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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) promises to expand upon the open-world exploration that captivated players in Breath of the Wild. Traversing Hyrule’s vast landscapes remains a core aspect of the experience, and the Climbing Gear makes a triumphant return to aid you in conquering treacherous peaks.

This guide delves into everything you need to know about TotK climbing, including the Climbing Gear’s benefits, the locations of each piece, and helpful tips for scaling even the most daunting cliffs.

Why You Need the Climbing Gear

While Link retains his basic climbing ability, the Climbing Gear significantly enhances your ascent speed. Imagine effortlessly zipping up sheer rock faces, reaching hidden areas previously inaccessible, and escaping enemies with newfound agility. This improved climbing prowess unlocks a multitude of benefits:

  • Faster Exploration: Reach vantage points quicker to scout your surroundings, identify Shrines and Korok Seeds, and plan your next move.
  • Expanded Combat Options: Gain the upper hand by quickly scaling cliffs to flank enemies or escape perilous situations.
  • Access to Secret Locations: Discover hidden caves, shrines, and treasure chests tucked away on precarious cliffsides.
  • Traversal Efficiency: Shorten travel times by scaling obstacles instead of taking lengthy detours.

The Climbing Gear becomes an essential tool for any adventurer seeking to fully explore the secrets of TotK’s Hyrule.

Tracking Down the Climbing Gear

The Climbing Gear set is comprised of three pieces: the Climbing Gear itself (a chestplate), the Climbing Bandana (headwear), and the Climbing Boots. Each piece is hidden within a separate cave, scattered across Hyrule. Here’s how to find them:

. Climbing Gear (Chestplate):

  • Location: North Hyrule Plains Cave (Hyrule Ridge Region)
  • Directions: This cave is easily spotted east of Sinakawak Shrine and directly east of New Serenne Stable. Look for the cave entrance running up the road from Carok Bridge.
  • What to Expect: Defeat Like Likes guarding the entrance, then Ascend up the cave walls. Prepare to battle a Horriblins further inside. As you reach a mid-level area with a stream and waterfall, look closely behind the falls for a glowing Brightcap mushroom. Swim through the water behind the mushroom to access a hidden chamber containing the Climbing Gear chest.

Climbiing Bandana (Headwear):

  • Location: Upland Zorana Byroad Cave (Lanayru Great Spring Region)
  • Directions: Fast travel to the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower. Head south on foot down the mountain range, then jump and glide to the large, open entrance of the cave located northwest of Ralis Pond and southwest of Zora’s Domain. (Coordinates: 2863, 0343, 0228)
  • What to Expect: Navigate the caverns, solving puzzles and defeating enemies along the way. The Climbing Bandana is hidden within a chest at the end of the cave.

 Climbing Boots:

  • Location: Serenne Stable Outskirt (Hyrule Ridge Region)
  • Directions: This location is slightly different as it doesn’t involve a cave. Head to the Serenne Stable Outskirt, located southwest of Serenne Stable itself. Look for a small pond with a platform in the center.
  • What to Expect: Use your paraglider or Revali’s Gale to reach the platform in the center of the pond. There you’ll find a chest containing the Climbing Boots.

Tip: Talking to the traveling clothing hunter Meeshy, who wears mushroom clothing, can provide hints on the location of the Climbing Gear chest.

Mastering the Climb: Essential Techniques

Once you’ve acquired the full Climbing Gear set, it’s time to hone your climbing skills. Here are some valuable techniques to remember:

  • Stamina Management: Climbing consumes stamina. Be mindful of your remaining stamina and take breaks to replenish it before continuing your ascent. Utilize food or elixirs that boost stamina regeneration.
  • Recovering from Falls: If you lose your grip and start falling, quickly press the jump button to perform a Midair Spin, regaining some lost altitude.
  • Ledge Grabbing: When nearing a ledge, press “A” to grab on and pull yourself up. You can also jump towards a ledge and press “A” to perform a more dynamic ledge grab.
  • Rain and Climbing: Rain makes climbing significantly more difficult. Avoid climbing during heavy rain or use fire arrows to create updrafts for easier ascents.
  • Environmental Climbing Aids: Look for environmental features like vines, cracks in walls, or strategically placed torches to aid your climb. These can provide additional grip or resting points.


Q: What is the Climbing Gear in TotK?

A: The Climbing Gear is a returning armour set that significantly boosts your climbing speed. It’s a three-piece set consisting of the Climbing Gear (chest piece), Climbing Bandana (headwear), and Climbing Boots.

Q: How do I get the Climbing Gear in TotK?

A: Each piece is hidden in a separate cave throughout Hyrule. Luckily, a friendly NPC named Meeshy, recognizable by her mushroom garb, can point you towards the Climbing Gear’s location by marking it on your map.

  • Climbing Gear: Found in North Hyrule Plains Cave, west of Hyrule Castle and east of Sinakawak Shrine. Look for the glowing Brightcap mushroom behind a waterfall for a hint!

Q: Where are the other Climbing Gear pieces?

A: To avoid spoilers, here’s a nudge:

  • The Climbing Bandana is located in the Hyrule Ridge region.
  • The Climbing Boots are hidden somewhere near Upland Zorana.

For detailed solutions, you can search online for “TotK Climbing Gear locations.”

Q: Are there any tips for climbing in TotK?

A: Absolutely!

  • Rain affects climbing: Stamina drains faster when climbing in the rain, so plan your ascents accordingly.
  • Use the environment: Look for ledges, updrafts, and strategically placed objects to aid your climb.
  • Manage your stamina: Keep an eye on your stamina gauge and use food or potions to replenish it when needed.
  • The Paraglider is your friend: If your stamina runs out mid-climb, don’t panic! Deploy your Paraglider to break your fall.

Q: Is the Climbing Gear essential in TotK?

A: While not strictly mandatory, the Climbing Gear is incredibly valuable for exploration. It allows you to reach hidden areas, escape enemies, and access vantage points for better planning.

Q: What are some resources for learning more about TotK climbing?

A: Several resources can help you master the art of climbing in TotK:

  • Online guides: Search for “TotK Climbing Gear IGN” or “TotK Climbing Tips” for detailed walkthroughs and strategies.
  • YouTube videos: Visual learners can benefit from YouTube tutorials like “YouTube Totk Climbing Gear Location”
  • With these tips and the Climbing Gear set, you’ll be scaling Hyrule’s peaks in no time! Remember, exploration is key in TotK, so don’t be afraid to experiment and discover new climbing routes. Happy adventuring!

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