the Cradle of Your Starfield Journey: A Deep Dive into Vectera


Starfield starting planet, For spacefaring adventurers, the starting planet in a game like Starfield holds immense significance. It’s the first step into a vast and unexplored universe, a place where you forge your identity and lay the foundation for your cosmic exploits. In Starfield, that launchpad isn’t a planet itself, but a moon – Vectera.

This article delves into everything you need to know about Vectera, the moon that ignites your Starfield odyssey. Buckle up as we explore its location, lore, gameplay significance, and reasons to revisit this familiar yet intriguing celestial body.

Starfield starting planet

A Dusty Welcome: The Setting and Ambiance

Starfield opens in the year 2330, placing you on Vectera, a moon orbiting the gas giant Anselon within the Narion System. While the exact details of Vectera’s environment remain shrouded in some mystery, it’s well-established that you begin your journey as a lowly “Conscript” working for Argos Extractors, a mining company.

Imagine a harsh, industrial setting dominated by a sprawling mining outpost called Argos Prime. The relentless pursuit of resources has likely left its mark on Vectera’s landscape. Expect a utilitarian atmosphere, filled with the constant hum of machinery and the ever-present dust from mining operations.

This industrial backdrop serves as a crucial narrative device. It establishes the sense of desperation and limited opportunity that drives your character to seek a better life among the stars. Vectera becomes a microcosm of the societal disparities prevalent in the Starfield universe, a place where you’ll likely encounter a diverse cast of characters – hardened miners, ruthless corporate representatives, and perhaps even fellow dreamers yearning to escape the drudgery of Vectera’s mines.

A Geological Enigma: What We Know (and Don’t Know) About Vectera

While the specifics of Vectera’s geology are yet to be fully revealed, we can glean some insights from gameplay footage and available information. 

Resource Rich: Vectera seems to be a treasure trove of valuable minerals. The Argos Extractors operation focuses on acquiring resources like Water, Aluminum, Argon, Nickel, and Benzene, suggesting a resource-rich moon.

Possible Atmosphere: While details are scarce, glimpses from gameplay hint at the presence of an atmosphere on Vectera. Clouds can be seen in the distance during some scenes, suggesting a moon with at least a thin atmosphere.

Uncertain Terrain: The full scope of Vectera’s surface remains unseen. However, considering the mining operations, we can expect a mix of barren, industrial landscapes pockmarked by mining tunnels and potentially some rugged, natural terrain waiting to be explored.

It’s important to remember that most of what we see in the starting area is likely limited to the vicinity of Argos Prime. The true nature of Vectera’s surface and its potential for diverse biomes remains a mystery waiting to be unraveled.

A Launchpad for Adventure: Gameplay Significance of Vectera

Vectera serves a critical role in the initial stages of Starfield’s gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of its key functions:

Tutorial Ground: Your time on Vectera acts as an extended tutorial. You’ll learn the basics of mining, combat, interacting with NPCs, and piloting a spaceship. These foundational skills will be crucial for your survival and success in the vast expanse of the Starfield universe.

Character Development: While much of your focus on Vectera will be on completing assigned tasks, you’ll also have opportunities to shape your character. Early decisions regarding factions, reputation, and skill development will have a ripple effect on your journey.

Gathering Resources: Even during your initial mining duties, you can collect valuable resources that can be used for crafting and upgrading your equipment later in the game. Think of it as a chance to build your starting capital for your spacefaring endeavors.

Spark of Rebellion: The harsh realities of life on Vectera become a catalyst for your escape. Events on the moon propel you towards a life of adventure, setting the stage for your larger Starfield story.

While you might eventually leave Vectera behind, your experiences there will have a lasting impact on your journey. The skills honed and resources gathered during your time as a miner will equip you for the challenges that lie ahead.

A Familiar Haunt: Reasons to Revisit Vectera

While Vectera might seem like a stepping stone on your cosmic voyage, there are reasons to consider revisiting this moon later in the game:

Resource Farming: Even after the Argos Extractors leave, Vectera’s mines remain accessible. This allows you to return and farm valuable resources for crafting or trading.


What’s the name of the starting planet?

Technically, Starfield doesn’t begin on a planet, but on a moon called Vectera. Vectera orbits the gas giant Anselon within the Narion system.

So, what’s Vectera like?

Vectera is a harsh and industrial moon. The starting location is the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost, a bustling (and slightly oppressive) colony focused on resource extraction. Expect cramped quarters, lots of mining equipment, and a strong sense of “company town.”

Can I explore freely on Vectera?

Not exactly. In the beginning, you’re restricted to the Argos Extractors outpost and the surrounding mining tunnels. However, later in the story, you can revisit Vectera and explore the abandoned facilities more freely.

Why revisit Vectera after leaving?

There are a couple of reasons. First, the abandoned outpost can be a good source of resources like water, aluminum, and argon. Second, you might be able to find Heller’s Cutter, a unique tool that deals bonus damage to robots.

Is Vectera the only place I can start the game?

Nope! While the story starts on Vectera, your character’s backstory can be customized. This means you can choose to hail from a different planet entirely, though the starting gameplay will likely be similar.

What’s the Narion System like?

The Narion system is just your first stop. It’s a relatively uncharted region compared to the core systems like Alpha Centauri. Expect to find a mix of established settlements and wild frontiers.

Are there any other interesting locations in the Narion System?

Besides Vectera, you’ll also visit the moon of Kreet early on in the game. Kreet boasts a research base, hinting at a more scientific side to the Narion system.

Does the starting planet affect the story?

Not directly. The main story beats seem to be the same regardless of your character’s origin. However, your backstory choices might influence your dialogue options and roleplaying opportunities.

What kind of character can I create in Starfield?

Starfield offers a robust character creation system. You can customize your appearance, skills, and background story. This lets you approach the game from a variety of angles, whether you want to be a stoic soldier or a charismatic diplomat.

Is there anything else I should know about Starfield?

With a vast explorable universe, multiple factions to interact with, and tons of customization options, Starfield promises a deep and immersive spacefaring experience. Get ready to captain your own ship, unravel galactic mysteries, and forge your own destiny among the stars!

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