KSI vs Tommy Fury-Are There Tickets Still Available?


The influencer boxing grudge match between KSI and Tommy Fury captured the attention of combat sports fans worldwide. The fight, which took place on October 14th, 2023, lived up to the hype, with Fury emerging victorious in a close decision. However, for those who missed out on the live experience, the question remains: are there any KSI vs Tommy Fury tickets still available?

Unfortunately, due to the immense popularity of the event, tickets for the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight are officially sold out. Both regular seating and the initial round of VIP packages were snatched up quickly by eager fans.

Here’s a breakdown of the original ticket situation:

Regular Seating: Prices ranged from $49 to a staggering $2,462, depending on the seat location within the AO Arena.

VIP Packages: Offered on the official ticket sale site (Ticketmaster), these packages included floor seats for around $418 (before taxes and fees).

But don’t despair! All hope isn’t lost for witnessing a future clash between these two rivals. Here are some ways to stay informed and potentially snag tickets for a future KSI vs Tommy Fury encounter:

Following Official Channels

KSI and Tommy Fury’s Social Media: Keep an eye on their official accounts (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) for announcements regarding upcoming fights and potential ticket sales. They’ll likely be the first to share any official information.

MF & DAZN: X Series: The promotional outfit behind the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight, MF & DAZN: X Series, might be organizing future influencer boxing events. Following their social media pages and website will keep you updated on upcoming events and ticket sales.

AO Arena: As the venue for the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight, the AO Arena might host future influencer boxing events. Subscribing to their newsletter or following their social media will keep you informed about upcoming fights and ticket sales.

Secondary Marketplaces (Resale Sites)

While official channels might be out of options, secondary marketplaces offer a chance to snag tickets from fans who are reselling them. Here’s what to consider when exploring these options:

Popular Resale Sites: Look for reputable platforms like StubHub, Vivid Seats, or SeatGeek. These platforms offer buyer guarantees and secure transactions.

Price Fluctuations: Expect resale prices to be higher than the original cost, especially for highly anticipated fights. Prices can fluctuate based on factors like seat location, fight hype, and time remaining until the event.

Buyer Beware: Be cautious when buying from unofficial sources or individual sellers. Resale sites offer buyer protection, so utilize them for safe transactions.

Alternative Ways to Catch the Action

Even if you can’t secure tickets to a live event, you still have options to witness a potential future KSI vs Tommy Fury fight:

DAZN Streaming: The KSI vs Tommy Fury fight was streamed live on DAZN, a subscription-based sports streaming service. Future influencer boxing events by MF & DAZN: X Series might also be streamed on this platform. Check their website for details on upcoming events and subscription fees.

YouTube Highlights: After the fight, highlights are often uploaded to YouTube channels like DAZN Boxing or KSI and Tommy Fury’s channels. While it may not be the same as experiencing the fight live, highlights offer a glimpse into the action.

The Future of KSI vs Tommy Fury

The close decision in their first encounter has undoubtedly left fans wanting more. Considering the immense popularity of the first fight, it’s highly likely that a rematch between KSI and Tommy is on the horizon.

Here’s some speculation on what the future might hold:

Rematch Potential: With the close nature of the first fight and the ongoing rivalry, a rematch seems almost inevitable. Both fighters have expressed interest in a second showdown.

Increased Hype: The success of the first fight suggests a potential rematch would generate even more hype, leading to even faster ticket sales.

Bigger Venue: Given the high demand for tickets in the first fight, a potential rematch might be held in a larger venue to accommodate more fans.


Q. Is there a KSI vs Tommy Fury fight happening in 2024?

No, the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight happened on October 14th, 2023.

Q. Are there any tickets available for KSI vs Tommy ?

Unfortunately, the official ticket sales for the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight are sold out.

Q. Where can I find information on the KSI vs Tommy fight?

You can find news articles and recaps of the fight by searching online for “KSI vs Tommy Fury fight results”. You can also find videos of the fight on YouTube.

Q. Are there any resale options for KSI vs Tommy tickets?

There’s a chance you might find resale tickets on platforms like Vivid Seats, but prices may be higher than original sale prices. Be cautious when buying resale tickets and ensure you use reputable platforms.

Q. Is there a way to watch the KSI vs Tommy fight if I don’t have tickets?

Depending on your region, the fight might be available for replay on DAZN. You can check their website or app for details.

Q. Will there be a KSI vs Tommy rematch?

There hasn’t been any official announcement for a rematch. However, with the high viewership of their first fight, it’s not out of the question. Keep an eye on social media and boxing news websites for any updates.

Q. Can I watch the KSI vs. Tommy Fury fight if I don’t have tickets?

The KSI vs. Tommy Fury fight in October 2023 was streamed live on DAZN. You might be able to find the fight on DAZN on-demand if it’s included in their subscription service.


While tickets for the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight are officially sold out, there are still ways to stay informed about a potential rematch. Following official channels, checking reputable resale sites, and considering streaming options will keep you in the loop.

With the immense popularity of the first fight, a rematch seems likely, so stay tuned and be prepared to act fast when tickets become available.

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