Garry the Prophet: Cyberpunk 2077’s Conspiracy


Garry the prophet, In the neon-drenched dystopia of Night City, amidst towering skyscrapers and cybernetic enhancements, you might stumble upon a peculiar sight: a man ranting about conspiracies on a street corner. This isn’t your average homeless fellow; this is Garry the Prophet, a charismatic (or perhaps delusional) figure in CD Projekt Red’s open-world RPG, Cyberpunk 2077.

Garry’s not just there for aesthetic flavor. He’s a hidden gem, offering a unique side quest with some interesting twists. This article dives into the world of Garry the Prophet, exploring his origins, uncovering hidden details, and answering the burning questions players have about this quirky character.

Garry the prophet

Who is Garry the Prophet?

Garry the Prophet, modeled after the popular streamer CohhCarnage, can be found preaching his outlandish theories in the Watson district, specifically Little China, right next to Misty’s Esoterica. He stands by a dilapidated alley with a discarded mattress, adding to the air of grimy charm surrounding this local prophet.

Garry’s a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, spewing wild claims about everything from government cover-ups to reptilian overlords. His pronouncements, delivered with fervor and a hint of madness, attract a small crowd, some seemingly intrigued, others simply amused.

Unearthing the “Prophet’s Song” Side Quest

Garry’s not just a colorful background character. Engaging with him can trigger a side quest called “Prophet’s Song.” Here’s how to unlock it:

Locate Garry: Head to Little China in Watson and look for Garry by Misty’s Esoterica.

Listen to his Sermons: Garry has a rotating selection of conspiracy theories. Stick around and listen to his latest rant.

Engage and Donate (Optional): You can choose to interact with Garry, offering words of encouragement or even donating some Eddies (the in-game currency) to his cause.

Repeat and Observe: Walk away from the area and come back later. Garry will have a new conspiracy theory cooking. Repeat this process a few times.

The Werewolf Theory: Eventually, Garry will delve into a particularly outlandish theory about werewolves infiltrating the Nomads, a prominent faction in the game.

This is where things get interesting. Two Nomads, offended by Garry’s accusations, will confront him. Depending on your choices, the situation can escalate into a brawl.

Navigating the Nomad Confrontation: Fight or Flight?

Here’s where “Prophet’s Song” offers some player agency:

Defending Garry: You can choose to fight alongside Garry against the angry Nomads. This option aligns you with Garry’s beliefs and might have consequences further down the line.

Staying Neutral: You can opt to stay out of the fight entirely, letting the Nomads and Garry duke it out. This maintains a neutral stance.

Taking the Nomads’ Side: You can even side with the Nomads, potentially leading to Garry getting roughed up.

The outcome of the confrontation can influence Garry’s future pronouncements.

Beyond the Fight: What Happens to Garry?

Depending on your choices, Garry’s fate unfolds in different ways:

Defending Garry: If you helped Garry fend off the Nomads, he’ll continue preaching, albeit with a bruised ego. His future sermons might be slightly tamer, avoiding topics that might anger the Nomads.

Staying Neutral: If you didn’t intervene, Garry might downplay the whole incident, claiming the Nomads were just “testing” him. His rants will continue, seemingly undeterred.

Taking the Nomads’ Side: If you sided with the Nomads, Garry might disappear from his usual spot for a while. When he returns, he’ll be sporting a bandage and a newfound respect (or fear) for the Nomads, altering his conspiracy theories accordingly.

These outcomes add a layer of depth to Garry’s character, demonstrating how player choices can have a ripple effect in Night City.

Beyond the Side Quest: Unraveling Garry’s Mysteries

While the “Prophet’s Song” offers a glimpse into Garry’s world, some mysteries remain:

Is Garry a Genuine Prophet?: This is a question left open to interpretation. His theories are outlandish, but are they entirely without merit? Perhaps he stumbles upon a nugget of truth amidst his ramblings.


Who is Garry the Prophet?

Garry the Prophet is a fictional character from the video game Cyberpunk 2077. He’s not a real prophet, but a conspiracy theorist who hangs out in the Watson district, ranting about his wild theories.

Where can I find Garry the Prophet?

You’ll spot Garry in Little China, Watson, standing near Misty’s Esoterica. He’s hard to miss – he’ll be the one loudly proclaiming his latest conspiracy theories to anyone who will listen.

Is Garry the Prophet a real person?

No, Garry is entirely made up for the game. However, his character design is based on the popular streamer CohhCarnage.

Is there a quest involving Garry the Prophet?

Yes! There’s a side quest called “The Prophet’s Song” where you can interact with Garry. By listening to his rants and choosing specific dialogue options, you can progress the quest and even encounter some angry Nomads who take offense to his theories.

What kind of conspiracies does Garry preach about?

Garry’s a creative conspiracy theorist. His ramblings cover everything from government mind control to werewolves hiding among the Nomads.

Should I support Garry the Prophet?

It’s completely up to you! You can choose to listen to his theories, encourage him, or even donate some cash. Just be aware that some of your dialogue choices can influence the outcome of the “The Prophet’s Song” quest.

Is Garry the Prophet important to the story of Cyberpunk 2077?

No, Garry is a minor character and his quest is entirely optional. However, he adds a bit of humor and world-building to the game, showcasing the eccentric side of Night City.

Can I find videos of Garry the Prophet online?

Yes, you can find gameplay footage featuring Garry the Prophet on platforms like Youtube. These videos might show players interacting with him or completing the “The Prophet’s Song” quest.

Is Garry the Prophet funny?

Many players find Garry’s outlandish theories and passionate delivery to be quite humorous. If you enjoy quirky characters and video game easter eggs, you’ll probably get a chuckle out of him.

Why is Garry the Prophet so popular?

Garry’s popularity likely stems from a combination of factors. His connection to a well-known streamer, his outrageous theories, and the way he embodies the chaotic energy of Night City all contribute to his appeal.

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