Unlock Your Destiny: Mastering Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy


Hogwarts! A castle brimming with hidden secrets and untold treasures. But many of these goodies lie behind pesky locked doors. Fear not, aspiring witch or wizard, for the key to unlocking your Hogwarts Legacy lies within the iconic charm – Alohomora!

This guide delves into everything you need to know about Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy, from how to acquire it to mastering the art of lockpicking. By the end, you’ll be a seasoned pro, ready to conquer any locked door the castle throws your way.


Unveiling the Unlocking Charm: How to Learn Alohomora

Unlike some spells you learn in Charms class, Alohomora isn’t readily available from the get-go. You’ll need to progress through the main story quests to unlock it. Here’s the breakdown:

The Importance of Progress: Alohomora is the last of the Essential Spells you can learn. Buckle up and focus on the main story for a while.

Key Quests: There are two main quests that hold the key (pun intended!) to Alohomora:

“Secrets of the Underworld”: This quest introduces you to the caretaker, Mr. Filch, who possesses a rather suspicious knowledge of locked doors.

“The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament”: Here, you’ll assist Mr. Filch in a peculiar task, ultimately earning his trust and, more importantly, learning the coveted Alohomora spell.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for side quests that might reward you with Moonstone, a resource used to upgrade your Alohomora capabilities (more on that later).

The Art of Lockpicking: Mastering the Alohomora Mini-game

Once you’ve learned Alohomora, it’s time to put your skills to the test! Here’s how the lockpicking mini-game works:

Initiating the Charm: Approach a locked door or chest and interact with it. This triggers the lockpicking mini-game.

Gear Up: You’ll see two interlocking gears on the screen: a green one on the bottom right and a red one in the center. These represent the two stages of the lockpicking process.

Inner Circle Finesse: Use the analog stick (or corresponding controls) to rotate the inner circle slowly. Your goal is to align the green sparks emanating from the outer circle with the gear teeth on the green gear.

Patience is Key: It’s a delicate process. Move the stick too quickly, and the green sparks will vanish, forcing you to start over.

Locking in Success: Once the green sparks align perfectly with the gear teeth, hold the position for a brief moment. The green gear should start rotating, indicating progress.

Red Gear Challenge: Now, it’s time for the red gear. Rotate the outer circle to align the red sparks with the teeth on the red gear in the center. The same principle applies – slow movements and holding the position once aligned.

The Glorious Click: If you’ve successfully navigated both gears, you’ll hear a satisfying click, and the lock will spring open!

Remember: Practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged if you struggle at first. With a little patience and finesse, you’ll be a lockpicking pro in no time.

Levels of Expertise: Upgrading Your Alohomora

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter progressively more difficult locks. Luckily, Alohomora can be upgraded to tackle these challenges. Here’s how:

Moonstone Magic: Moonstones are scattered throughout the castle and can be found during exploration or as rewards for completing quests. Collect them to upgrade Alohomora.

Talking to the Right People: Keep an eye out for Demiguise statues hidden throughout Hogwarts. These magnificent creatures hold the secrets to Alohomora upgrades. However, you can only interact with them at night.

Benefits of Upgrading: Upgrading Alohomora allows you to unlock more complex locks, granting access to even more hidden treasures and secrets within the castle.

Beyond Locked Doors: The Allure of Alohomora

While the primary function of Alohomora is to unlock doors and chests, its true value lies in the hidden world it unlocks. Here are some exciting possibilities that await you:

Unveiling Secrets: Locked doors often guard hidden passageways, secret rooms, and hidden chambers within Hogwarts. Prepare to discover untold stories and lore about the castle and its inhabitants.

Lootin’ Like a Champion: Locked chests are brimming with valuable loot, including powerful gear, rare ingredients for potions, and even galleons (the wizarding currency). Alohomora becomes your key to amassing wealth and becoming a formidable witch or wizard.


What is Alohomora?

Alohomora is a charm that unlocks doors and chests. It’s an essential spell for any aspiring witch or wizard in Hogwarts Legacy, allowing you to explore hidden areas and grab valuable loot.

How do I learn Alohomora?

You’ll learn Alohomora during the main story quest called “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament.” This quest becomes available early in the game, so you can start unlocking secrets right away!

How does the lockpicking minigame work?

When you use Alohomora on a lock, a minigame appears. You’ll see two rotating gears: an outer one and an inner one. Your goal is to find the “sweet spot” for each gear by holding the analog stick in the right direction. Once both gears are in position, you’ll hear a click, and the lock will open.

Are there different difficulty levels for locks?

Yes! There are three levels of difficulty for locks, indicated by glowing symbols next to the keyhole. You’ll be able to unlock level 1 locks as soon as you learn Alohomora. To unlock levels 2 and 3, you’ll need to upgrade the spell.

How do I upgrade Alohomora?

Upgrading Alohomora requires finding special collectible items called Demiguise Statues. These golden, winged creatures are hidden throughout the game world. Once you find enough Demiguise Statues, return them to the caretaker, Gladwin Moon, to increase your Alohomora level.

Where can I find Demiguise Statues?

Demiguise Statues can be tricky to find. They’re often hidden in secret areas, behind paintings, or perched on high ledges. Using the Revelio spell can help highlight them in blue, making them easier to spot. You can also find online guides that show the locations of all Demiguise Statues.

What are the rewards for unlocking things?

Behind locked doors and chests, you’ll find a variety of goodies, including new gear, potions, ingredients, and even hidden areas to explore. Unlocking everything adds to your overall experience and helps you progress in the game.

Are there any tips for mastering Alohomora?

Here are some quick tips:

Be patient: The minigame can take some practice to get the hang of. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t open a lock on the first try.

Listen for the clicks: The gears will make a clicking sound when they’re close to the correct position. Use this sound as a guide.

Practice on lower-level locks: Get comfortable with the minigame before tackling tougher locks.

Can I break anything while lockpicking?

No, there’s no penalty for failing the Alohomora minigame. You can keep trying until you open the lock.

Is Alohomora useful throughout the entire game?

Absolutely! Alohomora opens doors to hidden areas, secret passages, and valuable loot throughout Hogwarts Legacy. It’s a spell you’ll be using constantly as you explore the magical castle and its surroundings.

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