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Metroid Prime, a cornerstone of the Metroid franchise, took the series into the thrilling realm of 3D first-person exploration. As bounty hunter Samus Aran, you land on the mysterious planet Tallon IV, tasked with eradicating the insidious Space Pirates and the corrupting influence of Phazon. This Metroid Prime walkthrough will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the atmospheric environments, overcome cunning enemies, and emerge victorious.

Metroid Prime

Gearing Up for the Mission: Essential Upgrades

Before venturing deep into Tallon IV’s biomes, it’s crucial to understand the various upgrades that enhance Samus’s arsenal and mobility. Your journey will be punctuated by acquiring these upgrades, granting access to new areas and strategic advantages. Here’s a breakdown of some key upgrades:

Beam Weapons: These form the core of your offensive capabilities. The Power Beam is your starting weapon, followed by the Wave Beam for bouncing attacks, the Ice Beam for freezing enemies, and the Plasma Beam for immense firepower.

Visors: These visors grant you special vision modes. The Thermal Visor reveals hidden passages and enemies, the Spider Ball Magnet allows you to cling to magnetic surfaces, the X-Ray Visor exposes cloaked enemies, and the Scan Visor helps you gather intel on encountered creatures.

Suit Enhancements: These suits grant environmental protection and movement abilities. The Varia Suit protects against heat and cold, the Gravity Suit allows underwater exploration, and the Phazon Suit shields you from intense Phazon radiation.

Movement Upgrades: These expand your traversal options. The Morph Ball allows you to squeeze through tight spaces and activate switches, the Bomb extends your reach and opens bomb-able passages, the Boost Ball grants a powerful rolling attack, the Space Jump Boots allow mid-air jumps, and the Grapple Beam helps you swing across chasms.

Throughout your exploration, keep an eye out for Chozo Ruins and Artifact Temples. These locations often house these vital upgrades, so be sure to scan every nook and cranny.

A World of Diverse Environments: Exploring Tallon IV

Tallon IV boasts a variety of interconnected environments, each with its own challenges and secrets. Here’s a glimpse into some key regions:

Tallon Overworld: This sprawling grassland serves as your initial landing zone. Lush flora and rocky formations offer diverse terrain for exploration. Here, you’ll encounter your first Space Pirate foes and begin collecting upgrades.

Chozo Ruins: Scattered across Tallon IV, these ancient structures hold valuable Chozo Artifacts and upgrades. Utilize your Morph Ball and Bombs to navigate intricate puzzles within these ruins.

Magmoor Caverns: This volcanic zone features scorching temperatures. The Varia Suit is essential to survive the heat. Navigate lava flows, navigate precarious platforms, and battle fire-based enemies.

Phendrana Drifts: A frozen wasteland filled with treacherous ice shelves and caverns. The Ice Beam proves invaluable here for freezing enemies and creating platforms for traversal. Keep an eye out for the elusive Aurora Unit 242 for a lore boost.

Phazon Mines: Deep beneath the surface lies this corrupted zone teeming with Phazon-mutated creatures. The Gravity Suit is required for underwater exploration, and the Phazon Suit protects you from harmful radiation.

Remember to scan every creature and object you encounter using your Scan Visor. This fills your Logbook with valuable intel on the planet’s inhabitants and history.

Facing the Peril: Conquering Bosses

Your journey is punctuated by epic boss battles that test your combat prowess and mastery of your acquired upgrades. Here are some notable encounters:

Parasite Queen (Space Pirate Frigate): This grotesque creature serves as your initial test. Utilize the Charge Beam to target its weak spots and avoid its lashing tentacles.

Incinerator Drone (Chozo Ruins): This fiery foe requires strategic use of the Morph Ball Bombs to damage its core while dodging its fiery attacks.

Flaahgra (Tallon Overworld): This hulking beast is vulnerable to the Wave Beam’s bouncing attacks. Use the pillars in the arena for cover and strategic positioning.

Sheegoth (Phendrana Drifts): This colossal ice creature is best tackled with the Ice Beam to freeze its limbs and shatter them for massive damage.

Thardus (Phendrana Drifts Research Core): This multi-stage battle requires switching between the Wave Beam and Ice Beam to exploit Thardus’s vulnerabilities. Utilize the Space Jump Boots to dodge its powerful attacks.


What’s the recommended order to explore areas?

There’s a non-linear approach, but acquiring early upgrades is key. Start with Tallon Overworld, then Chozo Ruins for the Morph Ball and Bomb. Use these to access Magmoor Caverns and Phendrana Drifts. Backtrack as you gain new abilities like the Space Jump Boots and Wave Beam to reach previously inaccessible areas.

How do I find all the Missile Tanks and Energy Tanks?

These hidden upgrades expand your firepower and health respectively. Many require using your Morph Ball, Visor scans, and solving puzzles. Consulting a Metroid Prime walkthrough online will show their exact locations.

I’m stuck! How do I beat a boss?

Each boss has a specific weakness. Scan them with your Visor to identify their vulnerable points. The Incinerator Drone is weak to Morph Ball Bombs in its underbelly. Flaahgra takes heavy damage from the Plasma Beam. Check online guides for detailed boss fight strategies.

What are Chozo Artifacts for?

Scattered throughout Tallon IV are 12 Chozo Artifacts. Collecting them all unlocks the final area and the true ending. Scanning them with your X-Ray Visor fills out your Logbook with lore entries.

Should I follow a walkthrough completely?

While walkthroughs are helpful for finding upgrades and secrets, Metroid Prime is designed for exploration and discovery. Following one religiously might take away from the sense of adventure. Use them as hints when stuck, but don’t be afraid to forge your own path.

Are there any cheats or secrets in the game?

Officially, no. The remaster on Switch stays true to the original. However, some glitches and easter eggs exist, though they won’t drastically alter gameplay.

What are the best weapons in Metroid Prime?

The Plasma Beam is a powerful all-rounder, while the Wave Beam excels at crowd control. The Ice Beam is essential for freezing enemies and accessing cold areas. Metroid Prime encourages strategic use of your entire arsenal depending on the situation.

How long does it take to beat Metroid Prime?

A typical playthrough can take 10-15 hours. Completionists aiming for 100% items and scan entries might require 20+ hours.

Is Metroid Prime Remastered worth it?

If you haven’t played the original or crave a graphical upgrade, then yes! The remaster offers sharper visuals, improved controls, and even amiibo support.

Where can I find a good Metroid Prime walkthrough?

Many excellent resources exist online. IGN’s walkthrough offers a detailed breakdown, while Youtube has video guides including 100% completion runs.

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