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Karim Kamoun is a Canadian YouTube personality best known for his satirical news channel, “JustKiddingNews” (JKN). JKN rose to prominence in the early 2010s, delivering comedic takes on current events and pop culture through hilarious sketches and parodies.

This article dives into Kamoun’s journey, exploring his rise to fame, the reasons behind JKN’s success, and some of the controversies the channel has faced.

From Engineering Student to YouTube Star: Karim Kamoun’s Early Life and Career Shift

Born in Montreal, Canada, Kamoun’s background is far removed from the world of online entertainment. He obtained a degree in Engineering from McGill University and initially pursued a career in that field. However, his creative side and passion for humor eventually led him down a different path.

Kamoun’s foray into YouTube began in 2009 with a channel called “kkholdings.” The content primarily consisted of short vlogs and comedic sketches. It wasn’t until 2 years later, in 2011, that he launched his breakout channel, “JustKiddingNews.”

JustKiddingNews: Delivering Satirical News with a Dose of Humor

JKN’s initial success can be attributed to its unique blend of humor and social commentary. Kamoun and his team cleverly parodied real news stories, weaving humor and satire into their sketches. Their content resonated with a young audience seeking an alternative take on current events, one that was both informative and entertaining.

The channel gained significant traction with videos like “DUBSTEP GRANDMA!!” (2012) and “WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?” (2013) โ€“ the latter a parody of the viral hit song “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” by Ylvis. These early successes propelled JKN to new heights, attracting millions of subscribers and solidifying Kamoun’s position as a prominent YouTube personality.

Here’s a closer look at some of the reasons behind JKN’s enduring appeal:

  • Witty and relatable humor: JKN’s sketches tap into pop culture trends and current events, using relatable humor that connects with a broad audience.
  • High production quality: Despite starting as a low-budget operation, JKN’s production value has steadily increased over the years. The use of professional sets, costumes, and special effects elevates the comedic skits.
  • Social commentary with a light touch: JKN’s parodies often address serious issues but do so in a way that is humorous and thought-provoking, sparking conversations without being preachy.
  • Engaging with the audience: Kamoun and his team have fostered a strong connection with their viewers. They actively respond to comments, host Q&A sessions, and even incorporate audience suggestions into their videos.

Beyond JKN: Kamoun’s Diverse Content Portfolio

While JKN remains Kamoun’s most successful channel, he has ventured into other creative endeavors. In 2016, he co-founded a digital studio called “JustKidding Studios” alongside fellow YouTubers Vanessa Gonzalez and Adam Habib. The studio produces content for various platforms, including branded content and short-form videos.

Kamoun has also dabbled in acting, appearing in films like “Boo! A Madea Halloween” (2016) and “Deadcon” (2018). He has leveraged his YouTube success to explore different creative avenues, showcasing his versatility as a content creator.

JKN: Facing Criticism and Controversy

Despite its immense popularity, JKN hasn’t been without its share of criticism. Some viewers have accused the channel’s humor of being childish or immature. Others have criticized the content for being insensitive or offensive on certain topics.

Additionally, JKN has faced controversies related to allegations of workplace misconduct. In 2020, several former JKN employees came forward with accusations of a toxic work environment. Kamoun publicly addressed the allegations, apologized for any wrongdoing, and vowed to improve the company culture.

These controversies undeniably impacted JKN’s reputation. However, the channel continues to produce content and boasts a loyal subscriber base.

The Future of JKN and Karim Kamoun

As the online entertainment landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how JKN adapts and maintains its relevance. Kamoun has expressed a desire to explore new formats and storytelling techniques, potentially venturing beyond parodies and sketches.

JKN’s ability to stay innovative and address contemporary issues with humor will likely be key to its continued success. Kamoun’s entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to experiment suggest that he may explore opportunities beyond YouTube, potentially venturing into traditional media or other digital platforms.


Q. Who is Karim Kamoun?

Karim Kamoun is a Tunisian fitness trainer and the husband of famed tennis player Ons Jabeur.

Q. What was Karim Kamoun’s previous career?

Before becoming a fitness coach, Kamoun was a successful fencer himself. He represented Tunisia in the African Fencing Championships and participated in the Pan-Arab Games [3].

Q. When did Karim Kamoun switch careers?

After completing his master’s degree in sports science in 2017, Kamoun decided to retire from fencing and focus on fitness coaching [3].

Q. Does Karim Kamoun train anyone else besides Ons Jabeur?

There isn’t any public information suggesting Kamoun trains other professional athletes besides his wife. However, his social media presence reflects a passion for fitness in general, and he might train others privately.

Q. Is Karim Kamoun on social media?

Yes, Karim Kamoun has an Instagram account where he frequently posts about fitness routines and motivational messages. His bio highlights his background in sports science and his love for fitness.

Q, What is Karim Kamoun’s role in Ons Jabeur’s career?

Kamoun serves as Ons Jabeur’s physical trainer and a constant source of support. He travels with her to tournaments and plays a crucial role in maintaining her peak fitness level.

Q. Have there been any controversies surrounding Karim Kamoun?

In 2022, there were reports of on-court drama during a match between Jabeur and Jelena Ostapenko. Some sources suggested Kamoun might have been involved in an exchange with Ostapenko, but Jabeur later clarified the situation.

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