Ronnie Coleman Now Look at the King’s Life After Competition


Ronnie Coleman, the name synonymous with bodybuilding dominance, remains a legend even after stepping off the competitive stage. His eight consecutive Mr. Olympia wins (1998-2005) cemented his place in bodybuilding history. But what about Ronnie Coleman now? How is the “King” faring after years of pushing his body to the limit?

This article dives into Ronnie Coleman’s current life, exploring his health struggles, entrepreneurial ventures, and enduring influence on the bodybuilding world.

Facing the Physical Toll

Despite his incredible physique, Ronnie Coleman’s relentless training style has come with a cost. Multiple surgeries on his back and hips have significantly impacted his mobility. In 2020, he revealed his dependence on crutches and the possibility of never walking unassisted again.

However, Ronnie Coleman’s spirit remains unbroken. He continues to train, albeit with lighter weights and a focus on rehabilitation. His determination to regain some mobility is documented in his YouTube series.. This series showcases his journey of overcoming challenges and serves as an inspiration to many.

Building a Business Empire: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Retirement from competition hasn’t slowed Ronnie Coleman down. He has channelled his experience and knowledge into his own supplement brand โ€“ Ronnie Coleman Signature Series (RCSS). This venture allows him to stay connected to the fitness world and provide others with products aligned with his training philosophy.

RCSS offers a variety of supplements catering to pre-workout needs, protein intake, and muscle recovery. Ronnie Coleman actively promotes his brand, often collaborating with other fitness YouTubers and influencers.

“Ain’t nothin’ but a podcast!” – Ronnie Coleman’s Media Presence

Beyond supplements, Ronnie Coleman has embraced the world of social media. His YouTube channel, boasting over 2.2 million subscribers, offers a window into his life. He shares workout routines, interacts with fans, and even reacts to current bodybuilding events.

Another major venture is his podcast,
Aptly named “Nothin’ But A Podcast” (a catchphrase Coleman is known for), it features interviews with fellow bodybuilders, and fitness personalities, and even explores his own life story. These platforms allow fans to connect with Ronnie Coleman and gain insights into the mind of a bodybuilding legend.

Giving Back to the Community: Inspiration and Influence

Despite his health struggles, Ronnie remains a source of inspiration for aspiring bodybuilders. His work ethic, dedication, and positive attitude resonate with many. His signature motivational phrases, like “Yeah Buddy!” and “Lightweight Baby!”, continue to be used by gym-goers worldwide.

Ronnie Coleman doesn’t shy away from discussing the darker aspects of competitive bodybuilding. He openly talks about the toll it took on his body and encourages a more balanced approach to training. This honesty adds another layer to his legacy, making him a relatable figure for those passionate about fitness.

The Legacy of Ronnie : Beyond the Wins

Ronnie Coleman’s impact on bodybuilding extends far beyond his trophy count. He redefined the sport, pushing the boundaries of what was considered achievable in terms of size and muscularity. His relentless pursuit of perfection inspired a new generation of bodybuilders.

However, his legacy goes beyond aesthetics. His resilience in the face of adversity exemplifies the importance of mental fortitude and perseverance. Even while grappling with health limitations, he continues to find ways to stay active and inspire others.

Ronnie Coleman Now: A Look to the Future

At 60 years old (as of May 13, 2024), Ronnie continues to defy expectations. He is actively involved in the fitness industry, uses his platform to connect with fans, and serves as a reminder that challenges can be overcome with the right mindset.

While his competitive days are over, Ronnie Coleman’s journey is far from finished. His story is a testament to the power of dedication and serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to achieve their full potential, both physically and mentally.


Q: What is Ronnie Coleman doing now?

A: Ronnie is still very active in the bodybuilding world! He runs his own supplement line, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, and frequently attends bodybuilding events. He even has a popular YouTube channel ([YouTube ronnie coleman ON]) where he shares workouts, interacts with fans, and offers advice.

Q: Can Ronnie still walk?

A: Unfortunately, due to past surgeries, Ronnie relies on crutches or a wheelchair for mobility. However, he’s determined to stay active. There are even videos online showing him attempting light workouts ([YouTube Ronnie Coleman’s road to walking again ON]).

Q: How old is Ronnie and how is his health?

A: Ronnie Coleman will be 60 years old on May 13, 2024. While his past injuries have impacted his mobility, he maintains a positive outlook and continues to inspire others with his dedication to fitness.

Q: Is Ronnie Coleman the greatest bodybuilder of all time?

A: This is a debate among bodybuilding enthusiasts! Ronnie’s eight Mr. Olympia wins are a record, but other legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Haney also have strong claims. Regardless of the ranking, Ronnie’s influence on the sport is undeniable.

Q: Where can I find Ronnie Coleman online?

A: You can follow Ronnie on YouTube ([YouTube ronnie coleman ON]) and Instagram ([likely social media platforms where Ronnie Coleman is active]). He also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Q. What are some of Ronnie Coleman’s most popular videos?

“Everything is LIGHT WEIGHT BABY!” – A classic Ronnie moment showcasing his intense training style.

“Will Tennyson try eating like me for a 24hr – Reaction” – A fun look at Ronnie’s massive appetite.

“Ronnie Coleman’s FIRST Steps | Ronnie Coleman’s Road to WALKING AGAIN” – An inspiring video documenting Ronnie’s determination to regain mobility.

Q. Is Ronnie Coleman still the strongest bodybuilder?

While retired from competition, Ronnie’s 8 Mr. Olympia titles and incredible feats of strength solidify his place as a bodybuilding legend.

Q. Is Ronnie Coleman healthy?

Ronnie suffers from mobility issues due to past surgeries on his back and discs. He relies on crutches to get around but continues to train with lighter weights and physical therapy.

Q. Can Ronnie Coleman walk again?

While regaining full mobility remains a challenge, Ronnie has shown progress. He can walk with assistance and is dedicated to ongoing physical therapy.

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