Jinbei Joins the Straw Hat Crew: A Long-Awaited Reunion


Jinbei Join The Crew, the stoic fishman knight, has captivated audiences in the world of One Piece for years. His loyalty, strength, and dream of unity between humans and fishmen resonated with fans. But when exactly did this fan-favorite character officially become part of Luffy’s notorious crew? The answer, like Jinbei’s journey itself, is a tale of twists and turns.

Jinbei Join The Crew

The Captain’s Invitation: A Spark Ignited (Episode 568)

The seeds of Jinbei joining the Straw Hats were sown way back in Fishman Island Arc (Episode 568). Luffy, ever the impulsive and straightforward captain, extends a heartfelt invitation to Jinbei. However, Jinbei, burdened by his responsibilities to Fishman Island and his past ties to Big Mom, politely declines. This emotional scene sets the stage for a complex dynamic – Jinbei’s desire to sail with Luffy clashes with his loyalty to his home and need to settle unfinished business.

A Helmsman in Spirit: Fighting Alongside the Straw Hats (Throughout the Series)

Despite not being an official member, Jinbei consistently proves himself as a valuable ally to the Straw Hats. He aids them in crucial moments throughout the series, most notably during the Fishman Island Arc and Whole Cake Island Arc. Jinbei’s strategic mind, immense strength, and mastery of Fishman Karate make him a formidable force on the battlefield. He fights alongside the crew, showcasing a camaraderie that transcends official titles.

This period also highlights Jinbei’s unwavering loyalty. He prioritizes the safety of Fishman Island, even against his own desires. This commitment resonates with Luffy, who respects Jinbei’s choices and reaffirms his offer whenever the opportunity arises.

Breaking Free: A Path Cleared for the Future (Episode 876)

The turning point arrives in Episode 876, at the climax of the Whole Cake Island Arc. Having severed his ties with Big Mom and ensuring Fishman Island’s safety, Jinbei finally declares his freedom. This paves the way for him to fully commit to Luffy’s dream.

The episode thrives on emotional payoff. Luffy, overjoyed at Jinbei’s decision, readily accepts him as his helmsman. The crew erupts in celebration, marking the culmination of a long-awaited reunion. This moment signifies the official addition of Jinbei to the Straw Hat ranks, solidifying the bond between the fishman knight and the future Pirate King.

More Than Just an Episode: The Significance of Jinbei’s Inclusion

Jinbei’s addition to the crew transcends a single episode. It represents the power of loyalty, perseverance, and shared dreams. Here’s a deeper look at the significance of this moment:

A Symbol of Unity: Jinbei embodies the bridge between humans and fishmen. His presence strengthens the Straw Hats’ message of unity and acceptance, a core theme throughout One Piece.

Strategic Advantage: Jinbei’s experience and tactical prowess bolster the crew’s strength. His mastery of the sea and knowledge of Fishman history prove invaluable assets.

A New Dynamic: Jinbei’s calm demeanor and wisdom offer a welcome balance to the Straw Hats’ often-chaotic energy. His presence adds a layer of maturity and strategic thinking to the crew.

While Episode 876 marks the official joining, Jinbei’s journey to becoming a Straw Hat is a testament to the power of unwavering loyalty and shared dreams. It’s a story that resonates with fans, solidifying Jinbei’s place as a beloved member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Beyond Episode 876: Jinbei’s Future with the Straw Hats

Since his official joining, Jinbei has seamlessly integrated into the crew. He has played a crucial role in the Wano Country Arc and continues to be a pivotal figure in their ongoing adventures. Here’s a glimpse into what the future holds for Jinbei as a Straw Hat:

Fulfilling his Dream: Jinbei’s dream of coexistence between humans and fishmen aligns perfectly with Luffy’s quest for the One Piece. His presence strengthens the crew’s resolve to create a world where all races can live together in harmony.

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Sea: With his vast knowledge and experience in the underwater world, Jinbei could play a key role in unraveling the secrets of the unexplored depths, potentially leading them closer to the One Piece.

A Reliable Helmsman: Jinbei’s mastery of navigating the seas ensures the Straw Hats reach their destinations efficiently and safely. His experience will be crucial as they venture into even more treacherous waters.


Q: In which episode does Jinbe join the Straw Hat Crew?

There are actually two ways to answer this, depending on how you define “join.”

Officially Declares Himself a Member (Episode 976): This is the moment many fans consider the true joining. In Episode 976, titled “Back to the present day! 20 years later!”, Jinbe declares himself a Straw Hat Pirate after reuniting with Luffy following the time skip. It’s a celebratory moment that marks the culmination of Jinbe’s connection to the crew.

Joins the Escape from Big Mom’s Territory (Episode 876): This is the episode where Jinbe takes a more concrete action towards joining. In Episode 876, “Jinbe’s Resolution! A Path Carved in Escape!”, Jinbe aids the Straw Hats in their escape from Whole Cake Island, Big Mom’s territory. He even clashes with Big Mom herself, showcasing his loyalty to Luffy and the crew.

Q: Why did it take Jinbe so long to join?

Jinbe’s loyalty has always been clear, but his responsibilities as a former member of the Shichibukai and captain of the Sun Pirates kept him tied down. He prioritized the safety of Fishman Island and fulfilling his obligations before officially joining Luffy’s crew.

Q: Did Luffy ever ask Jinbe to join before?

Absolutely! The first official offer came in Episode 568, “Jinbe’s Decision! A Path That Leads to the Future!” during the Fishman Island Arc. Luffy directly asked Jinbe to join, but Jinbe politely declined due to his commitments. However, he promised to sail with them again someday.

Q: What role does Jinbe play in the Straw Hat Crew?

Jinbe is the crew’s tenth official member and takes the position of Helmsman. With his vast knowledge of the sea and his powerful fighting skills, he becomes a valuable asset on their adventures.

Q: Did Jinbe joining the crew affect the story?

Jinbe’s addition to the crew definitely impacted the story in several ways:

Increased Strength: Jinbe is a powerhouse, adding significant fighting strength to the Straw Hats.

Strategic Advantage: His experience as a former Shichibukai and his knowledge of the sea provide tactical advantages.

Leadership and Guidance: Jinbe’s wisdom and calm demeanor offer another source of leadership for the crew.

Q: Is Jinbe well-liked by the fans?

Jinbe is a highly popular character among One Piece fans. His loyalty, strength, and sense of justice resonate with viewers. The wait for him to officially join the crew only amplified the excitement when it finally happened.

So, there you have it! This FAQ should answer all your burning questions about Jinbe’s journey to becoming a Straw Hat Pirate. Now you can watch the anime with a deeper understanding of this pivotal moment in the story.

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