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Hogwarts Legacy, players have been captivated by the whimsical and sometimes cryptic side quests scattered throughout the magical game. One such quest, titled “Ghost of Our Love,” has garnered a lot of attention online, particularly on YouTube, due to its unique treasure map and slightly elusive solution. This article delves into everything you need to know about the “Ghost of Our Love” quest, from its starting point to the hidden treasure’s location.

A Treasure Map Steeped in Mystery

The “Ghost of Our Love” quest begins with the acquisition of a peculiar treasure map called the “Map with Floating Candles.” Unlike most treasure maps that depict landmarks and geographical features, this one presents a seemingly nonsensical image: a stone bridge, glowing candles, and an ethereal blue mist. This lack of clear direction has left many players scratching their heads and turning to YouTube for guidance.

However, the key to deciphering the map lies in its very name and the subtle details it presents. The “floating candles” are a crucial clue, hinting at the location – the Forbidden Forest. The bridge, often overlooked, also plays a part in identifying the starting point of the quest, which varies depending on the player’s chosen Hogwarts house.

Hogwarts Legacy

House Specifics: Where the Adventure Begins

Unlike most quests in Hogwarts Legacy, “Ghost of Our Love” has a unique house-dependent trigger. Here’s a breakdown of where to find the initial prompt based on your house affiliation:

Gryffindor: Head to the Gryffindor Tower common room and look for a torn piece of love letter tucked into a suit of armor near the fireplace.

Hufflepuff: In the Hufflepuff common room, check behind a tapestry near the entrance for a love letter hidden within a rolled-up parchment.

Ravenclaw: As a Ravenclaw student, you’ll find a cryptic note tucked between books on a shelf in the restricted section of the Ravenclaw Tower.

Slytherin: Slytherins will discover a love letter concealed within a potion vial lying forgotten on a shelf in the Slytherin common room.

The love letter, regardless of the house, mentions a romantic rendezvous under a bridge with floating candles, setting the stage for your treasure hunt.

Unveiling the Secrets of the Forbidden Forest

Once you have the love letter, it’s time to venture into the Forbidden Forest. Here’s how to pinpoint the exact location of the hidden treasure:

Head to the Forbidden Forest: The entrance is located on the western edge of the Hogwarts grounds.

Locate the Stone Bridge: Look for a small, arched stone bridge nestled amongst the dense trees. This bridge should be familiar, as it’s pictured on the treasure map.

Night Time is Key: The “Ghost of Our Love” treasure can only be found at night. If it’s not nighttime already, use the map function to fast-forward time until nightfall.

Follow the Glimmering Trail: As night descends, glowing candles will mysteriously appear near the bridge, mirroring the map’s depiction. Follow the trail of these floating candles deeper into the Forbidden Forest.

A Romantic Setting Revealed: The trail of candles will eventually lead you to a clearing bathed in moonlight. Here, you’ll find a beautifully set picnic scene, complete with a table adorned with a checkered blanket and a picnic basket. This is the location of the hidden treasure.

Claiming Your Reward: Approach the picnic basket and interact with it to claim your prize – the Treasure Seeker’s Scarf, a unique piece of clothing that enhances your treasure-hunting abilities.

A Touch of Romance in a Magical World

The “Ghost of Our Love” quest adds a touch of whimsy and romance to the world of Hogwarts Legacy. While it doesn’t directly involve any ghosts, the name and the love letter set the stage for a fantastical treasure hunt inspired by a past romance. The quest also highlights the importance of paying close attention to details, as the clues for solving it are cleverly hidden within the starting items and the map itself.

Beyond YouTube Walkthroughs: Exploring the Quest’s Significance

While YouTube walkthroughs offer valuable guidance for completing the “Ghost of Our Love” quest efficiently, the true magic lies in piecing together the clues yourself. This quest encourages exploration, deduction, and a keen eye for detail – skills that prove beneficial throughout your Hogwarts Legacy journey.

The “Ghost of Our Love” also adds a layer of depth to the world-building of Hogwarts Legacy. The hidden love story, though left ambiguous, hints at the rich tapestry of lives and experiences that have unfolded within the castle walls.


What is the Ghost of Our Love?

The Ghost of Our Love is a side quest in the popular video game Hogwarts Legacy. It’s not your typical monster-bashing quest, but rather a treasure hunt that leads you to uncover a romantic secret.

How do I start the Ghost of Our Love quest?

The starting point actually depends on which Hogwarts house you belong to! Look for a mysterious map with floating candles near your common room. It will point you towards the first clue.

I found the map, now what?

The map depicts a bridge. Head to the Forbidden Forest and locate the bridge that matches the one on the map. You’ll find a love letter near the bridge – that’s your next step!

The love letter mentions a picnic. What do I do?

This is where things get interesting. Make sure it’s nighttime (use the in-game wait function) and head back to the bridge. You’ll see floating candles that will guide you deeper into the forest towards a romantic picnic set-up.

Is there a ghost at the picnic?

No ghosts to scare you here! The picnic setting is the reward for completing the quest, symbolizing a lost love story.

What treasure do I get from the Ghost of Our Love quest?

There are no magical items or weapons here. You’ll find a Treasure Seeker’s Scarf – a cool cosmetic item to add to your character’s collection.

Why is this quest called Ghost of Our Love?

The love letter and the romantic picnic setting hint at a past relationship. The “ghost” refers to the memory of this love, lingering in the form of these clues.

Is this quest difficult to complete?

The Ghost of Our Love isn’t challenging in terms of combat or puzzles. However, figuring out the map’s location and needing nighttime to complete it can be slightly confusing for new players.

Are there any walkthroughs available online?

If you get stuck, there are many helpful walkthroughs with screenshots and videos available online YouTube to guide you through each step of the quest.

Is the Ghost of Our Love quest worth doing?

Even though it doesn’t give you powerful items, this quest offers a unique glimpse into the history of Hogwarts and adds a touch of romance to the game.

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