • Gather cobblestone, a readily available resource by mining near water.
    • Craft a furnace using eight cobblestone blocks in a crafting table, leaving the centre empty.
    • Place the furnace, add cobblestone to the top slot, and fuel (coal, wood, etc.) to the bottom slot.
    • The cobblestone will smelt like a regular stone.
  2. Smelt Stone into Smooth Stone:
    • Place the obtained stone back into the furnace with more fuel.
    • This second smelting process will transform the stone into a smooth stone.

Q. Is there a faster way to make smooth stone?

A. Unfortunately, there’s no single-step process or way to speed up the smelting of smooth stone itself. However, you can:

  • Use multiple furnaces: Craft several furnaces to smelt cobblestone and stone simultaneously for faster overall production.
  • Automate the process: While slightly advanced, look into creating an automated furnace system using hoppers and chests for a more hands-off approach.

Q. Can I find smooth stone naturally in the world?

A. Yes, but finding it naturally is uncommon. Smooth stone is only generated in a very specific location: the butcher’s house in certain Plains villages. Since village discovery can be random, crafting your smooth stone is a more reliable option.

Q. What can I use smooth stone for in Minecraft?

A. Smooth stone offers a cleaner aesthetic for building compared to regular stone. It’s also a crafting ingredient for:

  • Smooth stone slabs: Useful for creating detailed builds and stairs (half-block height).
  • Blast furnace: An upgraded furnace that smelts items faster.

Q. Can I craft smooth stone stairs?

A. Surprisingly, no. Despite having a recipe for smooth stone slabs, Minecrafts currently lacks a way to craft smooth stone stairs.

Q. Can I find smooth stone naturally? 

Smooth stone has a very low chance of natural generation. It can only be found in a butcher’s house in certain plains villages. Due to the rarity of this occurrence, crafting smooth stone is the most reliable method for obtaining it.

Q. Is there a faster way to get smooth stone?

 Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to crafting smooth stone. It’s a two-step process that requires smelting cobblestone and then stone. However, the tips mentioned earlier, like using multiple furnaces and efficient fuel sources, can help speed things up.

Q. What can I craft with smooth stone? 

Smooth stone is a crucial ingredient in crafting several decorative blocks:

  • Smooth Stone Slabs: Three smooth stone blocks arranged in a horizontal row on the crafting table will yield six smooth stone slabs. These are half-block high versions of smooth stone, perfect for creating detailed builds and stairs (although you can’t craft smooth stone stairs directly).
  • Chiselled Smooth Stone: Place a smooth stone block in the centre of the crafting table and surround it with four cobblestones. This will create a chiselled smooth stone, which offers a slightly textured variation of the original block.

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