Slaying in Style: A Guide to Dead Island 2’s Playable Characters


Dead Island 2 throws you headfirst into a zombie-infested California, and the only way to survive is to fight back with style. Here’s where your character selection comes in. Dead Island 2 offers a diverse cast of six playable Slayers, each with their own backstory, personality, and combat approach. This guide will delve into everything you need to know about these characters, helping you choose the perfect zombie-slaying companion for your Californian carnage adventure.

Dead Island 2

From Firefighters to Hollywood Stunt Doubles: Meet the Dead Island 2 Slayers

Unlike its predecessor, Dead Island 2 ditches the skill tree system in favor of a deck-building approach. Each Slayer has unique base stats and innate abilities, while the core gameplay revolves around acquiring and equipping skill cards that enhance your combat abilities. Here’s a closer look at each Slayer:

Ryan: This character has undergone a bit of a makeover since his original “firefighter” reveal in 2014. In the revamped Dead Island 2, Ryan is an exotic dancer with a heart of gold. Sarcastic and stubborn, he’s driven by a singular goal: reunite with his little brother in Fresno. Ryan excels as a tank, boasting high Stamina and Resilience. His innate abilities, “Retaliation” and “Seesaw,” reward him for blocking and knocking down zombies, making him a defensive powerhouse.

Carla: A Hollywood stunt double, Carla is all about bringing the pain. She’s tough and resilient, with high base stats in those areas. Her “Mosh Pit” ability makes her a crowd-control specialist, granting her a damage boost when surrounded by the undead. If you enjoy wading into the thick of the zombie horde and dishing out punishment, Carla’s your gal.

Amy: Don’t let her Hollywood makeup artist background fool you. Amy is a resourceful survivor with a knack for improvisation. While her stats are more balanced, she excels in Stamina, allowing her to fight for extended periods. However, information on her specific innate abilities is still limited.

Jacob: This Venice Beach lifeguard seems like a laid-back character, but don’t underestimate him. Jacob boasts well-rounded stats, making him a versatile Slayer who can adapt to different situations. While details on his specific strengths and weaknesses are yet to be revealed, his balanced approach might be ideal for players who prefer to experiment with different combat styles.

Bruno: A former chef with a knack for weaponry, Bruno may surprise you. While his Health and Toughness are on the lower side, he makes up for it with agility and cunning. His “Backstab” ability allows him to deal bonus damage from behind, making him a master of flanking maneuvers. If you enjoy a more strategic, hit-and-run approach to combat, Bruno might be your best bet.

Dani: This ex-military explosives expert is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Details about Dani are scarce, but we know she boasts high Stamina. Speculation suggests she might have abilities related to explosives or heavy weaponry, making her a potential crowd-clearing powerhouse.

Choosing Your Slayer: What to Consider

While each Slayer is unique, here are some factors to consider when making your choice:

Playstyle: Do you prefer to be a defensive tank, a nimble damage dealer, or a well-rounded survivor? Consider your preferred combat approach and choose the Slayer that best suits it.

Stats: Look at each Slayer’s base stats. Do you want a character with high health and defense, or one with more agility and stamina?

Innate Abilities: While details on some abilities are limited, consider what each Slayer’s innate skills offer. Do you want defensive buffs, damage bonuses, or crowd-control tools?

Personality: Each Slayer has a distinct personality. Do you want a sarcastic cynic, a tough-as-nails stuntwoman, or a resourceful survivor?

Remember, there’s no single “best” character. Experiment with different Slayers to find the one that clicks with your playstyle and personality.

Beyond the Stats: What Else Makes Dead Island 2’s Characters Special?

Each Slayer has a unique backstory and motivations for surviving the Californian zombie apocalypse. These backstories are currently shrouded in mystery, but they have the potential to add depth and intrigue to the narrative. Additionally, the developers have emphasized that each Slayer will have unique dialogue and interactions with the world around them, making them feel more than just a collection of stats and abilities.


How many playable characters are there in Dead Island 2?

There are six playable characters you can choose from in Dead Island 2. Each comes with their own backstory, personality, and pre-apocalypse life.

Are there any returning characters from Dead Island 1?

While the playable cast is all new, Dead Island 2 might feature some familiar faces. There have been rumors of original characters like Sam B appearing in a non-playable role, but nothing is confirmed.

Do the characters have different abilities?

Yes! Each character has unique starting stats and special skills. Bruno, for example, is a sneaky backstabber, while Ryan is a tanky brawler who thrives in the thick of the zombie horde.

Can I customize my character?

No, Dead Island 2 doesn’t have traditional character creation. However, you can unlock various outfits and gear throughout the game to personalize your chosen Slayer’s look.

What are some tips for choosing a character?

Think about your playstyle! Do you like to get up close and personal with a sledgehammer (Ryan), or take down enemies from afar with a trusty rifle (Dani)? Each character caters to a different preference.

Can I switch characters later in the game?

No, Dead Island 2 uses a single-save system per character. So, choose wisely from the beginning, or you’ll have to restart the game to try another Slayer.

Which character is the “best”?

There’s no single best character. It all depends on how you want to play. If you’re indecisive, you Where can I learn more about each character’s backstory?

Trailers and gameplay footage might offer glimpses into the characters’ personalities, but official bios or detailed backstory information are currently scarce. Stay tuned for future updates from the developers!

Will there be any DLC characters?

There’s no official confirmation on DLC characters yet. However, the developers might add new Slayers to the game in the future, so keep an eye out for post-launch content announcements.

I can’t decide! Help!

If you’re truly torn, why not base your decision on the characters’ personalities? Watch some gameplay trailers and see which Slayer resonates most with you. After all, surviving the California zombie apocalypse is all about finding your groove!

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