Pinocchio’s Dark Path: A Lies of P Walkthrough


Lies of P walkthrough, Lies of P takes a grim turn on the classic tale of Pinocchio, throwing you into a hauntingly beautiful world inspired by Belle Epoque architecture. You play as Pinocchio, a puppet yearning to become human, venturing through the decaying city of Krat to find Geppetto. Brutal combat, intricate puzzles, and morally ambiguous choices await. This walkthrough will guide you through the main story, boss encounters, and hidden secrets of Lies of P.

Lies of P walkthrough

Getting Started: Krat and Elysion Boulevard

Krat Central Station: Your journey begins here. Learn the basics of combat, dodge enemy attacks, and understand weapon durability. Defeat the Parade Master, the first boss, and activate the Stargazer (checkpoint). Explore the area for hidden items and Pinocchio’s memories, which offer lore snippets.

Hotel Krat: Solve environmental puzzles, fight grotesque puppets, and acquire the Cane weapon. Here, you’ll encounter your first choice with consequences: will you help a mysterious woman named Ergo or leave her to her fate?

Important Tip: Throughout the game, keep an eye out for consumable items that replenish health, weapon durability, and puppet pins (used for special attacks). Look for Stargazers to level up, upgrade your character, and craft new weapons and equipment.

Elysion Boulevard: This opulent district hides a darker secret. You’ll encounter new enemy types, like the clockwork Scrapped Watchmen. Explore the rooftops for hidden areas and use the Cogwheel Key (found in Krat) to access locked doors. Defeat the Mad Donkey boss and activate the Stargazer.

Boss Strategies:

Parade Master: This hulking puppet telegraphs his attacks. Dodge his swings and counter with combos when he’s open. Use the environment to your advantage; lure him near exploding barrels for extra damage.

Mad Donkey: This monstrous creature is relentless. Learn his attack patterns and exploit openings after his lunges. Use ranged attacks like the Thermite grenade (acquired earlier) to chip away at his health from a distance.

Choices and Consequences:

Lies of P presents you with various choices that affect the story and your humanity meter. Telling the truth increases your humanity, while lying lowers it. The meter influences cutscenes, endings, and potentially unlocks hidden areas.

Venigni Works and Beyond

Venigni Works: This industrial area is filled with mechanical hazards and brutal enemies. You’ll encounter the Survivor, a boss wielding a giant hammer. Learn to parry his attacks and counter when he’s stunned. Explore the factory for the King’s Flame, a powerful weapon.

St. Frangelico Cathedral: Brace yourself for a challenging area filled with religious fanatics and puzzles involving levers and platforms. Defeat the Fallen Archbishop Andreus, a boss wielding holy light magic. Time your dodges precisely and be aggressive during openings.

Hidden Secrets and Side Quests

While progressing through the main story, keep an eye out for hidden paths, locked doors, and NPCs offering side quests. Completing these quests can reward you with valuable items, lore entries, and even new weapons.

The Depths of Krat and the Final Confrontation

Malum District and Rosa Isabelle Street: Prepare to face grotesque monstrosities and challenging puzzles in these corrupted areas. Explore the Estella Opera House, a haunting location with a tragic backstory. Here, you’ll face the White Lady, a boss with powerful ranged attacks. Use cover and dodge strategically to survive.

Lorenzini Arcade and the Barren Swamp: The final stretch throws everything at you. Solve puzzles in the amusement park-themed Lorenzini Arcade and face off against Champion Victor, a formidable boss. In the Barren Swamp, overcome the nightmarish Green Monster and Owl Doctor. Be prepared for these encounters and stock up on healing items and powerful weapons.

Collapsing Krat and the Relic of Trismegistus: Navigate the crumbling city to reach the final confrontation. Choices you made throughout the game will determine the final boss battle and potential endings. Be prepared for a challenging and lore-heavy conclusion.

Additional Tips

Weapon Variety: Lies of P offers a diverse arsenal of weapons, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Experiment and find a playstyle that suits you. Consider the enemy type and situation when choosing your weapon.

P-Organs: These upgradeable organs provide passive buffs and special abilities. Invest in upgrades that complement your playstyle.

Do Not Neglect Exploration: The world of Lies of P is filled with secrets and hidden areas. Explore every nook and cranny to uncover lore entries, powerful weapons, and valuable resources.


I’m new to the game. Is there a guide for beginners?

Absolutely! Several resources can help you get started. Official developer guides explain basic mechanics, while community guides offer combat tips, weapon choices, and early-game strategies.

What are the different areas I’ll explore?

Lies of P features a variety of interconnected locations, each with its own atmosphere and challenges. Krat, the central city, is a great starting point. You’ll also delve into factories, cathedrals, swamps, and even an opera house!

How important are Pinocchio’s lies?

The game’s title refers to Pinocchio’s infamous nose. Certain choices throughout the story will prompt you to lie, impacting the narrative and potentially leading to multiple endings.

How do I heal myself?

There are no health potions in Lies of P. Instead, rely on finding healing items scattered throughout the world or purchasing them from friendly NPCs (if you can find any!).

What are Stargazers?

These golden statues act as checkpoints where you can rest, level up, and upgrade your character. Make sure to find them regularly, especially before venturing into dangerous new zones.

How do I upgrade my character?

Stargazers let you spend collected Pinocchio coins on stat upgrades, new skills, and weapon enhancements. Focus on building a character that suits your playstyle, whether you prefer aggressive offense or strategic defense.

Are there any side quests?

Yes! Exploring the world reveals hidden areas and NPCs with optional quests. Completing these side quests can reward you with valuable items, lore entries, and even new weapons.

The bosses look tough! Any tips?

Most bosses have specific attack patterns you can learn. Dodging effectively and exploiting weaknesses are key. Upgrading your weapons and using the right tools for the job can make a big difference.

Is there more than one ending?

Lies of P offers multiple endings depending on your choices throughout the game, particularly the decisions you make regarding Pinocchio’s lies. Explore different paths and see what fates await!

Where can I find a complete walkthrough?

Several websites and Youtube channels offer comprehensive walkthroughs for Lies of P. These guides detail each area, boss fight, secret, and important story decision. They’re a great resource if you get stuck or want to see everything the game has to offer.

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