Conquering Hyrule: A Breath of the Wild Walkthrough


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn’t just a game; it’s an open-air adventure unlike any other. With a vast world to explore, countless secrets to uncover, and a non-linear approach to tackling the main story, Breath of the Wild offers an unparalleled sense of freedom. Whether you’re a seasoned Zelda veteran or a newcomer to the series, this walkthrough will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to conquer Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda

Getting Started: The Great Plateau

Your journey begins on the Great Plateau, a secluded area serving as your tutorial. Here, you’ll reawaken Link, collect your iconic Sheikah Slate, and learn the basic mechanics of combat, movement, and puzzle-solving. Don’t rush through this section – it’s crucial to master these fundamentals before venturing into the wider world.

Freeing Yourself: Follow the glowing blue light to the Old Man, who will guide you through activating the four Sheikah Towers scattered across the Great Plateau. Completing these activates the map and reveals Shrines, hidden trials that test your skills and grant valuable Spirit Orbs.

Shrine Challenges: Each Shrine presents unique puzzles that require strategic use of your Sheikah Slate runes – bombs, magnesis, stasis, and remote bombs. Experiment with these abilities to solve environmental puzzles and defeat enemies within.

Gear Up: Keep an eye out for treasure chests containing weapons, bows, shields, and armor. Remember, equipment in Breath of the Wild degrades with use, so don’t be afraid to experiment and swap out gear as needed.

Divine Beast Prep: While exploring the Great Plateau, you’ll encounter Impa, who tasks you with freeing the Divine Beasts, giant mechanical creatures piloted by fallen Champions. However, tackling them directly isn’t an option yet.

Beyond the Plateau: Embrace the Open World

Once you activate the final Sheikah Tower and complete the “Destroy the Guardian Stalker” quest, you’ll be presented with a choice: follow the guidance of the voices and head straight for Hyrule Castle, or explore the vast open world at your leisure. The beauty of Breath of the Wild lies in its open-ended nature. Here’s what you can expect:

Shrine Hunting: Shrines are scattered throughout Hyrule, offering challenging puzzles and rewarding you with Spirit Orbs. These Orbs are used to expand your health and stamina, making them essential for tougher challenges. Utilize your map to locate Shrines and make them a priority during your exploration.

Side Quests Galore: Every town and stable you encounter will have friendly NPCs offering side quests. Completing these quests yields rewards like rupees (currency), new equipment, and even Korok Seeds (collectible items used to expand your inventory space).

Korok Seed Hunt: Speaking of Korok Seeds, these little green marvels are hidden throughout Hyrule. Finding all 900 seeds grants you a truly unique reward, so keep an eye out for suspicious rocks, strange patterns on the ground, or anything that seems slightly out of place – it might just hold a Korok Seed!

Confronting the Divine Beasts

While exploring, you’ll stumble upon the locations of the four Divine Beasts: Vah Ruta, Vah Naboris, Vah Rudania, and Vah Medoh. Each Divine Beast is a dungeon in itself, requiring you to solve puzzles specific to the Beast’s theme and defeat a powerful boss.

Vah Ruta (Zora’s Domain): To access Vah Ruta, you’ll need to help Prince Sidon in Zora’s Domain. Once inside, use your water manipulation abilities to navigate the flooded interior and defeat the boss, Waterblight Ganon.

Vah Naboris (Gerudo Desert): In Gerudo Town, gain access to Vah Naboris by helping the Gerudo Champion, Urbosa. Inside, use your terminal manipulation skills to control the sandstorm and defeat Fireblight Ganon.

Vah Rudania (Death Mountain): Befriend the Gorons of Death Mountain to gain entry to Vah Rudania. Utilize your fireproof abilities to navigate the volcanic interior and defeat Windblight Ganon.

Vah Medoh (Rito Village): Help the Rito Champion, Revali, in Rito Village to access Vah Medoh. Utilize your wind manipulation abilities to navigate the air currents and defeat Thunderblight Ganon.

The Champions’ Ballad DLC

The Champions’ Ballad DLC adds a new questline focused on uncovering the Champions’ past and abilities. This DLC offers additional Shrines, challenging enemies, and a motorcycle for faster traversal!


Should I follow the main story or explore?

Breath of the Wild breaks free from traditional Zelda linearity. The choice is yours! You can tackle the Divine Beasts and Calamity Ganon head-on, or wander the world, uncovering secrets, completing side quests, and powering up Link.

Where do I begin?

After awakening on the Great Plateau, follow the direction of the Sheikah Slate to complete the tutorial and unlock the paraglider. This essential tool opens the world for exploration. Kakariko Village is a great starting point, offering shops, quests, and a warm welcome.

How do I find the Divine Beasts?

Each Divine Beast is hidden within a specific region. Talking to NPCs and following the main quests will nudge you in the right direction. Climbing Sheikah Towers reveals the lay of the land and often highlights Divine Beast locations.

How do I conquer a Divine Beast?

Each Divine Beast is a complex dungeon with puzzles, enemies, and a boss encounter. Use your exploration skills and the unique abilities you gain within the Beast to solve puzzles and progress. There’s usually more than one way to tackle a challenge, so experiment and find what works for you.

What are Shrines and how do I find them?

Shrines are mini-dungeons scattered throughout Hyrule. Completing a Shrine rewards you with a Spirit Orb, which can be used to upgrade your hearts or stamina. Look for glowing blue Sheikah emblems peeking out from landscapes to locate Shrines.

How do I get stronger?

Defeating enemies, completing Shrines, and finding hidden Heart Containers all contribute to Link’s strength. Upgrading your armor and weapons also makes a big difference. Good food buffs your stats for a short time, so make use of cooking!

What’s the deal with Korok Seeds?

Korok Seeds are a collectible scattered throughout the world. Finding 900 seeds allows you to expand your inventory space. Follow Korok hints to locate these sometimes tricky collectibles.

How do I survive the harsh environments?

Certain regions have extreme weather conditions. You’ll need the right gear to survive. Hot regions require cool clothing, while cold areas necessitate warm gear. Food and potions can also offer temporary protection.

Can I beat the game without completing all the side quests?

Absolutely! The main story can be completed without tackling every side quest. However, side quests offer valuable rewards, lore, and a deeper connection to the world and characters.

Where can I find more help?

The internet is brimming with Breath of the Wild resources! Many websites and YouTube channels offer detailed walkthroughs, tips, and tricks. Don’t hesitate to search for what you need; the Zelda community is vast and helpful.

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