God of War Ragnarok’s Valhalla DLC: A Guide to the Free Epilogue


God of War Ragnarok, the epic sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed reboot, delivered a powerful narrative conclusion to Kratos and Atreus’ journey in Norse mythology. But for players hungry for more, Santa Monica Studio released a surprise free DLC titled “Valhalla” in December 2023. This expansion offers a unique twist on the God of War formula, blending familiar combat with roguelike elements and providing an intriguing epilogue to the main story.

This article dives deep into everything you need to know about God of War Ragnarok’s Valhalla DLC, addressing common questions players have been asking online:

God of War Ragnarok

What is the Valhalla DLC?

Is Valhalla a story expansion or something else?

What kind of gameplay does Valhalla offer?

Are there any new weapons or armor in Valhalla?

What are the rewards for playing Valhalla?

How does Valhalla connect to the main story (spoilers!)

Unveiling Valhalla: A Roguelike Challenge in the Afterlife

The Valhalla DLC takes players on a post-Ragnarok adventure set within the mythical halls of Valhalla itself. Here, Kratos embarks on a series of trials separate from the main story. This roguelike experience throws Kratos into procedurally generated combat arenas where he must face waves of enemies and powerful bosses.

Unlike the main game’s linear progression, Valhalla emphasizes replayability. Each run features randomized layouts, enemy types, and challenges, ensuring a fresh experience every time. Players progress through these trials by completing objectives and defeating enemies, unlocking permanent upgrades and boons that enhance Kratos’ abilities for future runs.

A Story Untold: Unveiling the Epilogue (Spoilers!)

While Valhalla offers a new gameplay style, its true significance lies in the narrative it presents. The DLC serves as an epilogue to the main story, revealing events that transpire after the conclusion of Ragnarok.

[Warning: Spoilers for the main story of God of War Ragnarok follow]

Remember, to fully appreciate the impact of Valhalla, it’s recommended to complete the main story first. Here’s a glimpse into what awaits players in the DLC:

Kratos’ Grief and Acceptance: The story explores Kratos grappling with the aftermath of Ragnarok and the loss he has suffered. Players witness a more introspective side of Kratos as he reflects on his past and ponders the future.

Atreus’ Uncertain Fate: One of the biggest questions left unanswered by the main story is Atreus’ fate. The DLC sheds light on Atreus’ whereabouts and his potential future path.

New Faces and Old Foes: Players encounter new characters within Valhalla, some offering cryptic clues and others presenting formidable challenges. Additionally, familiar faces from Norse mythology may return with surprising motives.

Mastering the Trials: A Guide to Valhalla’s Gameplay

Valhalla throws players into a gauntlet of combat encounters, demanding mastery of Kratos’ combat skills and strategic thinking. Here’s a breakdown of the core gameplay mechanics:

Procedurally Generated Levels: Each run features a unique layout for the combat arenas, keeping players on their toes and adapting to new challenges.

Enemy Variety: A diverse range of foes, both familiar and new, populate the trials. Players will encounter standard enemies, mini-bosses, and formidable end-of-run challenges.

Relics and Boons: Scattered throughout the arenas are powerful relics and temporary boons that enhance Kratos’ abilities. Experimenting with these elements adds strategic depth to each run.

Choices and Upgrades: Between trials, players can choose permanent upgrades for Kratos, focusing on enhancing his strength, defense, or specific combat skills. These upgrades carry over to future runs, creating a sense of character progression.

Death and Rewards: Death is inevitable in Valhalla, but it’s not the end. Players retain some resources and knowledge gained during their run, allowing them to improve their performance in subsequent attempts. Completing challenges and achieving milestones unlocks new cosmetic rewards for Kratos.

Gearing Up for Glory: New Equipment in Valhalla?

While Valhalla doesn’t introduce an entirely new weapon for Kratos, it does provide access to powerful relics and enchantments that can significantly alter his playstyle. Players can discover these items throughout the trials, adding an element of surprise and build variety to the roguelike experience.

The focus lies on utilizing these temporary enhancements alongside Kratos’ existing arsenal – the Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and the Draupnir Spear – to overcome increasingly difficult challenges.


Is there even a DLC for God of War Ragnarok?

Yes! There is currently one DLC available for God of War Ragnarok titled “Valhalla.” It was released in late 2023.

What kind of DLC is Valhalla?

Valhalla is a separate game mode, not a story expansion. It focuses heavily on combat and throws some roguelite elements into the mix. This means you’ll fight your way through procedurally generated challenges, with some permanent upgrades carrying over between runs.

Do I need to beat the main story to play Valhalla?

Nope! You can jump into Valhalla whenever you like.

What’s the story about in Valhalla?

There’s no overarching story in Valhalla. Instead, it’s all about Kratos facing off against waves of enemies from his past as a Spartan warrior.

Is Valhalla difficult?

Valhalla can be challenging, especially on higher difficulty settings. The roguelite elements mean you’ll need to master combat and adapt your tactics as you progress.

What rewards are there for playing Valhalla?

By conquering challenges in Valhalla, you can unlock new weapon attachments, enchantments, and resources to use in the main game.

How long does it take to beat Valhalla?

The beauty of Valhalla is that you can play it in short bursts or for extended sessions. It depends on your goals and how quickly you progress through the challenges.

Is Valhalla free DLC?

No, Valhalla is not free DLC. You’ll need to purchase it separately, although it may have been included in some special editions of God of War Ragnarok.

Are there any other DLCs planned for God of War Ragnarok?

As of right now, there haven’t been any official announcements about further DLC for God of War Ragnarok. However, the success of Valhalla could pave the way for future content.

Where can I find more information about Valhalla?

There are many resources online that offer detailed guides and walkthroughs for Valhalla. You can also check out online communities and forums for discussions and tips from other players.

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