A Guide to Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Search Party Levels


Super Mario Bros. Wonder throws a curveball at players with its unique “Search Party” levels. These open, non-linear stages break away from the traditional side-scrolling platforming and task you with finding five hidden Wonder Tokens. Unearthing all five is crucial to completing the stage and acquiring its coveted Wonder Seed.

This guide delves into the secrets of Search Party levels, addressing common questions players ask online and providing strategies to conquer these captivating challenges.

What are Search Party Levels?

Search Party levels appear sporadically throughout the story of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Unlike the linear stages, these open-ended zones drop you into a vast area with multiple pathways and secrets to uncover. Your objective? Locate five elusive Wonder Tokens scattered across the environment. Finding all five unlocks the level’s exit and rewards you with a Wonder Seed, a valuable resource for character progression.

While Search Party levels offer a refreshing change of pace, their non-linearity can be confusing. Wonder Tokens often require specific actions or power-ups to reveal, making them a delightful puzzle for solo players and a fantastic opportunity for cooperative play.

Super Mario Bros

About Search Party Levels

Here are some of the most common questions players have about Search Party levels, along with helpful answers:

Do I need specific characters to find all the Wonder Tokens?

While some tokens might be easier to spot with certain characters (like Toadette uncovering hidden blocks), all five tokens in each Search Party level can be found without requiring specific characters.

Can I play Search Party levels online?

Absolutely! Super Mario Bros. Wonder offers online co-op, making Search Party levels even more enjoyable. Having multiple players explore different areas simultaneously significantly increases your chances of finding all the tokens quickly.

Are there any power-ups required to complete Search Party levels?

While some tokens are easier to acquire with power-ups (like the Elephant destroying specific blocks), you don’t necessarily need them for every token. However, power-ups can provide an edge in platforming challenges or revealing hidden pathways within the level.

Where can I find guides for specific Search Party levels?

Several online resources offer detailed walkthroughs and maps for each Search Party level. These guides pinpoint the exact locations of the Wonder Tokens, often with accompanying screenshots or video demonstrations Search Party Levels Super Mario Bros Wonder Guide.

Strategies for Conquering Search Party Levels

Here are some valuable tips to help you dominate Search Party levels, whether playing solo or with friends:

Explore meticulously: Search Party levels reward thorough exploration. Look for hidden pathways, suspicious blocks, and anything that seems out of place. Remember, some tokens might require hitting invisible blocks or jumping through secret pipes.

Utilize power-ups strategically: While not always mandatory, power-ups can be incredibly helpful. The Elephant’s trunk can smash specific blocks, the Fire Flower can reveal hidden switches, and the Bubble can help you reach high-up areas.

Think outside the box: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes, the solution might involve bouncing off enemies in a specific way or utilizing environmental elements to reach hidden areas.

Communicate effectively (co-op): When playing with friends, communication is key. Divide and conquer by exploring different sections of the level and constantly share your findings. Clear communication can significantly reduce the time it takes to find all the tokens.

Don’t be afraid to backtrack: If you get stuck, retrace your steps and re-examine areas you’ve previously explored. Sometimes, a hidden block you might have missed earlier could hold the key to finding the next token.

A Breakdown of Each Search Party Level

Here’s a quick overview of each Search Party level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, along with some general tips for locating the Wonder Tokens:

Pipe Park (World 1): This level utilizes pipes extensively. Look for secret warp pipes, hidden blocks within pipes, and cleverly placed yellow pipes that can be pushed to reveal new areas.

Sunbaked Desert (World 3): This desert landscape features hidden blocks revealed by hitting specific objects and platforms that require precise jumps or power-up assistance to access.

Puzzling Park (World 2): This park is a maze of platforms and hidden passages. Utilize your platforming skills and keep an eye out for cleverly disguised blocks and secret warp pipes.

Sky High Seas (World 4): This aerial level requires precise jumps and might benefit from power-ups that grant additional height or floating abilities. Look for hidden blocks and secret pathways within the clouds.


What are Search Party levels in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Search Party levels are unique challenges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder where you need to find five hidden Wonder Tokens scattered throughout an open, non-linear world. Collecting all five unlocks a Wonder Seed, a crucial item for progression.

How many Search Party levels are there?

There are four Search Party levels spread across the game’s different worlds. You’ll encounter them as you progress through the story.

Is there a specific character needed for Search Party levels?

No, you don’t necessarily need a specific character. However, some Wonder Tokens might be hidden in blocks only certain characters can reveal (like Luigi revealing hidden blocks). Playing with friends or online co-op allows you to utilize different character abilities for easier token hunting.

Are there any power-ups required in Search Party levels?

While some levels might benefit from power-ups for reaching high areas, none are strictly required to find the Wonder Tokens themselves in most cases.

I’m stuck! How can I find the Wonder Tokens?

Search Party levels can be tricky. There are many online resources to help you! Try searching for “[Super Mario Bros Wonder Search Party Guide]” to find detailed walkthroughs with Wonder Token locations for each level. You can also find video guides on YouTube.

Is there a faster way to collect Wonder Tokens?

While there’s no guaranteed shortcut, some guides suggest optimal routes to collect tokens efficiently. These guides often recommend playing with the Elephant power-up for its wider range and vertical attack.

Can I play Search Party levels with friends?

Absolutely! Playing with friends allows you to combine abilities and explore different areas simultaneously, making finding tokens much easier.

What happens if I can’t find all the Wonder Tokens?

Don’t worry! You can revisit Search Party levels anytime after you unlock them. Just head back to the entrance and try again.

Are there any rewards for completing Search Party levels besides the Wonder Seed?

While the Wonder Seed is the main reward, some Search Party levels might have additional secrets to uncover, like hidden warp pipes or extra lives.

Are Search Party levels difficult?

The difficulty can vary depending on the level and your familiarity with the game’s mechanics. Some tokens are cleverly hidden, so don’t hesitate to consult online guides or revisit levels if needed. Remember, persistence is key!

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