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The latest entry in the beloved Mystery: Keys Born of Water in The Legend of Zelda franchise, Tears of the Kingdom, throws players into a Hyrule brimming with secrets and captivating puzzles. One such puzzle, titled “Keys Born of Water,” has sparked curiosity among players venturing through West Necluda. This guide delves deep into this intriguing quest, providing a comprehensive walkthrough and addressing the questions that have been swirling around the internet.

The Location and the Enigma

The “Keys Born of Water” quest unfolds near the Squabble River in West Necluda. Here, you’ll encounter a weathered Zonai Construct nestled within a stone structure. Interact with the Construct, and it will unveil the cryptic riddle: “Give keys born of water to the three altars. The sacred shrine will appear.”

This seemingly simple instruction leaves many players scratching their heads. There are no hidden chests or submerged keys to be found in the river. The solution lies in a clever play on the riddle’s wording and the environmental tools at your disposal.

Crafting the Keys: From Water to Ice

The key to unlocking the hidden shrine lies not in the river itself, but in the power to manipulate its water. Look around the chamber where you interacted with the Construct. You’ll find a Zonai Frost Emitter resting on a shelf. This device holds the power to freeze water, and it will be instrumental in crafting the “keys” mentioned in the riddle.

Here’s how to create the keys:

  1. Equip the Frost Emitter: Pick up the Frost Emitter and equip it to your inventory.
  2. Head to the River: Make your way to the edge of the Squabble River, just outside the chamber.
  3. Freeze the Water: Activate the Frost Emitter, unleashing a frigid blast that freezes the river’s surface. Create several large, square-shaped ice blocks. It’s advisable to make more than three, just in case some break during the process.
  4. The Power of Ultrahand: The next step requires the Sheikah Slate ability known as Ultrahand. This ability allows you to remotely grab and manipulate objects. Use Ultrahand to carefully pick up the ice blocks you’ve created.

Shaping the Keys: A Puzzle of Ice

Now comes the meticulous part – shaping the ice blocks into keys that fit the three diamond-shaped altars positioned behind the Construct.

Here’s where the trial and error might come in:

  1. Examine the Altars: Take a close look at the three altars. They’re all diamond-shaped but with varying sizes. The smallest altar is on the left, followed by the medium-sized one in the centre, and lastly, the largest on the right.
  2. Matching the Shapes: Carefully manoeuvre the ice blocks using Ultrahand and attempt to fit them into the corresponding altar slots. The ice blocks may need some manipulation to fit perfectly. If an ice block breaks while trying to fit it, simply create another one using the Frost Emitter.

Here’s a tip: Start with the smallest altar and work your way up to the largest. This ensures you have enough ice remaining to create a key for the bigger slots.

The Reward: Unveiling the Shrine

Once you’ve successfully wedged a perfectly shaped ice block into each of the three altars, a satisfying click will resonate, and the ground beneath the Construct will rumble. The earth will give way, revealing the entrance to the hidden Jochisiu Shrine. Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the secrets of the “Keys Born of Water” quest.

Beyond the Quest: Exploring Theories

The “Keys Born of Water” quest has sparked some interesting theories within the Zelda community. Here are a couple of noteworthy ones:

  • The Zonai Connection: The use of Zonai technology, the Frost Emitter, hints at a potential connection between the Zonai and the hidden shrine. Could this be a remnant of their civilization, or perhaps a test they left behind? Further exploration of Zonai ruins might reveal more clues.
  • Water Symbolism: Water plays a significant role throughout the Zelda series, often symbolizing purification and transformation. The “Keys Born of Water” quest could be a metaphor for Link overcoming a challenge by adapting to his environment and utilizing his resourcefulness.

These theories add depth to the puzzle and encourage players to delve deeper into the lore of Tears of the Kingdom Legend of Zelda.


Q: What are the “keys born of water” in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

A: The “keys born of water” are a puzzle element in the “Keys Born of Water” Zelda Shrine Quest. It’s not referring to literal keys hidden underwater, but rather to ice blocks that act as keys.

Q: Where do I find the “Keys Born of Water” Shrine Quest?

A: The quest is located in West Necluda, just south of the Squabble River. You’ll find a stone building with a Steward Construct who gives you the quest.

Q: How do I solve the “Keys Born of Water” puzzle?

A: Talk to the Steward Construct and listen to the riddle: “Give keys born of water to the three altars. The sacred shrine will appear.” 2. Look behind the Construct for three diamond-shaped pedestals of different sizes. These are the “altars” that need ice keys. 3. Grab the Zonai Frost Emitter from the top shelf in the room. 4. Use the Ultrahand ability to carry the Frost Emitter to the edge of the Squabble River. 5.

Use the Frost Emitter to create several square-shaped ice blocks in the water. 6. Again, using Ultrahand, transport the ice blocks back to the pedestals. Match the size and shape of the ice block to the corresponding pedestal. 7. Once all three pedestals have their ice keys, the hidden Jochisiu Shrine will appear.

Q: Are there any tips for solving the “Keys Born of Water” puzzle?

A: * Make sure you create enough ice blocks, as some trial and error might be needed to get the perfect fit.

  • You can use the Magnesis Rune to help guide the ice blocks more precisely if needed.

Q: I’m stuck on the “Keys Born of Water” puzzle. Is there a video walkthrough?

A: Yes, there are several video walkthroughs available online that can visually guide you through the solution. You can search for “[Keys Born of Water Tears of the Kingdom]” on YouTube for some helpful guides.

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